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FDA brags about its massive systems of data collection, learns nothing from them?

FDA had its VRBPAC vaccine advisory committee meeting on October 26, 2021 to obtain its agreement to issue an EUA for 5-11 year olds.  The slides below came from FDA employee Dr. Wong's presentation:

Below, Dr. Wong misdirected the audience by showing a list of most of the dreaded possible complications of COVID vaccines, and says they were actually not associated with COVID vaccine... in preauthorization data. Preauthorization data were collected up until November 14, 2020 from the approximately 40,000 enrollees in Pfizer's adult trial. In other words, her claim was made on the basis of year old data.

Preauthorization data excludes all the information that has accrued since the vaccines were authorized and entered widespread use.  

Or, it is possible that she was talking about preauthorization data from adolescents, about 1100 of whom received the Pfizer vaccine.  1100 is too small a number to tease out whether these rare diagnoses occur more often in the vaccinated. Which was noted by the members of the VRBPAC at their October 26 meeting, which can still be watched on the FDA website.

Whatever preauthorization trial her data it came from, it was too small to quantify adverse reaction  rates.  All the Pfizer trials were unblinded after 2 months, much too quickly to get reliable safety and efficacy data.

FDA has long claimed it has an extensive collection of healthcare data sets that it continuously studies to make assessments of safety and efficacy.  Imagine this massive collection of data, and what you or I could do with it to determine (probably) everything we needed to know about COVID vaccines.  FDA has data on moe than 100 million Americans.

For example, the 4 medical claims databases below collect data on over 20 million children.

So, here we are in the information age.  Taxpayers are paying for massive collections of data on themselves, sold to federal agencies.  And then the data fall into a black hole, never to be heard from again.  FDA must know the story these data tell, but we do not.

Why do we put up with this, and what can we do to shine some light on the darkness?

Before FDA authorizes vaccines for kids as young as six months old, which could occur as early as this week, don't we deserve to see what the vaccine is doing to older kids?

More on the Later Expectations FDA laid out for COVID vaccine EUAs on December 10, 2020.

I have some more of FDA's power points for you.

Three days ago, I laid out FDA's criteria for issuing an EUA here, and showed that (at a minimum for the pediatric age groups), the Pfizer vaccine failed to meet at least 5 of those criteria.  How could the vaccine have gotten EUAs?  Good question.

But FDA's pre-authorization requirements weren't all that FDA's Doran Fink, MD, PhD was there to talk about.  He also presented information on the expectations FDA had after issuing an EUA, given that not a lot of data were required initially.

Below is what FDA said would be needed for its ongoing assessment.  This makes sense.  Did FDA take the required information into consideration?  What information has it relied on??  Or has it, perhaps, relied on fake information, such as that generated by the Centers for Propaganda in Atlanta?  Can we demand to see what FDA has relied on for its continuing assessments regarding the benefits of COVID vaccines?

* There needs to be ongoing evaluation of the risk vs. benefit for the vaccine.  

* There must be continued safety followup using real world data.  

* You can't guess at the degree of effectiveness:  more precise and robust assessments of vaccine effectiveness will be required.  

* You will need to see how long protection lasts.  

* You have to keep looking for ADE aka VED. What else?

* Both active and passive monitoring for adverse effects for continue.  

* The double-blinded, placebo controlled studies should be continued for as long as is feasible.  

* FDA says  just because we gave you an EUA, that does not mean you have to unblind the subjects or offer vaccine to those who received placebo.  OTOH, trial participants may choose to leave a trial for every reason.

I think FDA was being disingenuous with this last statement, both to its advisors and to the public.  Because practically as soon as the vaccine was authorized, FDA gave Pfizer the go-ahead to unblind the trial and vaccinate everybody, despite its advisers recommending against doing so.

* EUAs can be revoked, if the circumstances justifying them no longer exist, or if the issuing criteria are no longer met.  

* If there are issues with safety or efficacy, manufacturing quality or the way the disease spreads in the population has changed, the EUA can be revoked.

We know very well that the issuing criteria have no longer been met:  the efficacy is awful after the first few months, safety is a disaster, and manufacturing quality, with various extraneous and uncharacterized particles and nanoparticles in the vaccines should all have resulted in the revocation of the EUAs. 


Children's Health Defense has asked for a revocation in court; our case is pending.  It was specifically filed because the EUA should not be extant after a license is issued:


Against FDA to Revoke COVID Vaccine EUAs & Refrain from Licensure

Children’s Health Defense v. FDA

Status: Motion to stay filed; Anticipating a hearing date
Lead Attorney: Ray Flores
CHD Attorney: Mary Holland


On August 31, 2021, CHD filed suit in Federal Court in the Eastern District of Tennessee against the FDA and Acting Commissioner, Janet Woodruff seeking vacatur of the August 23, 2021 Licensure of Pfizer’s currently unavailable Comirnaty vaccine.

This suit is the natural follow up to the Citizen Petition submitted by Dr. Meryl Nass and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., on May 16, 2021 which received over 30,000 public comments (thank you!). The FDA’s August 23, 2021 denial cleared the way for attorneys Robert F. Barnes and Derek Jordan of Barnes Law along with RFK, Jr., to file suit on CHD’s behalf. The Complaint alleges one sole count, “Failure to Abide by Federal Law as Abuse of Discretion — APA 5 USC 706(2)(A)”

“Defendants’ arbitrary and capricious authorization of the Comirnaty vaccine gives the misleading impression to the public that the currently available Pfizer vaccine is fully approved, when in fact it is not. What is available, according to the FDA’s own admission is actually the EUA, liability-free product.

