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NYC Offers vaccine to gay men during last week of PRIDE month events.

One clinic in NYC is offering the Jynneos vaccine, and it has 100 doses and is booked through Monday, June 27.  One hopes these men will be carefully followed for side effects and to learn if the vaccine works in humans.  One hopes they are informed about what they are getting.  Were they warned about the symptoms of myocarditis and the need for immediate medical care if they develop?  Were they asked to test for a rise in cardiac enzymes?

From the NY DOH website:

Cases in NYC

As of June 24, 39 people in New York City have tested positive for orthopoxvirus. All cases are likely monkeypox.

Most of these people have had mild illness, have not been hospitalized and have recovered on their own. Even with mild illness, the rash and sores from monkeypox can be itchy and painful.

Anyone can get and spread monkeypox. The current cases are primarily spreading among social networks of gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men, so this community is currently at greater risk of exposure.

If you have a new or unexpected rash or other symptoms of monkeypox, contact a health care provider.


Vaccination is available for people who may have been recently exposed to monkeypox. Eligible people can get the two-dose vaccine at the Chelsea Sexual Health Clinic on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Appointments are currently required.

Note: All vaccination appointment slots have been filled through Monday, June 27. Unfortunately, walk-in vaccinations are no longer available at this time. We are requesting additional supply from the CDC to meet the high demand. Check back on Sunday for appointments for the following week.

Learn more about vaccination eligibility and how to make an appointment.

The strain of the virus in the current monkeypox outbreak has far more mutations than would be expected, several that increase transmission

As I previously stated, this is most likely a lab-developed strain.  What a coincidence that TPOXX (drug being used for monkeypox) was licensed in 2018 and the Jynneos vaccine being used for monkeypox was licensed in 2019.  Below is from today's CIDRAP at the University of Minnesota.

Virus causing monkeypox outbreak has mutated to spread easier

The strain of the virus in the current monkeypox outbreak in nonendemic countries likely diverged from the monkeypox virus that caused a 2018-19 Nigerian outbreak and has far more mutations than would be expected, several that increase transmission, according to a study today in Nature Medicine.

The study comes from Portugal's National Institute of Health in Lisbon, which was the first institution to genetically sequence the current strain behind more than 3,000 cases of monkeypox in Europe, North America, and other regions that had never seen the virus until this year.

Researchers found the current strain diverges from the original strain by 50 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and several mutations made the virus more transmissible. The strain belongs to clade 3 of the West African strain of the virus, which is less fatal than the Congo Basin clade. Monkeypox outbreaks from clade 3 are typically reported from western Cameroon to Sierra Leone and usually carry a less than 1% case-fatality rate.

The authors said the outbreak was likely not caused by undetected silent spread, or from an animal-to-human crossover event. Instead, "Current data points for a scenario of more than one introduction from a single origin, with superspreader event(s) (e.g., saunas used for sexual encounters) and travel abroad likely triggering the rapid worldwide dissemination."

The authors also said the 50 SNPs that diverge from the original strain are far more (roughly sixfold to 12-fold more) than one would expect considering previous estimates of the substitution rate for orthopoxviruses, which typically have 1 to 2 substitutions per site per year.

Modeling study shows potential growth of outbreak

In another study, this one published today in The Lancet Microbe, scientists use modeling to predict what will happen in nonendemic countries if public health measures to curb ongoing outbreaks are not taken.

They predict that, without interventions, the introduction of 3 cases in a country could cause 18 secondary cases, 30 could cause 118 secondary cases, and 300 cases could cause 402 secondary cases.

Contact tracing and surveillance, isolation of symptomatic cases, and ring vaccination would reduce the number of secondary cases by up to 86.1% and the duration of the outbreak by up to 75.7%, the authors conclude.

The authors also said the outbreak is a moderate international concern. Currently, consultants to the World Health Organization are weighing if the outbreak constitutes an international public health emergency during a 2-day meeting.

