Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Walgreens and CVS Pharmacies will no longer fill ivermectin scripts

This was told to me by pharmacists, who stated that the decision came from their corporate offices.  It seems the companies have not posted the information on their websites at this time.  Last year, CVS corporate refused to fill hydroxychloroquine prescriptions for Covid.

As I mentioned earlier, these decisions are unprecedented for a licensed drug.  More later.

Hannaford's pharmacies, I was informed, cannot obtain the drug from their supplier, Cardinal Health. The Hannaford corporate office has left the decision whether to dispense the drug to its pharmacists.

In any event, pharmacies that filled these scripts a week ago in Maine are no longer filling them.  I am unaware of any Maine pharmacy dispensing this drug at this time.

I have been told that two out of state compounding pharmacies will provide the medication, but it takes several days, which is too much delay for someone with an active infection.


Danchi said...

So where do we get out scripts for Ivermectin filled?

M.R. said...

The “powers that be” urge people not to take horse and cattle Ivermective and then leave people no alternative.

Fortunately in my little berg there is an independent pharmacist. If CVS refuses to fill my prescription (which I got “just in case”) I’ll try him. (He carries ivermectin but I chose CVS because it is/was less expensive there.)

Of course the next step of the “powers that be” will be to go after drug wholesalers/distributors so that independents won’t be able to dispense the drug even if they want to.

Anonymous said...

I Pray their are some Honest Attorneys to take these people, and Pharmacy's on abot Ivermectin?

So France, Japan, and India, and #20 other Country's use Ivermectin, but in USA we can only use Big Pharma, EUA Vaccines?

Big Pharma, Learn The Risks!

Anonymous said...

Great INFO, and Updates On Ivermectin!
Word has it, many members of Congress is taking it.


Anonymous said...


Ivermectin Saves Humans!


lynnbrad said...

, or, burn down/blow up the factory, as might have been the cause for the hcq factory in china. lynn

M.R. said...

Naturally it is all right to lie when you are physically threatened. It looks like CVS and Walgreens will continue to fill ivermectin prescriptions if you have scabies and such like. So...

Pharmacist: [Looks at prescription.] “Do you want this ivermectin for Covid-19?”

Customer: “No.”

Pharmacist: “What do you want it for?”


OPTION ONE – “It’s none of your business.”

OPTION TWO – “This is embarrassing but I am infested with worms.”

Anonymous said...

I'm going to start spreading my business around to smaller shops, instead of CVS and Walgreens.

Dr Chris King said...

Rats! I messed up the maths. Please disregard my earlier comment on ivermectin and bovine respiratory viruses.

Sorry, everyone! I thought I was on to something there.

Anonymous said...

How about just starting a organization to dispense ivermectin to everyone. No Rx needed, just sell the IVM or give it away without a prescription.
Yes it would be illegal, but Big Pharma is doing whatever they want, so why don't "we the people" just do what we want to do. They can't arrest everyone.
And if the powers to be start arresting people for illegal dispensing of IVM then, everyone can simultaneously turn themselves in on the same day. The jails can't house everyone and this would absolutely overwhelm the system.