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Children's Health Defense Rolls out its Campaign to Stop the Shots! on the under 5 year olds

It'sTIME to Follow the Science!

Watch a 7 minute video of Bobby, download stickers, make handouts, get informed, share more short videos for maximal effects.

Many other groups have also created different ways to spread the word, and name and shame the perpetrators.  I will be sharing more on this later.

Australian Senator Roberts gives a speech about vaccine injuries and failures of vaccine regulation, which is now part of the permanent record of the Parliament.;fileType=application%2Fpdf

Go to page 80 for the following:

COVID-19: Vaccination

Senator ROBERTS (Queensland) (21:38): As a servant to the people of Queensland and Australia, tonight I'm speaking on this parliament's therapeutic response to COVID-19 and the horrific medical harm and loss of life in that response. Last week, leading Australian parliamentarians came together in an event I organised called COVID Under Question to present documented evidence and victim testimony proving a catastrophic failure of Australia's regulatory framework. COVID vaccine injuries are hidden behind anonymous government data, while supposed COVID virus harm is splashed across prime time. The very least we can do for the victims of COVID vaccines is to say their names—victims like Caitlin Georgia Gotze, a healthy and vibrant 23-year-old studying at Griffith University to become a vet while working as a horse strapper. Caitlin dropped dead at work of a heart attack following a second Pfizer shot. Her death was recorded as asthma, a condition Caitlin had never had. Reginald Shearer, a formerly healthy fit and active man, quickly went downhill and passed away from effects that began after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine. Daniel Perkins, a 36-year-old healthy father from Albion Park, died of a heart attack in his sleep following his second Pfizer injection. Douglas James Roberts died after taking AstraZeneca. His family are concerned that his GP didn't warn him of the side-effects of the vaccine. In other words, no informed consent was obtained. Neurosurgeons at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital attributed his death to a stroke, despite no family history and a clean bill of health. They refused to report his death to the TGA—refused!

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency, AHPRA, has been bullying medical practitioners into not reporting or even for talking about the harm they're seeing. The TGA erased 98 per cent of the 800 vaccine deaths— 98 per cent erased!—that physicians reported. The TGA did so without autopsy or suitable consideration of all the patient medical data. TGA, ATAGI and Ahpra are the three monkeys of the pharmaceutical industry: hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

Section 22D(2) of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 requires the Secretary of the Department of Health to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of the vaccines were satisfactorily established for each cohort for which the provision of approval is being granted. Data recently revealed in court papers in the United States clearly shows that vaccine harm was apparent in the clinical trials that Pfizer, BioNTech and others conducted. This information, if ATAGI had bothered to ask for it, should have resulted in a refusal of the application for provisional use. No data was provided to the secretary regarding individual test subjects—technically, anonymized patient clinical data. No independent analysis of the fundamental issues surrounding novel mRNA vaccines was conducted in Australia— none in Australia! Instead, the secretary took Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna's word for it.

I will say that again: the secretary took pharmaceutical companies' word for the safety of their products. These are the same pharmaceutical companies that have been fined over and over for criminal behaviour. AstraZeneca got a US$355 million fine for fraud and, separately, a $550 million fine for making unfounded claims about efficacy. Pfizer got a $430 million fine for making unfounded claims about efficacy, and a $2.3 billion fine—that's billion dollars—for making unfounded claims about efficacy and for paying kickbacks.

This is who the Liberal-Nationals, Labor and Greens—our very own pharmaceutical lobby—want to pay more money to. That's not on the basis of extensive local testing and inquiry, it's simply on the basis of taking pharmaceutical companies' safety assurances. There's no testing. It's an assurance made easy by indemnity against any damage that the vaccines cause. What deceit! What criminal incompetence! The Labor Party and the Liberal- National Party have accepted $1 million each from the pharmaceutical establishment in this election cycle alone. Billions more are being set aside in this week's budget to pay the pharmaceutical companies to keep the COVID-19 gravy train going. What great value this parliament provides for those electoral donations.

Mention should be made of the TGA's decision to ban safe, fully approved and widely accepted alternatives to COVID-19 vaccines. This includes hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin; vitamins, minerals and natural antivirals; as well as proven messaging around healthy eating and lifestyles. The decision to ban proven, safe, affordable and accessible alternative treatments that are working around the world was taken to ensure the fastest and widest- possible adoption of the vaccines. The TGA's own customers fund the TGA. That means pharmaceutical companies fund their own product's approval. That fails the pub test. Where are the checks and balances? There are none.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is culpable in this scandal and cover-up. The Australian Bureau of Statistics' annual budget is $400 million. The most recent mortality data they provide is from November last year, four months behind. The most recent breakdown of mortality by cause and age is from 2020. The most recent data on live births

Tuesday, 29 March 2022 SENATE  page 81

is from 2020. Birth data used to be available six weeks after, not 15 months and counting. Are they hiding miscarriages?

At what point do we consider the actions of the TGA, ATAGI and the Australian Bureau of Statistics as interfering with the operation of the Senate? Peer-reviewed and soon-to-be-published data that must require the secretary to cancel the provisional approval of the vaccines has been released from outside of the government.

Let me review those quickly so the Senate fully understands the extent to which we have been misled. Firstly, freedom of information documents indicate the TGA has failed to assess the reproductive toxicology of the COVID vaccines. Freedom of information documents indicate the TGA has failed to assess the impact of microRNA sequences and related molecular genetic issues on the human body. Peer-reviewed and published in-vitro research shows gene based vaccine-generated spike proteins can migrate into human cell nuclei to disrupt DNA repair mechanisms. The TGA has dealt with this abysmally—murderously?