US, Portugal add more cases

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the national total is now 173 in 24 states, an increase of 17 cases since yesterday.

A New York City sexual health clinic offering monkeypox vaccine to men who have sex with men was forced to close because of overwhelming demand. Many men sought the vaccine in the days leading up to Pride celebrations.

Portugal now has 348 monkeypox cases, with 20 new cases in the last 24 hours. Along with Spain and the United Kingdom, Portugal has the most cases in Europe.

In other news, Croatia and Taiwan each reported their first cases of the virus.

Director of Denmark's National Board of Health says the country was mistaken to vaccinate children for COVID/ TV2


In hindsight, we did not get much out of vaccinating the children, Brostrøm admits

We have become wiser, and we would not do the same today, says Søren Brostrøm.


With the knowledge we have today, we did not get much out of having children vaccinated against coronavirus last year.

This is acknowledged by the director of the National Board of Health, Søren Brostrøm, on Wednesday, where the future corona strategy has been presented


From mid-July last year, the first 12-15-year-old children in Denmark were invited to receive a vaccine against coronavirus. In November, the 5-11-year-olds were also recommended to be vaccinated against the virus.

At the time, it was said that the vaccinations were not predominantly for the children's own sake, but to ensure epidemic control in Denmark.

When Søren Brostrøm hosted 'Go' evening Live 'on TV 2 on Wednesday night, he was asked if it was a mistake to vaccinate children.

- With what we know today: yes. With what we knew then: no, was the answer.

At the press conference earlier Wednesday, Søren Brostrøm also said that in the spring it was clear that the vaccines were not particularly preventive, but rather prevented serious illness, and that we must therefore now "take the learning further":

- In retrospect, we did not get much out of the expansion of the vaccination program for children when it comes to epidemic control. But it is seen in hindsight.

An "unjustified hard pressure on the parents"

Christine Stabell Benn, clinical professor at the University of Southern Denmark, has long been critical of the coronary vaccination of children. She had no doubt that the recommendation was unnecessary, already when Denmark went it alone and recommended them to the age group 12-15 years last summer.

- We had some vaccines with a very unknown side effect profile, and at the same time we had some children who had nothing to gain by being vaccinated, she says to TV 2.


"Do Not Comply" is 2 minutes and 45 seconds of pure truth bombs. Consider sharing it.

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The Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium IV, Session 1 videos have been professionally edited and can be viewed individually.



Freedom is the Cure: Unpacking and Defeating the Medical Tactics of a World Takeover

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To that end, today we bring you the first session in our most recent symposium, held on June 11th 2022, titled, Freedom is the Cure: Unpacking and Defeating the Medical Tactics of a World Takeover, generously hosted by UK Column, and in collaboration with Children's Health Defense.  At this our fourth symposium we brought together experts in science, medicine, psychiatry, finance, journalism and the law, to place the abuses of science surrounding COVID-19 in the context of a rapidly escalating global power grab, and against a backdrop of historical abuses by the medical profession. You can read about the symposium contributors here.

We have divided each session into individual presentations for you to watch and share at your leisure, summarised with links below. Meanwhile, if there just is one piece of information we hope you will take away from this event, to share with your family and friends, it is this:

mRNA vaccines pose a serious threat to mankind

During Session 1, eight speakers across six segments expanded upon this crucial theme, covering scientific, medical and clinical aspects, the underlying regulatory fraud, and legal implications.

Watch all Session 1 segments here

I correct two lies CDC told ACIP yesterday re Moneypox drug TPOXX and the Jynneos vaccine

3 Drugs that might be used for money pox

1. Brincidofovir. Brincidofovir is licensed (since 1996) for treatment of smallpox but is not available in the US stockpile (termed the National Strategic Stockpile) and CDC is considering obtaining an expanded access IND (a legal permission from FDA to test/use it in people) so that it could legally be used if needed. But it could be used off-label, since it is licensed. Why is CDC jumping through unnecessary hoops? Probably in order to control the supply, in a similar though not identical manner to what FDA did with donated hydroxychloroquine.

