Wednesday, September 29, 2021

YouTube Bans All ‘Harmful Vaccine Content’ From Its Platform

YouTube Bans All ‘Harmful Vaccine Content’ From Its Platform


September 29, 2021 Updated: September 29, 2021

Google-owned YouTube said on Sept. 29 that it will ban all “harmful vaccine content” from its platform, including claims that vaccines are ineffective at reducing transmission of disease, prompting concerns that the firm will escalate censorship of dissenting viewpoints.

“We’ve steadily seen false claims about the coronavirus vaccines spill over into misinformation about vaccines in general, and we’re now at a point where it’s more important than ever to expand the work we started with COVID-19 to other vaccines,” YouTube wrote in a blog post.

So far, the Bay Area-based company said it has removed 130,000 videos for violating its policies that it claims were created in tandem with various “experts” to deal with alleged “COVID-19 and medical misinformation.”

Now, videos that allege “approved vaccines are dangerous and cause chronic health effects, claims that vaccines do not reduce transmission or contraction of disease, or contains misinformation on the substances contained in vaccines,” YouTube stated on its blog, saying that its policy will now apply to content that questions the efficacy of all vaccines, not just COVID-19 ones.

“These policy changes will go into effect today, and as with any significant update, it will take time for our systems to fully ramp up enforcement,” the company also wrote, adding: “Personal testimonials relating to vaccines will also be allowed, so long as the video doesn’t violate other Community Guidelines, or the channel doesn’t show a pattern of promoting vaccine hesitancy.”

A spokesperson for the company confirmed to news outlets that accounts operated by Joseph Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who have frequently raised questions about vaccines over the years, were banned from the platform.

Russian state-backed broadcaster RT’s German-language channels were also deleted from YouTube, the broadcaster announced. YouTube told Reuters that the channels violated its COVID-19 policies, while Russian officials threatened to block YouTube.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said the YouTube ban on RT’s channel may have broken Russian law.

“In fact, it has been broken very brazenly,” he told reporters on Sept. 29. “Because of this, it is a case of censorship, and of obstructing the dissemination of information by the media, and so on.”


Tyro said...

This is almost certainly at the behest of the Biden administration. They've openly acknowledged their 'cooperation' with the major platforms on these matters. And YouTube wouldn't have taken this step without the admin's approval in any case - they rely on Fed agency sources for 'authoritative' information and so need those to tell them what is now considered 'harmful'.

Anonymous said...

Here's some "harmful" content:

LQC (La Quinta Columna) are receiving videos from people, who say pandemic infants (mother got vaccinated during pregnancy) are abnormal: black-eyed and even crawling at 2 weeks!

On Stew Peters, more confirmation the vaccines have Graphene Oxide and even nano-tech? Also, another Dr. Zelenko interview:

Anonymous said...

'CDC Data Vaccines only effective for #4 Months'.
Fight Mandates!

Anonymous said...

Vaccine Cabal must be getting Worried?

'Google Is Now a Pharmaceutical Company' google and Youtube joined at the Hip!

Anonymous said...

60 Minutes Mike Wallace Exposes the 1976 Swine Flu Pandemic Vaccine Injuries.
Same old corrupt CDC as today.

Anonymous said...

Officially, the CDC maintains that vaccines are virtually 100% effective at preventing deaths, though as time goes on, the number of examples of vaccinated Americans succumbing to the virus - whether its delta or another strain - has grown. ADE?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dr. Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines "Vaccine" Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed!

Anonymous said...

The state of Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state; a population equivalent to 2/3 the entire United States population, has instituted a State-wide Covid-19 prevention- and-treatment program based on the low-cost pharmaceutical drug 'Ivermectin'.

As a result the state is almost entirely Covid-free. In a population over 200 million-strong such results are irrepressible and undeniable; confirmed across multiple sources.