Vaccine-derived RNA can be reverse transcribed, leading to possible integration into the human genome, which the TGA denies, based only on pharmaceutical companies telling them to deny it. Internal Pfizer data released in February indicate they accept 1,272 different adverse vaccine events, including paralysis and death. German and US insurance actuarial data suggests the TGA's database of adverse event notifications is underreporting side effects ninefold. Freedom of information documents from 2018 show the TGA keeps two databases of adverse event notifications: one internal, showing all reports of harm; and one public, showing only a part of those. This means vaccine harm is most likely significantly higher than reported.

Without honest and accurate data, the Senate has no way of deciding how much harm is too much harm. German pathologists describe pathological aggregates of spike proteins and lymphocyte infiltrations in inflamed organs in autopsies related to death post vaccination. In response, the TGA is failing to conduct autopsies on the 800 Australians the patients' own doctors have reported as having died from the vaccines. What the hell is the TGA hiding?

Whistleblowers to the British Medical Journal provided reports of inadequacies, irregularities and possible fraudulent practices in the Pfizer vaccine trial—you know, the same trial for which the TGA took Pfizer's word. From a modern immunological perspective, two frequent vaccines for respiratory viruses run the risk of desensitising the immune responses to the virus, and that leads to hypoimmunity and worse illness than without the immunisation. To put that simply: repeated vaccination is doing more harm than good.

These are the matters I sought today to refer to the Senate Select Committee on COVID-19 without success. I thank Senators Hanson, Abetz, Rennick and Antic for their support, integrity and courage. The truth is the Select Committee on COVID-19 has been running a protection racket for the pharmaceutical industry, and today's vote proves it. This unprecedented betrayal of the Australian people must be referred immediately to a royal commission. To the Prime Minister, the health minister, the federal health department and all those in the Senate and the House of Representatives—all of you who have perpetrated this crime—I direct one question: how the hell do you expect to get away with it? We're not going to let you get away with it. We won't let you get away with it. We are coming for you. We have the stamina to hound you down and we damn well will.

A quick few paragraphs on the COVID data fails of public health/MedPage Today

 America's COVID-19 Data Problem

Tracking the pandemic in the U.S. has proven a task beyond the country's capabilities, one that's been defined by incomplete data and disjointed systems, FiveThirtyEight reported.

Beginning with the federal government's initial insistence on developing a CDC-made test that had contamination issues and took too long to roll out, data from testing was limited. Since testing was mostly in people with serious symptoms, the numbers only represented a small portion of those with COVID.

Tracking the virus became increasingly more challenging as states reported cases in different ways. Tests and vaccines became more widespread -- but were more accessible to white and affluent people as COVID revealed deep inequities in healthcare. No one was collecting demographic data, which FiveThirtyEight said could been used to find out "which essential occupations are leading to more exposures, which groups need testing but can't access it, and other important trends."

Researchers turned eventually to hospitalizations as a better measuring stick for COVID's prevalence, and then vaccinations, but even this data wasn't reliable and states were slow to report because there was no standardized system to do so. Vaccination itself, with two doses that could have happened in two different states, and other tracking challenges, wasn't the metric scientists had hoped for.

Delta and Omicron presented new hurdles -- like breakthrough cases, which the CDC only reported if they resulted in hospitalization or death -- or the question of "incidental" COVID, which could be a case that was discovered only after someone was admitted to a hospital for something else.

Now, some states are reporting less frequently and halting contact tracing operations. Experts worry, according to FiveThirtyEight, that "the reporting systems built up during the past few years may fall to the wayside after the pandemic is declared 'over,' when really, we should be fortifying them for future preparedness."

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Canadian politician who supported Canada's Truckers Convoy arrested on what appear to be trumped-up charges

Canadian politician charged by Ottawa police over Freedom Convoy truckers’ protest

Canada MPP Randall Hillier, facing nine new charges, accuses Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of attempting to silence his political opposition

Canadian elected member of provincial parliament was arrested Monday in connection to last month’s "Freedom Convoy" protests in Ottawa against vaccine and coronavirus-related mandates. 

The Ottawa Police Service announced the arrest of Randall Hillier, 64, of Perth, Ontario. He’s served for the past 15 years as the Member of Provincial Parliament for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston. 

The nine new charges include two counts of mischief/obstruction of property exceeding $5000, three counts of counseling an uncommitted indictable offense, one count of obstruction related to resting a person aiding a public/peace officer, two counts of obstruction related to resisting a public officer and one count of assault against a peace or public officer. He is scheduled to appear in court later Monday... 

Monday, March 28, 2022

I was told that the person filing this complaint against me used to hang around the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in Portland , Maine and I have been told he was believed to be an "agent"

Which, if true, suggests that taxpayer money was spent to initiate an investigation on me.  The complainant used precise and proper legal language.  Note also that Mr. Demetriou claimed he personally transcribed one of my interviews in order to provide a transcript to the Board.  Which suggests an extreme degree of interest in prosecuting me.  Note also that he has never met me or any of my patients.  His complaint relates only to watching an interview online.--Meryl

Board of Licensure in Medicine

DATE: DECEMBER 28, 2021 


RE: DEMETRIOU COMPLAINT Renewal Pending: No (04/30/2023) 
First Licensure: 08/22/1997 License Specialty: Internal Medicine ________________________________________________________________________ 

The following is intended to provide members of the Board a clear understanding of the complaint from the complainant's perspective, as articulated by the complainant. While this is a complete statement of the complainant's concerns it is not necessarily a complete listing of issues that may concern this Board. I do not wish to focus members' attention on the following issues at the expense of others that may appear upon their review. ________________________________________________________________________ 

Mr. Stephen Demetriou’s Complaint: 

1. Dr. Meryl Nass engaged in unprofessional conduct by publicly disseminating misinformation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, which may endanger the public. The complainant, Mr. Stephen Demetrious is not a patient of Dr. Nass. 