2. TPOXX, the controversial drug made by SIGA Technologies. When the Obama administration first tried to buy this drug, Congress had a fit and the media helped blow up the deal. From David Willman, writing for the LA Times in 2011:

Over the last year, the Obama administration has aggressively pushed a $433-million plan to buy an experimental smallpox drug, despite uncertainty over whether it is needed or will work.

Senior officials have taken unusual steps to secure the contract for New York-based Siga Technologies Inc., whose controlling shareholder is billionaire Ronald O. Perelman, one of the world’s richest men and a longtime Democratic Party donor.

When Siga complained that contracting specialists at the Department of Health and Human Services were resisting the company’s financial demands, senior officials replaced the government’s lead negotiator for the deal, interviews and documents show.

When Siga was in danger of losing its grip on the contract a year ago, the officials blocked other firms from competing…

Negotiations over the price of the drug and Siga’s profit margin were contentious. In an internal memo in March, Dr. Richard J. Hatchett, chief medical officer for HHS’ biodefense preparedness unit, said Siga’s projected profit at that point was 180%, which he called “outrageous.”

So the Obama administration simply waited out the media storm, and bought the drug for $30 million more in 2013. Here is what the NYT said about it in 2013, when the purchase was finalized:

The United States government is buying enough of a new smallpox medicine to treat two million people in the event of a bioterrorism attack, and took delivery of the first shipment of it last week. But the purchase has set off a debate about the lucrative contract, with some experts saying the government is buying too much of the drug at too high a price.

A small company, Siga Technologies, developed the drug in recent years. Whether the $463 million order is a boondoggle or bargain depends on which expert is talking…

Dr. Henderson and Dr. Philip Russell, who formerly headed the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and served on the advisory panel with him, said they expected the government to pay much less for an antiviral drug since they cost little to make and the alternative, vaccines, cost the government $3 a dose. “If they’re talking $250 a course, they’re a bunch of thieves,” Dr. Russell said.

Asked how much TPOXX (Tecovirimat) and 3. Vaccinia Immune Globulin there is in the stockpile, the CDC’s Dr. Petersen would not answer, only saying there was enough. He didn’t know that I recalled the NY Times had spilled the beans on the initial purchase of 2 million courses. How much have they bought since? Presumably someone decided it would not be in the governments’ best interest for the public to know how much of these unproven products were purchased from a top Dem donor.

In 2018, FDA gave the drug a license. The NYT explained how this happened:

The antiviral pill, tecovirimat, also known as Tpoxx, has never been tested in humans with smallpox because the disease was declared eradicated in 1980, three years after the last known case.

But it was very effective at protecting animals deliberately infected with monkeypox and rabbitpox, two related diseases that can be lethal. It also caused no severe side effects when safety-tested in 359 healthy human volunteers, the F.D.A. said…

The F.D.A. approval of the drug went to Siga Technologies of Corvallis, Ore., a private company that developed the medicine under a federal biomedical defense contract… Research on tecovirimat — originally designated ST-246 — began at the institute (NIAID) after the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, Dr. Fauci said.

So the taxpayer paid to develop it, and paid through the nose to buy it, Fauci-style, no doubt paying royalties back to the NIAID.

Is there a public health emergency?

Dr. Maldonado asked about the possible designation of a public health emergency of International Concern by WHO, and how this would impact CDC.

Yes, WHO had a meeting to discuss this today, said Dr. Petersen, and CDC participated but he does not know what the result was. EUAs could eventuate if there are emergency declarations.

Dr. Maldonado further noted that the presentation (the severity and overall clinical picture) of moneypox is unexpected for orthopox viruses… and then asks what to do about children. There have been NO child cases internationally (excluding Africa?—Nass) said Dr. Rao. She says cases in Nigeria have been strange too, but I was confused about whether they were equivalent to those in the west or more like historical cases. Dr. Petersen agreed. Melinda Wharton (the new exec secretary of the ACIP as well as having been a member of the FDA’s vaccine advisory committee) says that recommended PPE for moneypox includes gloves and respirator, and was not sure if medical providers would be considered at risk after seeing a patient, particularly if they used no respirator.

