Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Melbourne Protest Demands--seems to be a great start



Anonymous said...

Australia is the testing grounds for the tyranny they are planning for the rest of the world. Australians need to hold firm against this even without their guns.

John said...

And all of a sudden, a 6.0-magnitude quake strikes Melbourne. "it was reportedly among the largest to hit land in Australia in decades, rivaling a 2016 seism in the Petermann mountain range, which fortunately occurred in a sparsely populated region, avoiding the catastrophic damage that could have resulted had it struck elsewhere. The largest quake ever recorded in the country was in 1988 – a 6.6-magnitude jolt that also hit a largely unpopulated area, it nonetheless inflicted damage to a major gas line."

Could it be a warning by Mr. Global to the local politicians not to dare to back down, or is it a failed attempt to cause chaos in Melbourne so that the protests stop, just like when the village of that Canadian doctor was burned down after he started asking too many questions?

Anonymous said...

The Jabbed and the Mask Wearers Are Selfish

Dr Vernon Coleman

The lefty, virtue signalling morons who still wear masks, and who roll up their sleeves to be jabbed, are selfish.

Mask wearing is a deadly activity (far more dangerous than parachuting or bungee jumping).

Being willingly jabbed with an experimental injection which has serious well-known side effects is surely a sign of insanity.

The mask wearers, and the individuals who are jabbed, will be a huge burden on health services.

But that, of course, is the plan.

Vernon Coleman

Walking around in Circles
When I became a GP I took over a single handed practice which had been run for over 40 years by a rather truculent but good hearted Scotsman. He had run his practice from two downstairs rooms in the terraced house where he lived. He carried on living in the upstairs portion of the house and I took over the consulting room (which had, many years before, been the dining room) and the waiting room (which should have been the sitting room if the house had been arranged more normally).

Together with the receptionist/secretary whom I had inherited with the practice, I spent much of my first week sorting through.......cont click above

To be sneezed at...
Elderly patients are now being encouraged to have their annual flu vaccinations.

This is a profitable business for GPs, who can make an extra £20,000 to £30,000 for doing very little. And it isn’t difficult to see why the annual flu vaccine bonanza is enthusiastically encouraged by drug companies. Vaccination is a multi-billion-pound business.

But why do politicians promote vaccination so vigorously – particularly to the elderly who are so immunologically vulnerable?

I’m a licensed and registered GP but I’m still waiting for someone to prove that vaccinating the elderly is safe or effective.

On the other hand I’m not the only doctor to worry that the flu vaccine might do far more harm than good – it can certainly produce the very symptoms it is supposed to prevent.

Donald Trump Labels Coronavirus 'Kung Flu'

Could politicians be encouraging GPs to vaccinate the elderly because they are regarded as a drag on the nation’s crumbling financial resources?

Are flu vaccinations promoted not to save lives but to kill off the elderly?

If that sounds far-fetched, remember that it is Government policy for doctors and nurses to kill elderly patients who are ‘blocking’ hospital beds and as a result thousands of pensioners are deliberately starved to death in hospitals.

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc
Trinity Place
North Devon

Nobody is coming to Save Us

It has, for one reason or another, been.....

Anonymous said...



4 – Hydroxybutyl // Molecular Fomula : C4H9O – NO DATA can be found. We have NO idea what this substance will do to the human body.


Benzodiazepin – benzodiazapines – Used as an antidepressant medicine

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cholesterol – FATTY LIPIDS

Potassium Chloride – SALT (used in 3 drug protocol execution of felons)

monobasic potassium phosphate – inorganic compound – Molecular formula KH2PO4 – used as a fertilizer and food additive.

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sucrose – SUGAR

Anonymous said...

Chinese whistleblower claims first COVID outbreak was 'INTENTIONAL' and happened in October 2019 at Military World Games in Wuhan - two months before China notified the world about virus.

Anonymous said...

I watched live stream of Wednesday's Melbourne demonstration, by several thousand, for a few hours, including when they marched downtown and after a few kilometers, parked themselves at steps of large government building, and were then surrounded by military, military police and local police, along with mini tanks and the usual offensive urban warfare weapons of mass destruction.

It was mostly men, mostly under 50 years old -- but not all men.

In fact, women also spoke while the storm troopers were eyeing them.

My take is that, since the women are now involved, actively, the Australian and/or Victoria government is already defeated, whether they know it or not.

One woman in particular was not only fearless and well spoken, she inspired courage in all of us.

While I was watching I did not detect any big media or smaller media who do this for a living covering this. . . and one reason is they have utterly failed the people as well.

Anonymous said...

"And all of a sudden, a 6.0-magnitude quake strikes Melbourne."

The earthquake was quite a distance from Melbourne (190 km away). Australia has earthquakes just like every other part of the planet; it's unusual, but not unnatural. Biggish quakes happen about once every 10 years here. The last big one was in 2012, in the same part of the country (eastern Victoria), so we were due.

It is ironic, however, that the quake damaged buildings right after the Victorian premier (like a governor in the US) shut down the state's construction industry over the latest demonstrations. Nature is forcing the premier's hand to open the industry back up sooner :-)

Anonymous said...

"While I was watching I did not detect any big media or smaller media who do this for a living covering this. . . and one reason is they have utterly failed the people as well."

For a few hours, news helicopters were forbidden from flying over the Melbourne CBD to film the demonstrations:


"No-fly zone enforced over CBD

"At the request of Victoria Police, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority declared Melbourne's CBD airspace a no-fly zone on Wednesday afternoon [22Sep2021], preventing news television helicopters from capturing footage of the protests.

"The no-fly zone covers a radius of three nautical miles from the CBD. Police helicopters are still allowed.

"Director of Policy at the Institute of Public Affairs Gideon Rozier slammed the move, saying it was an attack on freedom of speech.

" 'A very important line has been crossed here. Victoria Police are censoring the broadcast media. This is the definition of police state behaviour,' he said.

"Mr Rozier said media organisations should seek injunctions over the tactic.

"This is a desperate move by an inept force," he said.

"Victoria Police is censoring the media because it knows that it is not only losing control of this situation, it is losing the goodwill of the community."

"In response to criticism over the ban on media helicopters, Deputy Commissioner Guenther said it came into force due to live media footage being used by protesters to locate officers.

"He said Victoria Police reviewed the decision and amended it, allowing footage to be captured with the caveat that it only be broadcast an hour after filming.

" 'It actually threatened our members' safety, so I was completely supportive of the command decision,' he said.

" 'But as supportive as I am, we've seen that change on review, which should help the media get the footage that they require.'