2. Dr. Nass runs a publicly available website and participated in an interview that was posted to BitChute in which she shares misleading and concerning conspiracy theories and nonscience based beliefs related to COVID-19. 

Dr. Meryl Nass’ Response: 1. Dr. Nass failed to formally address the concerns in the complaint submitted by Mr. Demetriou.

Not enough COVID? Hospitals complain there are too many beds unfilled and they're losing money

Rather remarkable article.  We had a huge COVID surge in January, but apparently this corresponded to fewer admissions.  Inpatient revenue declined 19%.  I thought that was a good thing:  the huge Omicron wave was relatively mild.  Also, some patients have stopped trusting the medical system.  Hospitals won't admit that yet.  Not that there are lots of choices when you need a hospital.

Hospitals across the U.S. saw their operating margins remain negative for the second consecutive month in February as they continued to feel the repercussions of the winter omicron surge, according to Kaufman Hall's "National Hospital Flash Report: March 2022" posted March 28.

The median operating margin in February was -3.45 percent, up from -4.52 percent in January, but "still well below sustainable levels," Kaufman Hall said. 

Kaufman Hall said the improvement in hospital margin was driven by disproportionate increases among several hospitals that saw margin gains, but most hospitals reported margin declines in February. Specifically, the median operating margin was down 11.8 percent month over month...

Hospitals' gross operating revenue also decreased 7.4 percent compared to January 2022, with outpatient revenue falling 5 percent and inpatient revenue declining 19.3 percent.

Kaufman Hall noted that hospitals saw some improvement month over month in terms of expenses. Total expenses per adjusted discharge fell 4.5 percent compared to January, labor expense per adjusted discharge fell 6.1 percent and non-labor expenses per adjusted discharge was down 3.6 percent...

Stopgap Booster #4, the truth on natural immunity, and the abysmal performance of COVID vaccines 4-6 months after inoculation

Read below:  the NY Times reported that "A second booster is at best a stopgap measure." Even the NYT admits the concept of boosters protecting you from COVID is a pipe dream.  The NYT.  If you still think vaccines are going to save you, get over it.  And get early treatment when you get it.  Don't wait till you get into the autoimmune, cytokine storm, blood clotting phase of the illness to seek care.  You really have to be ignorant or insane to not try to kill the virus quickly, to minimize the downstream damage it leaves in its wake.  Kill it with antivirals and try viral-inactivating gargles and nasal sprays (be sure to use only low concentrations as described by professionals).  The only monoclonal antibody left standing, Sotrovimab, no longer works against the Omicron variant currently circulating in New England and some other places, and will not be available as of March 25.  

Once you understand how the disease progresses, killing the virus as soon as you know you have the disease is the only approach that makes any logical sense.

...The Food and Drug Administration could authorize a second booster early next week, according to multiple people familiar with the deliberations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would then follow with its own advice.

A second booster is at best a stopgap measure. Many experts argue that the existing coronavirus vaccines need to be modified because the virus’s variants are diminishing their power; the question is how to reconfigure them. A surge in the fall is considered highly likely, whether it comes in the form of the Omicron variant, a subvariant like BA.2 or a new lineage entirely.

More than a dozen studies are underway to find the next generation of vaccines, with the first results expected in May or June. If all goes well, that would allow enough time to produce new doses before the fall. One major hitch is that the Biden administration says it does not have the money it needs to reserve its place in line by paying vaccine manufacturers for doses in advance.

On the plus side, data from the C.D.C. indicates that four to five months after a third shot, the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines remain about 78 percent effective against hospitalization due to Covid-19. That might even be an underestimate, given the study’s limitations...

78% at 4-5 months?  None of the real world data (outside CDC) support that assessment.

However, here are UK data from late last year on the efficacy of Moderna, Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca COVID shots at 2 weeks, 3 months and 6 months after being vaccinated.  After 6 months, there is virtually no efficacy, and then you could be entering negative efficacy, where you are more at risk than the unvaccinated to develop COVID.  

Back to the NY Times article:  

Besides the C.D.C., Britain and Israel have put out data on the waning effectiveness of booster shots. The latest report by Britain’s health security agency states that effectiveness against symptomatic infection drops to between 25 percent and 40 percent 15 weeks or longer after a booster dose of either Pfizer or Moderna.

Dr. Marty Makary, a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, recently authored a powerful article on the “high cost of disparaging natural immunity to Covid.”

“Public-health officials ruined many lives by insisting that workers with natural immunity to Covid-19 be fired if they weren’t fully vaccinated,” Dr. Makary writes. “But after two years of accruing data, the superiority of natural immunity over vaccinated immunity is clear. By firing staff with natural immunity, employers got rid of those least likely to infect others. It’s time to reinstate those employees with an apology.”

“For most of last year, many of us called for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to release its data on reinfection rates, but the agency refused,” he added. “Finally last week, the CDC released data from New York and California, which demonstrated natural immunity was 2.8 times as effective in preventing hospitalization and 3.3 to 4.7 times as effective in preventing Covid infection compared with vaccination.”

“Yet the CDC spun the report to fit its narrative, bannering the conclusion ‘vaccination remains the safest strategy’,” he continued. “It based this conclusion on the finding that hybrid immunity—the combination of prior infection and vaccination—was associated with a slightly lower risk of testing positive for Covid. But those with hybrid immunity had a similar low rate of hospitalization (3 per 10,000) to those with natural immunity alone. In other words, vaccinating people who had already had Covid didn’t significantly reduce the risk of hospitalization.”