Dr. Rao says she will need to get back to the committee on this; the risk exposure assessment is being revised, it seems, by CDC.

Dr. Fryhofer asked about expected adverse events of the proposed drugs. Cidofovir has renal toxicity and is used with cimetidine in an effort to prevent that. Brincidofovir has liver and GI toxicity.

TPOXX is “quite safe and well tolerated” says Dr. Petersen.

However, it was only tested in 359 people in a phase 3 trial, according to the label. At least one experienced EKG (cardiac) changes, and at least one had a drop in their blood count. Another had palpable purpura, which can be quite serious, usually the result of autoimmune vasculitis. Facial swelling suggests anaphylaxis. That is a rate of more than 1% experiencing serious adverse events after only taking the drug for 14 days or less. This was the first lie I caught him on.

Regarding how moneypox spreads, Dr. Rao says “the cases we are aware of are due to skin contact or towels, bedding”. 99% of cases recently were attributed to gay males, I read elsewhere. Dr. Long persists with her original question, asking whether the general US population should be worried about normal casual contacts, like going to the grocery store? Dr. Rao hedges, saying that Americans don’t need to worry about this, and at first said it seems to require “pretty intimate contact.” But then she qualified it, noting, “The risk to the general public at this time is still very low.”

Dr. Rao is asked to comment on a CDC statement that the virus is transmitted through respiratory secretions. She says it is due to saliva, respiratory droplets, implying no airborne spread.

Dr. Sanchez asks how severe the disease actually is. The breifer said hospitalizations have been for pain control, like proctitis. 197 courses of TPOXX have been distributed and 8 cases have received the drug…but none have gotten it iv, so I am again confused by the answer. I think what was meant is that no one has received immune globulin (an iv drug) yet. Dr. Petersen admits cases have been mild.

Dr. Grace Lee says she was exhausted, they have been meeting so much to provide into to the public, and it is time to adjourn.


My computer saves the day

I am so glad my computer started broadcasting the end of the ACIP meeting when I finally got to my destination—as soon as it connected to wifi and before I had even plugged it in, it began talking to me. I heard the second part of Dr. Brent Petersen’s presentation, and the questions, described above.

Why am I glad? Because I caught Dr. Petersen lying to the ACIP. Twice. He claimed that there were 5.7. cases of myocarditis per 1,000 recipients due to ACAM2000 smallpox vaccine [true], but none from Jynneos.

This reminded me that before I began live-blogging some of the meetings, years ago, I had discovered from reading the abbreviated ACIP meeting minutes [who knows how accurate they are?] that the CDC briefers were lying to the ACIP about anthrax vaccine. It seems they leave nothing to chance in order to get their desired vaccine approvals.

If you read my post on Monkeypox published June 22, you would know that I looked over the 200 page FDA licensure review of the Jynneos smallpox-monkeypox vaccine. That is where I discovered that 2 studies of Jynneos found that 11% in one and and 18% of recipients in the other had developed elevated levels of cardiac enzymes (troponin). This implies heart muscle damage of some kind. It was not studied further, and the reviewers admitted they did not know whether myocarditis was caused by the Jynneos vaccine, or not. And that they would need to perform future surveillance to find out.

I wonder why Dr. Petersen, one of CDC’s monkeypox leads, brazenly lied to the committee about this? Was he so instructed? Or was he incompetent and ignorant? We can probably assume that CDC’s employees know on which side their bread is buttered. Since CDC has made the decision that Jynneos is to be used against monkeypox, despite its apparently awful risk-benefit ratio (see my monkeypox article) I imagine all its employees will be sticking to this story.


