Friday, September 17, 2021

Fauci tells a lie and gives us a dumb comment besides.

Fauci said some scientists seem to believe “it is okay” for vaccinated people to get infected as long as they experience only mild or moderate symptoms and don’t end up in the hospital. But he said, “As a clinical person who sees a lot of patients, that isn’t okay,” adding that even mild infections can result in missed work, disruptions of family life and potential cases of long covid, with its debilitating effects. He forgets that many people missed 1-2 days of work from the shot.

Since when has Fauci seen a patient?

He clearly does not want us to get the illness, get treated, and have broad, long-lasting immunity--unlike what you apparently get from 2 Pfizer shots that already require a 3d --at least according to the Faux.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was a Freudian slip and Fauci meant “As a clinical person who owns a lot of patents...”

Anonymous said...

So where's his clinical office? What are his clinical office hours???
It's probably been 50 years since he saw a patient.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that fauci cheated his way through medical school. On that note, if you wrote any of fauci”s papers for him now is the time to come forward.

Anonymous said...

I saw a children's biography of Fauci in the local Barnes + Noble bookstore. It said that Fauci graduated first in his class in medical school. My guess is his class had only 1 student that year.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Nass,

A few years back my left testicle out of the blue became swollen and it was very painful. My entire groin area was in incredible pain. I could not bear to wear a seatbelt because of the pressure and ensuing pain. I went to the ER at one point at recommendation of my primary care giver. The VA performed just about every test you can imagine. X-rays, CT scan, ultrasound, urinalysis, blood work. They did not do a colonoscopy. The nurse that did the ultrasound went above and beyond and checked by abdomen where she claimed fo find “muscle tearing/scars. To this day my testicle is swollen. I am in mild pain constantly. I have to wear pants and undergarments that are loose because the elastic bands (like from swim trunks) cause immense my testicle. The VA doesn’t know what it is from and I apparently have to live with this now.

In the news right now there is a big fight about swollen testicles and covid vaccines. It never occurred to me it “might be from a vaccine” and VA never alluded to it. Now I am starting to wonder because this all started (months after) I received the dTAP vaccine. It is so difficult to get an educated response from anyone anymore.

Could you talk about/explain the dTAP vaccine a little bit please? What are your thoughts? Am I just being paranoid or jumping to conclusions?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

#1.) Remember when our Incompetent Health Agency's said this would not work, now it is going Mainstream across USA. Plus the Incompetent Biden Admin is trying to limit it in Red States because it works to good? Similar to Ivermectin and Hydroxy.
'Fla. Gov. DeSantis Touts Success Of Antibody Treatment For COVID-19, Says Medicine As Efficient As Vaccines'!


3.) Rumor he will soon be going Main Stream with Ivermectin, most likely making him the next President.

4.) NEVER FORGET: Dr. Tony Fauci Killed MILLIONS when He Pushed Bogus Study that Downplayed Hydroxychloriquine Use While His Emails Prove He Knew of its Effectiveness.

Anonymous said...

Fauci, the CDC and FDA are committing genocide. Here’s the proof. (Video)

'Remdesivir' is KILLING people more then COVID! Giving in Hospitals!

Anonymous said...

I may have written the vaccine acronym incorrectly. DTAP vs TDAP. (?) I’m sure I received the age appropriate version regardless if I wrote it correctly in my question. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This article + video is MUST-SEE (absolutely terrifying).

Anonymous said...


‘My little sister just died from her first dose’…!

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