“Similarly, the National Institutes of Health repeatedly has dismissed natural immunity by arguing that its duration is unknown—then failing to conduct studies to answer the question,” Dr. Makary noted. “Because of the NIH’s inaction, my Johns Hopkins colleagues and I conducted the study.”

“We found that among 295 unvaccinated people who previously had Covid, antibodies were present in 99% of them up to nearly two years after infection,” he said. “We also found that natural immunity developed from prior variants reduced the risk of infection with the Omicron variant. Meanwhile, the effectiveness of the two-dose Moderna vaccine against infection (not severe disease) declines to 61% against Delta and 16% against Omicron at six months, according to a recent Kaiser Southern California study. In general, Pfizer’s Covid vaccines have been less effective than Moderna’s.”

“The CDC study and ours confirm what more than 100 other studies on natural immunity have found: The immune system works,” he concluded. “The largest of these studies, from Israel, found that natural immunity was 27 times as effective as vaccinated immunity in preventing symptomatic illness.”

It has become abundantly obvious that the mass media effort to downplay natural immunity from prior Covid infections is a deliberate strategy to tout the universal vaccination program at all costs. One is led to conclude from the historic levels of intellectual dishonesty that this agenda has less to do with Americans’ health than it has to do with politics."

IMPORTANT READ: Robert Malone uses Ernst Wolff to analyze the responses to the pandemic and the role of elites in grabbing their chance to reshape the world.

This is a long read but worthwhile.  I got it by email (and google censored it but proton mail did not) so I have no link--Meryl

Many who have followed this coronavirus “public health crisis” and the non-sensical response provided by most of the western nations (including the USA) have been perplexed by two big questions - how was this done (in such a globally coordinated fashion), and why was it done?

In my case, I have tried to follow the various threads of facts and logic, to confront the perplexingly dysfunctional public policies, and to make sense of what is so deeply illogical. What I have found has been layers of lies, one on top of another, which seem to require an amazingly coordinated and globally comprehensive control and shaping of information in the form of propaganda and censorship on a scale which was previously unimaginable. Total information control, and total unrestricted, all encompassing information warfare. Modern media manipulation of thought and minds without boundaries, and without any ethical constraints.

One constant thread which runs through all of the mismanagement, all of the authoritarian policies, all of the totalitarian logic and messaging, has been the role of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its acolytes. WEF is a key think tank and meeting place for global capitalism management, and arguably qualifies as the leading global Deep State organization. Under the leadership of Professor Klaus Schwab, it has played an increasingly important role in coordinating the globalized hegemony of transnational capital and large corporations over Western democracies during the last three decades. Many of its members actively use Covid-19 as cover to carry out a “Great Reset” as described in Schwab’s writings. This Great Reset involves implementation of digital tracking and control of people, ushering in techno-feudalism, and the WEF objective of a fourth industrial revolution incorporating technologies collectively referred to as “transhumanism.” Western governments and WEF have identified genetic mRNA vaccines as a first step toward an inevitable transhuman society which they seek to guide us towards. The WEF has developed and implemented a training program which has yielded thousands of acolytes who have been placed into positions of power throughout the western world. A small representative sampling of these includes the following drawn from the ranks of the United States government and industry:

• Politics and policy: White House coronavirus response coordinator Jeffrey Zients, lobby group #Masks4All co-founder Jeremy Howard, California Governor Gavin Newsom, 2020 presidential candidate and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, Chelsea Clinton, Hillary Clinton confidante Huma Abedin, former U.S. ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, former U.S. ambassador to the UN and USAID administrator Samantha Power, Eurasia Group founder Ian Bremmer, U.S.-British financier Bill Browder, Jonathan Soros (son of George Soros), Human Rights Watch director Kenneth Roth, economist Paul Krugman, former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza, Ivanka Trump, and former U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii).

• Legacy media: CNN medical analyst Leana Wen, CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, Twitter personality Eric Feigl-Ding, New York Times financial columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, ABC News commentator George Stephanopoulos, Fox CEO and News Corp co-chair Lachlan Murdoch, Bloomberg columnist Justin Fox, and CNN commentator Anderson Cooper.

• Technology and social media: Microsoft founder Bill Gates, former Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, eBay co-founder Pierre Omidyar, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Moderna CEO St├ęphane Bancel, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, and Pfizer VP Vasudha Vats.

So how does this all tie together? How does reading and listening to the pronouncements of Klaus Schwab and his WEF organization help make sense out of the otherwise nonsensical? What is the underlying answer to the big “how” and “why” questions?

In August 2021, German author, journalist, International Monetary Fund and financial expert Ernst Wolff provided his explanation and hypotheses in a seminal lecture which many find useful as they try to make sense out of all that we have experienced and continue to find ourselves having to adapt to. The following is English language translation of the lecture, which was provided in German. Whether you agree or disagree, I suggest that his insights deserve consideration. I always recommend that you do your own thinking, and some may dismiss his thoughts as conspiracy theories, but this presentation certainly provides plenty to think about.

Uncovering the Corona Narrative

August 2021 presentation given by Ernst Wolff.

The American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, once said: “Nothing happens accidentally in politics, and when something happens, you can bet on it that it was exactly planned that way.”

When one looks at what happened in the last year and a half, then these words are especially alarming.

Can it really be the case, that everything that we’ve experienced was planned?

I’ll say one thing right away. I can’t produce any evidence for such a plan, in the form of verified documents, but after studying this topic in detail for 18 months, I must say that there is an impressive number of signs and indications pointing in exactly this direction.