Here is what the Jynneos label (aka package insert, the legal document explaining the studies that led to licensure) has to say. 1.3% of recipients had a cardiac adverse event of special interest, and 2.1% if they had previously been vaccinated for smallpox. That seems pretty serious, and it seems like a very high rate: 1 in 75. From the label:

Cardiac AESIs were reported to occur in 1.3% (95/7,093) of JYNNEOS recipients and 0.2% (3/1,206)
of placebo recipients who were smallpox vaccine-naïve. Cardiac AESIs were reported to occur in
2.1% (16/766) of JYNNEOS recipients who were smallpox vaccine-experienced. The higher
proportion of JYNNEOS recipients who experienced cardiac AESIs was driven by 28 cases of
asymptomatic post-vaccination elevation of troponin-I in two studies: Study 5, which enrolled
482 HIV-infected subjects and 97 healthy subjects, and Study 6, which enrolled 350 subjects with
atopic dermatitis and 282 healthy subjects. An additional 127 cases of asymptomatic post-vaccination
elevation of troponin-I above the upper limit of normal but not above 2 times the upper limit of normal
were documented in JYNNEOS recipients throughout the clinical development program, 124 of which
occurred in Study 5 and Study 6. Proportions of subjects with troponin-I elevations were similar
between healthy and HIV-infected subjects in Study 5 and between healthy and atopic dermatitis
subjects in Study 6. A different troponin assay was used in these two studies compared to the other
studies, and these two studies had no placebo controls. The clinical significance of these
asymptomatic post-vaccination elevations of troponin-I is unknown.

Among the cardiac AESIs reported, 6 cases (0.08%) were considered to be causally related to
JYNNEOS vaccination and included tachycardia, electrocardiogram T wave inversion,
electrocardiogram abnormal, electrocardiogram ST segment elevation, electrocardiogram T wave
abnormal, and palpitations.

None of the cardiac AESIs considered causally related to study vaccination were considered serious.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

I will be live-blogging the June 22 ACIP meeting for CHD

Here is the link:

Money pock$ update, and the dangerous, never-tested-for-monkeypox vaccines being used in Canada and the UK

There are now 2500 moneypox cases diagnosed in the current outbreak, in over 40 countries, and not a single death that anyone can point to, outside of Africa. Maybe ever. One moneypox death is said to have occurred this year in Nigeria, a country of 206 million people, but without any confirmatory details.  I think the authorities have been desperate to locate a death.

Canada offered vaccine to high risk men who have sex with men last week, and the UK is doing so now, as reported by the AP June 21. On June 22 from Stat:

Yesterday, British authorities recommended taking their monkeypox-fighting tactics one step further: Instead of offering vaccines only to close contacts of those diagnosed with the virus, they suggested broadening the eligibility to anyone at increased risk of exposure. The criteria would be similar to those for pre-exposure prophylaxis against HIV, and might include, for instance, men who have sex with men and who have several partners. 

This virus has never spread like this before.  I don't think a rave or two can explain how it suddenly appeared in 20 countries on 4 continents at once.  The simultaneous nature of widespread cases, and apparent increased human-to-human transmissibility suggest it has been spread deliberately.

The initial full genome sequence, performed in Portugal, revealed the strain most closely matched a strain that had been identified in 2018 and 2019 in Israel, the UK and Singapore.  This is suggestive of lab origin, but not definitive proof.  Hopefully there are some honest virologists who will continue to study the genome, and more will become clear with time.  Hopefully Tony Fauci and Jeremy Farrar have not organized yet another coverup of the origins of the moneypox strain. 

Why MONEYPOX??  Could it be because there is a vaccine?

  • Doesn't anyone else think it odd that this virus just happens to be susceptible (so they claim) to a vaccine that the US Government has stockpiled?
  • Doesn't anyone else think it is odd that the FDA approved (licensed) a vaccine for moneypox named Jynneos in 2019, when there had only been about 50 human cases diagnosed in the US, cumulatively, during the past 60 years?  
  • Why license a vaccine for a rare disease that almost nobody dies from?  
  • Why license the vaccine for moneypox when it was never tested to see if it prevented moneypox in humans?  

It is hard to believe that FDA gave this vaccine a license when you read the FDA reviewers' comments in their own report, below.  They could not test the vaccine for efficacy against smallpox because there is none, nor against monkeypox because the disease is so rare.  So the FDA relied on neutralizing antibody titers.  But at the same time, FDA admitted there is no established correlate of protection.  This means that there is no evidence that the titers represent actual immunity to infection.  So FDA relied on animal studies to simply guess the vaccine might be effective in humans.

Furthermore, there is very strong suggestive evidence of cardiac damage/myocarditis, which is a well known side effect of other smallpox vaccines. CDC admitted as recently as last November that 1 in 220 recipients got myocarditis from the ACAM2000 vaccine, the other US-licensed smallpox vaccine.  But FDA acted blind, deaf and dumb about this obvious, serious risk:

Since only one effectiveness study with an active comparator (POX-MVA-006) exists, and vaccinia specific neutralizing antibody titers determined by PRNT vary greatly across studies, we concurred with the applicant that an integrated summary of efficacy (ISE) is not required. p. 23

... Reviewer’s comment: Contrary to the title, the study did not examine efficacy of the vaccine with a clinical endpoint but instead evaluated immunogenicity and take attenuation and no correlation of protection exists. p. 30

Vaccinia specific neutralizing antibody titers among vaccinia-naïve subjects dropped quickly following primary MVA-BN vaccination series. The antibody titer peaked at 2 weeks after the last dose of primary vaccination (GMT 46) and was almost undetectable at 6 months after the last dose of primary vaccination with a GMT of 7 (assay LLOD ≥6). A single dose of MVA-BN at 2 years after the primary vaccination with MVA- BN induced a booster antibody response. However, the neutralizing antibody titer dropped from a peak GMT of 125 at two weeks after the booster dose to 49 at 6 months after the booster dose. No data were available beyond 6 months after the booster dose. It appears that there may be a need for a booster dose after the primary MVA-BN vaccination. p. 196

Up to 18.4% of subjects in 2 studies developed post-vaccination elevation of troponin [a cardiac muscle enzyme signifying cardiac damage--Nass]. However, all of these troponin elevations were asymptomatic and without a clinically associated event or other sign of myopericarditis. p. 198

The applicant has committed to conduct an observational, post-marketing study as part of their routine PVP. The sponsor will collect data on cardiac events that  occur and are assessed as a routine part of medical care. p. 200

This suggests that all those men who receive the vaccine now will be the guinea pigs, the first humans to determine if there is protection, and what the risks may be. Gay and bisexual men in their 20s and 30s will probably be at the highest risk of myocarditis, since males in this age group are at the highest risk of myocarditis from COVID mRNA vaccines.

It is they from whom it will be determined whether elevated cardiac enzymes, seen in two trials in up to 1 in 5 Jynneos vaccine recipients, are associated with cases of myocarditis, pericarditis, hart failure, arrhythmias or heart attacks. Then again, assuming FDA and CDC follow the COVID playbook, this serious side effect is likely to get missed, and sudden deaths in recipients may simply be brushed under the rug.

OTOH, if 1 in 5 recipients gets cardiac inflammation, it may be impossible to airbrush it away.

Let me ask again:  WHY moneypox?  Here are some reasonable possibilities:

•To induce fear as anxiety about COVID is resolving? 
•To reduce sexual activity and encourage physical distancing?
•To push more vaccines on the public?
•To financially benefit politically connected biodefense companies?
•To use up a boondoggle and replenish the smallpox vaccine stocks?

There are two vaccines that FDA has licensed for smallpox in recent years.  The US government bought about 290 million doses of ACAM2000 and over 10 million doses of Jynneos, although now CDC will only say there are 100 million doses in the national stockpile.  The US government has ongoing contracts for more ACAM2000 smallpox vaccine.