It is this and the consequences thereof that I want to talk about today. The current situation we find ourselves in is unique in the history of mankind. Never before has the whole world been thrown under the rule of this type of coercive regime as now in our time, and never have so many measures been taken which at first glance appear so unintelligible, partly so nonsensical, and in many cases so contradictory.

Officially, this is about the most serious health crisis in living memory, but the measures being used against this have not improved the situation but continuously made things worse. Every doctor today can confirm the health condition of people, the majority of people, is worse than before the crisis, and even from the point of view of those who ordered the measures we are faced with a shamble. The allegedly threatening 4th wave, and the announcement of the need for 3rd, 4th and 5th vaccinations, show that the purpose of the measures up to now, namely preventing the illness, has failed completely.

But that is not all by far.

As a consequence of the lockdowns up to now, we have a severe global economic crisis to manage.

Worldwide production hangs in complete disarray. Global logistics is on the floor, supply chains are broken, harvests are being lost, food supply bottlenecks, and on top of this a scarcity for a large part of the economy of essential semi-conductors. But also, in this we are seeing the problems are not being addressed and solved, but multiplied and magnified, via the application of further measures, and the constant threats of new restrictions.

The most recent example, in China, a port freight terminal, the 3rd largest in the world, has been closed down due to a single positive test from a worker there. Or, take New Zealand, where in all seriousness during the last week, 5 million people were put in lockdown for 3 days, because a single 58-year-old had a positive test.

A further crisis is affecting the small to medium business sector, which by a long way provides the most jobs worldwide and additionally, supplies the largest share of tax revenues. The Mittelstand (small to medium industry sector), is being driven from week-to-week further to the wall, through the incessant uncertainty and new regulations, and has never before been stuck in such a deep crisis as today.

But that is not all.

We are experiencing at present, a brutally increasing worldwide inflation, especially for raw materials, with produce prices and with food products. But also, here, nothing is being done to alleviate the situation. But rather the opposite. The flood of money printing continues, and will even be further increased. Countries and central banks, have, since the start of the crisis, thrown in almost USD 20 trillion into the worldwide monetary system. Without any end in sight! And the International Monetary Fund, as the most powerful financial organization in the world will give out next Monday, with USD 650 billion, the largest amount ever of its own currency under special withdrawing rights.

And the situation in society is no better.

Just one example.

In the USA, the strongest economy in the world, almost 4 million people are threatened with eviction because they cannot pay their rent or cannot cover their mortgage costs. And more than ten times as many, in the USA, note in the richest country in the world, are not in a position to feed themselves from their own income, and that, which the intentional destruction of the economy and the rising inflation have not managed to accomplish, politicians have managed to do.

A country wide fracture of the population as we have never witnessed before, and now, on top of this come vicious measures as the crowning of the whole thing. The premeditated change of power in Afghanistan managed by the USA. There, the Taliban have been deliberately handed military materials, to the value of $20 billion, a complete air force, with 11 airfield support bases available for use, which with absolute certainty will cause the next enormous flood wave of refugees. Why this, one asks oneself?

Why were worldwide measures taken which have caused one disaster after another and pushed the majority of humanity deeper towards the abyss, instead of lifting them out of their misery?

To answer this question, one has to ask two further questions, namely: Who has an interest in this global agenda, and who profits from this?

The answer to both questions is clear. The biggest profiteer of the current crisis, and the most important string puller behind the scenes, is the digital-financial complex. So, a type of special interest community, with the largest IT corporations and the largest asset managers of our time at its head.

The largest IT concerns, include: Apple, the Google parent company Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook. The market capitalization of these 5 companies alone at present amount to an incredible USA 9.1 trillion. Just for comparison, the gross GDP of Germany, France and Italy is USD 8.6 trillion.

Along with these digital concerns, we also have the large asset managers, namely, BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street and Fidelity. They are significantly involved in all IT companies, and not only this, these four companies alone, currently manage a total USD 220.6 trillion. Again, for comparison, the GDP of all 28 nations of the EU last year amounted to USD 15.7 trillion.

But it is not just the monstrous financial clout of these concerns which makes the digital-financial complex so powerful.

Let’s first take the IT corporations. They don’t just have an enormous power themselves. They also control hundreds of thousands of other companies, because they organize the digital systems of these other businesses, and in this way have a constant overview of their data streams. The IT industry is nothing other than a tumor, which, in the course of the past years has metastasized into all other branches of the economy, to make them dependent upon it and in the meantime to completely dominate them.

And it is not any different with the asset managers They are involved in every large company in the world, and able to influence every popular brand in the world. The largest of them, BlackRock, supplies with the more than 40 years old data analysis system “Aladdin Data Cloud”, the greatest fund and financial information the world has ever seen. And in the background, BlackRock uses this knowledge, to advise the largest central banks in the world, the Federal Reserve and the EZB (European Central Bank). Through the huge information advantage which BlackRock has, it is very clear who is dependent upon whom.

So, this has to do with a unique historic mix, of raw financial power and the discretionary power over an unimaginable huge data pool. This combination allowed these corporations to make a business upswing, since the beginning of the crisis as never before.

And not only that. Their advantage is accelerating continuously. Alone, in the last quarter of this year, April, May and June, these companies have made the largest profits in their whole history and also, in view of these facts, there’s not much left to the imagination.

And to come to the conclusion, it is this digital-financial complex which is a global power center which drives everything.

The digital-financial complex stands far above all governments, and is ready at all times to bring every government cabinet in the world to its knees and make it compliant.

One must wonder, however, all the more about the methods introduced by the digital-financial complex since the start of the crisis. Because it seems almost as if, as if it is undermining the very system from which it benefits.

Here are a few examples:

If the digital-financial complex destroys small to medium businesses, then really it is destroying its own livelihood, because, s we just heard, the small to medium business sector (Mittlestand) pays the greatest share of taxes revenues and creates the most jobs, and when inflation increases that also hurts the digital-financial complex, and when it destroys social peace through increasing inequality, then it also destroys those who it makes its business from.

All these are valid objections. But they miss the reality.

Namely, this is how it works.

The digital-financial complex has no other choice other than to do what it does at present. What we currently experience is namely, is not something which is a formulated written agenda with which it will accumulate yet more money and power and then sit back to enjoy the fruits of its labors. What we are experiencing at this time is a gigantic act of desperation, probably the biggest that has ever occurred in the whole history of mankind.

The cause of this act of desperation, is that the system to which the digital-financial system owes its existence, can no longer be kept alive with the previous business model. It was very close to its demise already during the world financial crisis of 2007-8. If governments back then had not mobilized huge amounts of tax money and the central banks instructed oodles of money to be created out of nothing the system would have collapsed there and then.

But salvation was only temporary.

The amounts of money had to be continuously increased over a period of 12 years and the interest rates had to be reduced several times. So, the system was made ever more unstable. In the long term that could not go well. And last year it was to the point that the next collapse was threatening. And this collapse has been postponed through a final feat of strength namely the reduction of interest rates to zero and the injection of billions and billions for one final time.

With that however, a qualitatively new situation has come about. A further deferral would require interest rates to be dropped into the minus range, and this would destroy the foundation of the current banking system. Banks cannot operate long-term with negative interest rates. This means that a further deferral with the previously used approach will not be possible. In the present situation one can inject billions and billions into the system at maximum one more time. However, with the result that the already strongly growing rate of inflation will further overhead and will be driven into hyperinflation.

The situation in which the digital-financial complex finds itself is between the alternatives of, on one side the final collapse and hyper-inflation on the other side. So, the total loss of value of money. That means, historically we’ve arrived at a point in which the digital-financial complex, in the framework of the existing system, only still has the choice between two various forms of collapse.

So, what can they do?

Quite clearly, they have, in this situation, chosen to install a new system and a double strategy. On one side, in the background and away from public view, they are preparing a new system. And on the other side, they are using the end phase of the present dying system, to plunder it using all tricks at their disposal. This is exactly what we’ve seen since March 2020. The quite deliberate and premeditated destruction of the world economy, for the exclusive expansion of the digital-financial complex, with simultaneous preparation via the central banks of a new system and in collaboration with the IT corporations. And we already know how this system will look. It is about the complete removal of cash and banks in their previous form, and the introduction of digital money from central banks. The end goal as it appears, is that we will all have just a single account through which all transactions run. And this account will not reside in a business or high-street bank but with the central bank.

The background to this plan is the following: Digital central bank money is programmable, and because central banks can create unlimited money out of nothing, one can indeed operate in this way with negative interest rates without having to destroy the system. But that is furthermore, not the only feature of digital central bank money. It will allow governments to watch over all transactions made.

To assign us various tax rates and impose upon us individual fines. Governments can also place an expiry limit on a part of our money and require that we spend certain amounts within certain time periods. But it can also require the money to be used for specific purposes, and require that specific amounts be paid only for certain products, or that they be sourced only from certain regions. Above all, government will be in the position to cancel our ability to make all transactions with a single mouse click, and so, shut us down financially. Digital central bank money would be the most efficient tax collection method for society that has ever occurred in the whole history of man, and with that, nothing more and nothing less than the realization of an all-encompassing dictatorship brought about through money.

However, the whole thing has a huge snag. Namely, the expected resistance from the public. One can be very certain that a large proportion of people won’t accept this form of disenfranchisement. So, the introduction of digital central bank money would be expected to produce huge social unrest. And it is exactly this problem that the digital-financial complex has quite obviously thought about, to reverse the process of introducing this (digital) currency. So, they won’t try to make this switch to digital currency gradually, but and thereby risking huge resistance will do it exactly the other way around. They will drive society into chaos, in order to present the introduction of digital central bank money as the solution to all problems. Namely, in the form of a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

For anyone who thinks this is a “conspiracy theory” pulled out of the air, I recommend that you once again, take a close look at everything we’ve experience in the past 18 months. Under the pretext of fighting an illness devastating and irreparable damages have been done to health, economy and finances, whose full effects are only beginning to show up so far in traces. But at the same time, day by day work is being done to increase these damages, and in parallel, the social rift in society is being systematically deepened, by constantly driving new wedges between people. All of this leades us purposefully in one single direction, social unrest to the point of a civil war, and indeed, worldwide. Exactly that, according to all available information I have, is what is wanted (by the other side).

We are experiencing today is that by using all conceivable means, one is trying to create the maximum social chaos, and then at the high point of this chaos, bring in a panacea with the name “Universal Basic Income”, and in this way effect a change, from maximum chaos to maximum control.

By the way, there is a second reason why, from the perspective of these power brokers UBI must come. We are sitting right in the middle of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and expect, in the period ahead of us, the loss of millions and millions of jobs, due to the introduction of Artificial Intelligence.

This means, millions of consumers will disappear. The demand for consumer goods will increasingly collapse and because the current economic system is consumer driven, one must, to maintain life, break through this downward spiral. And that can only happen, if all these unemployed consumers who cannot find work are provided with an income.

We see that what has happened in the last 18 months and what is still going on is obviously all following a (prepared) plan. And the name of this plan is: “Deconstruction of the present economic system to the benefit of elites”. The generation of the maximum economic and social chaos and the establishment of a new system, under the guise of wanting to provide humanitarian help. This plan is however available to read and that is in both books about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and The Great Reset, by Klaus Schwab, whose World Economic Forum (WEF) plays a key role in this whole agenda.