ACAM2000 caused 1 in 220 never previously vaccinated recipients to get myocarditis or pericarditis, and over 3% (1 in 30) to have elevated troponin, in a well done military study in over 1000 vaccinated soldiers.  But Jynneos could conceivably cause a lot more myocarditis, if the 2 studies that showed troponin elevations in 11-18% of recipients hold up.

Here's the bottom line:

a) there is no evidence from any studies that either vaccine prevents moneypox in humans 

b) the current moneypox outbreak causes a febrile, flu-like illness followed by rash, then resolves.  It is mild.  Mortality figures have been way overblown. The disease seems roughly equivalent to shingles.

c) either vaccine may cause very serious heart damage, much more commonly than COVID vaccines do, based on available evidence, so the risk from the vaccines far exceeds any potential benefit they might convey.

d) the odds so far are that moneypox came from a lab and was deliberately spread.

e) Both moneypox and shingles spread via the release of viral particles from the fluid in blisters, aka pocks. Casual spread is rare.

f) Remember what the WHO so presciently sang:  "Don't Get Fooled Again!"   Please stay safe.

UK Pathologist Clare Craig explains the fraud in the Pfizer trial that led to authorization for babies in 2 minutes. 97% of COVID cases were written off.

Here someone has juxtaposed Dr. Craig's discussion with the lies coming from the mouth of Rochelle Walensky, who makes no pretense of accuracy, honesty, or second thoughts regarding her admonishments to poison your children. 

And here is Governor DeSantis saying that Florida thinks the risks outweigh any potential benefits and it won't be using its resources to vaccinate kids aged 5 and under.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Before It’s Too Late, Before You Jab Your Little One …

Please send this to anyone you know who is planning to give these shots to their children as early as, June 21, 2022.

If you have more relevant information, please post in comments and I may edit it in.

Once you get your child injected with a potentially life-altering, experimental mRNA genetic manipulation you cannot undo it. You may trust the CDC, the FDA, your doctor, the school nurse, NPR, all mainstream media, your friends and family.

As Ronald Reagan said about the Soviet Union, “Trust but verify.”

Don’t take our word for it, or theirs. Check out the information below and come to your own conclusions.

What you don’t know can hurt your child.  Many suffering and grieving parents wish that they had been forewarned.

Children are incapable of informed consent.  You are.

Do not delegate your responsibility to the CDC, the school nurse, the government or to anyone. They have no liability. You will bear all physical, financial and emotional consequences.  

Take a deep breath.

You owe this to your child. Brief scrutiny can prevent a lifetime of regret. Take at least an hour, a day or more to inform yourself before you do something irreversible.

Judge for yourself. Be curious.

Before it’s too late - watch this superb edition of CHD’s Friday Roundtable, at least the first half hour

Toby Rogers explains misrepresentation of weak, troublesome data to make the Covid spikeshots appear necessary, safe, and effective.

Naomi Wolf describes shocking revelations from Pfizer’s own data as well as the dangers to pregnant women, nursing mothers, fetuses and infants, as well as manipulation of data to hide the harms, including the dangers of lipid nanoparticles, polyethylene glycol, and more.

Watch this 4-minute video

BOMBSHELL: Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children

Dr. Clare Craig, co-chair of the HART group of highly respected independent doctors and scientists, explains the clinical trial that was used to justify vaccinating our kids. She was appalled.


1.    You don’t have to be first in line. These Covid spikeshots were tested on very few little ones followed for a very short time. Wait for more evidence before injecting your child.

2.    Make sure that you are truly, fully, deeply informed before jabbing your kid There is no downside t this.

3.    Screen your child for natural immunity. It is estimated that a very high percentage of children already have natural immunity. People with natural immunity have the best protection possible, and are at higher risk for adverse reactions if they get Covid shots they don’t need.

4.    Children have great innate immune systems and are usually able to clear virus quickly and efficiently with few, mild or no symptoms. They are not little adults. If necessary, there are effective early treatments. The best defense against any virus is a strong, healthy immune system.

5.    Independent scientists and doctors are picking up signals regarding future fertility. Girls are born with all their eggs. The spike proteins lodge in highest concentrations in ovaries, as well as in other organs.

6.    400+ children who reportedly died with Covid, did not die from Covid. They had other serious diseases like leukemia. This number is repeated all over the media to frighten you into getting your child jabbed. Healthy children have virtually zero chance of dying from Covid.

7.    Don’t believe propaganda. One example: They say these shots will “prime children’s immune systems.” They are already primed by nature. The shots can damage their immune systems for life. There are endless deceptive messages to get you to jab your kid.

8.    Do not act under pressure or be controlled by fear. Not from authorities, peers, or your children’s peers. You will bear all consequences, potentially for the rest of your life.

9.    Challenge the reasons for making social life contingent on getting the shots. These are manipulative forms of coercion, though they seem plausible. 

10. Follow the money.

11. Don’t be a sucker. Think for yourself. Do your own investigation. Don’t submit to “groupthink.” Don’t be submissive to self-appointed authorities. Check alternative sources of information, including censored information, whistleblower testimony and independent scientists with no conflicts of interest.

12. Don’t be a conspiracy theorist. Don’t be a conspiracy denier. Be a conspiracy hypothesist. Be curious. Be open-minded. Go where the facts lead you.  Notice what is going on around you.

13. Don’t be naïve. Be mature enough to tolerate disappointment in previously trusted and admired authorities. Can you handle the truth? Remember tobacco, thalidomide, Vioxx, Paxal, Tamiflu, Belviq, Fen Phen, Baycol, Oxycontin, etc.? Have we even been lied onto a war?

14. Be prepared. If after informing yourself, you still choose to inject your child, prepare beforehand for all contingencies. Give them vitamin C zinc, and other immune boosting supplements. Be prepared for adverse reactions. Do NOT give your child Tylenol or acetaminophen which blocks glutathione and detoxification which makes reactions worse and can cause damage.

15. Check out FLCCC protocols on

16, Note that many countries have halted the Covid shots for children and even young adults. No other country has approved of these shots for such little ones.

Also read

* Vaccinated Babies  Yaffa Shir-Raz and Ranit Feinberg expose COVID-19 vaccine harms on babies, as the FDA prepares to authorize it.

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They want the COVID-19 vaccine approval for children so bad, Peter Marks himself and his cronies published the very study he has to use to evaluate for approval.  James Lyons-Weiler   June 11, 2022

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What members of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s vaccine advisory committee saw and heard during Wednesday’s meeting should have stopped them from recommending authorization of COVID-19 vaccines for children as young as 6 months — but it didn’t. By  James Lyons-Weiler, Ph.D.

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* Meryl Nass - My live blog of the disheartening FDA VRBPAC meeting today. I will be do it again tomorrow, when the baby vaccines for Pfizer and Moderna are discussed and voted on

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Thursday, June 16, 2022

I will be giving a 20 min. presentation for the World Council for Health on Monday at 2:15pm EDT



7.00 pm - Introduction and meet and greet

7.05 pm - Chair of the meeting introduces the meeting, disclaimer, friendly reminders, our committee updates etc. 

7.15 pm First Speaker - Dr. Meryl Nass Monkeypox, Smallpox, Vaccines and the suppression of Hydroxichloroquine by the WHO.

7.35 pm  Our Co Host pulls Questions from the chat for Meryl.

7.40 pm - Second Speaker - Edmund Fordnum - Scientific Misconduct uncovered in the TOGETHER Ivermectin Trial.

8.00 pm - Our Co Host pulls Questions from the chat for Edmund

8.05 pm - Third Speaker - Dr. Robert MaloneUnderstanding the relationship between the WHO (UN), the WEF, and our health

8.25 pm - Our Co Host pulls Questions from the chat for Robert

8.30 pm - Matters Arising (open floor)