The WEF has succeeded over the past 50 years to become the most important control center of the digital-financial complex. First of all, business leaders were brought together, then later all politicians, and still later, media creators, and in commanding roles, and prominent figure all networking with one another.

Additionally, in the 90’s, people were subjected to a targeted training program. We know today that since 1992 the “Global Leaders of Tomorrow” and since 2005 the “Young Global Leaders” always received a systematic onboarding schooling from the WEF, and it is exactly these same people who right now, occupy positions of political power and influence. Whether it is Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg from the IT area. Whether it is CEO Larry Rink of BlackRock, head of the IMF Kristalina Georgieva, or former head of the Bank of England Mark Carney from the finance sector. Or Emanuel Macron, Sebastien Kurz, or Angela Merkel from politics. All of these people have been either trained by the WEF or they sit on its leadership board.

And it is not just the 1300 members, of this closely networked elite leader group who pull the strings worldwide. Since 2012, there is also a further ten thousand under 30-year-olds, so-called “Global Shapers” who have joined the club and who have also been brought together by the WEF and in its sense, exert influence on the course of world events. And we know how these events should look. To see this, I recommend looking into the work of WEF founder, Klaus Schwab.

For those who still cannot believe that everything we have experienced follows a plan, they should check the publishing date of Schwab’s work, “The Great Reset”. This book appeared on 20th June 2020, not even 4 months after the worldwide lockdown and already gives exact instructions on how one should use Covid-19 in order to put it darkly creatively destroy the world and build up a new world in the image of the man he (Schwab) has drawn up, which is reminiscent of the darkest times of national socialism.

I know that all of this sounds shocking, like a carefully prepared apocalypse. Indeed, the agenda is being followed here is obviously not only planned but also, can hardly be surpassed in terms of evilness and deceitfulness. Who would ever have suspected that under the guise of protecting mankind from the effects of a disease, the world economy would be driven to a total collapse? To take away: people’s freedom to travel, their rights of association and free speech, their freedom to express opinions, and in addition, to condemn more than 100 million people to starvation, and all this allegedly “for their own protection”!

And who would have thought that an unapologetic eugenicist named Klaus Schwab would be put in a position to not only spread worldwide his gruesome vision of a melding of the human being with machine intelligence (AI), but also to have this vision driven forward by ten thousand helpers. All of these are deeply destructive developments with which we are now living and having to suffer under, and their details are enough to freeze the blood in the veins of any normal thinking and feeling person.

But now I am coming to the most important message that I have to give today.

The whole thing also has another side to it. A quite different side and above all one which gives us a huge boost and a great amount of power for our future work.

The plan of the elites, the visions of Klaus Schwab, are namely, are condemned to fail, and this is for several reasons, the most important is that the narrative of a deadly virus which is an existential threat to humanity cannot be sustained in the long run, we already see how the pack of lies is collapsing in on itself from all sides.

We see how, in efforts to legitimize it, resort is made to ever more absurd arguments and rabid defamation. It is important to recognize here, that the vehemence the media are displaying these days, testifies not to their strength but to their weakness. Whoever, with. Ever more emphasis, spreads ever more grotesque lies, like the pandemic of the unvaccinated, who declares healthy people public enemy number one, and whoever on the basis of a single illness or test “case”, locks down whole countries, they are doing this only because they have run out of arguments and in desperation are blindly lashing out.

Abraham Lincoln once said “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.”

Exactly that, the truth will appear in our time, and this naturally has an enormous meaning for us, because ironically, it opens up for us that which Klaus Schwab has termed “ a unique window of opportunity”, however, in exactly the reverse dynamic (to what he intended).

Namely, that via the collapsing narrative, the credibility of those who have led us into this situation is being buried by the day, and because of that, a unique window of opportunity has opened for all of us for a vast and comprehensive campaign of enlightenment. The objective conditions to enlighten others about the real background to the alleged “pandemic”, about the real balance of power in the world, and the real threats we face, have never been as good as now and they are getting better day by day because the other side are getting entangled in their increasingly unbelievable lies and even if the digital-financial complex should succeed in introducing the new currency that would also not be the end of the world. Digital central bank money can, namely only function as the basis of a comprehensive coercive system. One will always introduce new price controls, continuously increase the Universal Basic Income and create permanent inflation with emphatic pressure, which in turn will lead to a continuous impoverishment of the population and constant conflict with the state and the authorities.

What we need to understand is the following:

Without any doubt, we stand before turbulent and also dangerous times, but we hold an historic trump card in our hands. It consists in the fact that the other side does not act according to the rules of reason but strives out of motives of greed and power and therefore, cannot do anything other than bring itself into ever greater difficulties. We should use exactly that (weakness) and always keep in view, that the other side likes more money, more property and additionally, to have available all the weapons in the world. But their power is not based on their money, nor on their possessions or their weapons but relies solely upon one factor: And that is the ignorance of the majority of people. i.e., the majority doesn’t understand the evil game that this minority are playing with them.

As terrible as everything is that the digital-financial complex and it’s helpers have served up in the past 18 months, and still continue to serve up, it has put itself in a situation which it cannot get out of and in which, out of despair it must cross ever more “red lines.”

This means for all of us, that in this exceptional situation we should quite simply, keep the peace, consistently expose all the lies, and show people bit by bit, why, and by whom, they are being deceived.

When we do that, and in doing so reflect on the strength of our arguments, then, we can not only solve the current problem, but possibly, achieve something much bigger, namely, use one of the deepest crises of humanity to turn around the direction of human history, and so, open the door to a new (and better) era.