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Justin Trudeau hosted Ukrainian Neo-Nazis in Ottawa, but wants you to think it's a "Trucker" thing/ Global Research

Above, Justin Trudeau meeting in Ottawa with the head of Ukraine's Neo-Nazi party, the gentleman he is closest to, Andreiy Parubiy. 

According to Justin Trudeau: 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says “hate speech and racist symbols must not be tolerated in Canada.”


Trudeau referred to swastikas intimating that the organizers are supportive of Neo-Nazi symbols. (There was one swastika event in Ottawa coupled with a Confederate flag, confirmed by the Times of Israel).

What Trudeau, however, fails to mention is that his government is supporting Ukraine’s National Guard which is controlled by Neo-Nazi elements.

When will Canadians say, "Let's go, Justin"?  How can they bear him even one more day?  Send him back to drama class.

Ontario, Canada's Health Minister Threatens Doctors' Licenses for Spreading Misinformation about Vaccines

Health Minister Christine Elliott is a lawyer.  But she is also a politican.  She too is making new law, making misinformation a crime, even though she knows full well she has no authority to do so.  Who put her up to it?

You should watch my best friend, Vera Sharav, who survived a Nazi concentration camp, explain the parallels between then and now

The COUP appears to have failed, while all the apparatchiks are still in place. A preliminary proposal to fix the mess.

I'll assume you have been reading my blog and agree with me that an attempt at gaining world domination is at this very moment failing.  

It required a deadly pandemic, vaccines that actually worked, and the ability to snooker billions of people into believing that the responses of the government were logical, beneficial and well-intentioned.

It required keeping people separated from each other, communicating primarily via easily surveilled devices.

It required keeping people frightened and distrustful of one another.

It required loosening or destroying the bonds between family members.

It required uniform messaging by virtually all mass media.

It required making doctors and patients distrust one another, while yet submitting to government-enforced medical edicts, denying us the ability to act within any normal doctor-patient relationship.

It required a profound fear of death and loss, enough to supercede our normal instincts regarding loyalty, interpersonal relationships and friendship.

It required massive carrots and sticks to enforce a uniform narrative, against all data (most of which was persistently rigged) and the surrender of common sense.

The carrots came mostly in the form of taxpayer dollars.  In the US, $trillions have been spent since the start of the pandemic to enforce government lockdown edits, masks, distancing, vaccinations... The list could go on and on.

No doubt plenty was spent before the pandemic as the chess pieces (crooks) were moved into place to get ready for the coup, under the guise of a medical emergency.

Fauci was already there.  He moved Walensky in to control CDC.  Janet Woodcock was made acting FDA Commissioner, and FDA sat without a a Presidentially-appointed Commissioner for an entire year.  Presumably the coup leaders had no one else who could be trusted to ruthlessly carry out every needed act.  Such FDA acts included issuing and then revoking EUAs to confuse the public over HCQ; doing a bait and switch with a Comirnaty license; then suing to prevent release of the licensing data, which no doubt failed to justify an EUA, let alone a license.

Here is one reasonable proposal for a way forward.  Trillions were doled out to industry, schools, federal agencies, media etc. to get them to fall in line and do whatever was required.

These were federal contracts.  We have the contracts.  Simply require every entity that got paid off to give the money back to the federal treasury. Or, they can keep some of it if they clean up their act.  Can't pay it back?  Ever heard of debtors' prison?

Bring in Catherine Austin Fitts as overseer to stop the flow of funds to the criminal coups members and make sure it remains accountable to the people, rather than accessible to the Bankers.

The Fed and all its member banks will need an immediate audit.  Their role in managing federal monies must end. Private companies that manage federal accounts will also need to be immediately audited, and their functions brought back under federal control. Every entity doing business with the federal or state government must become wholly accountable (subject to FOIA etc.) and their business made transparent.  Fort Knox needs an audit.  Can the paybacks be made in precious metals and stored there?

Will media figure out how to stop lying and fearmongering?  I think they could solve that in a heartbeat if it meant they did not have to return all the money. 

What about schools?  Could they ditch bogus curricula, mask mandates, plexiglass, vaccine mandates, testing...if the alternative was returning $190 billion dollars to the federal treasury?  

Emergency rules at the state level:  rescind them immediately or return the federal grants to states and state agencies. Give the states a choice.  

Remove the chief medical officers of every hospital and state agency, every state CDC, and HHS Department.  All federal executive agencies. Have the deputies take over immediately.  Pay the former agency heads their prior salary if they take on their new role:  documenting all the methods by which martial law was imposed.  Later they can go through a truth and reconciliation process.  Based on South Africa's example, if they fully spill the beans, they are pardoned.  If not, they stand trial for their crimes.  The deputies must also spill their beans, btw.

Honesty, kindness and consideration for one's fellow man will become the new norms that are praised by society.  Greed will not be seen as something to aspire to, and the tax structure will disincentivize greed.  Under JFK, those paying the highest marginal tax rate had to part with 91% of their top earnings.  We can do that again; why not?  The tax structure is what allowed the Gateses and Bezoses and their ilk to amass the ill-gotten gains.  The tax structure can also take away.

Antitrust prosecutions will be undertaken unless large corporations break themselves up in an approved manner.

We can do this.  Let's just be creative and fair.  There are plenty of models around to draw ideas from.  Let's move carefully and deliberately back from the abyss.

And paper ballots, with identifiable markings and no scans or electrified ballots, will be all that is acceptable, with video cameras documenting the vote counts.  Votes cannot be moved around--they will be counted where they are cast.  Absentee ballots will require a visit to a public office with ID, preceding the date of any election. 

Courts will be established to review initial information re corruption very quickly on members of Congress and other critical figures; if there is reasonable evidence of malfeasance, they will have to take a leave from office while the evidence is weighed.

UPDATE.  More thoughts.

Shut down all the BSL 3 and 4 labs and secure their contents before any more deadly pandemics "leak" out.  Put competent biologists in charge of each to establish what they contain and what the scientific goals of its researchers were.

Want to solve climate change?  It can be done with the stroke of a pen.  Change tariffs.  Add a 20% extra tax to every item coming into the US from overseas.   If that doesn't solve it, make it 30%.  Once it becomes more economic to make things in your own country, you put your own people back to work.  You reduce all the tankers and airplanes carrying freight halfway across the world.

Add an additional tariff on every item that is not expected to last under normal use for 5 years. Disposable-after-one-use items will have a 100% tariff placed on them.  That should get rid of planned obsolescence.  Double fees for garbage disposal.  Recycling will become economic again.

UPDATE.  Here is how Big Pharma fell in line.

Right now we have a crooked Justice Department that only wants to obtain fines and has made these fines the cost of doing business--no CEOs go to jail.

Well, once upon a time a few did go to jail, and the rest immediately caved.  Here is what you do.  The AG of Florida, for example, could begin charging corporations headquartered there with crimes, and fail to offer bail to CEOs, CFOs.  You stay in jail until you are found innocent or guilty.  These CEOs aren't Martha Stewart.  No backbone.  I think they will spill the beans, and fast.

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We Have Had a Narrow Escape from Tyranny But the War on Freedom Is Not Over/ Paul Craig Roberts

On January 23 I reviewed on this website Kees Van Der Pijl’s new book, States of Emergency .

Van Der Pijl answers the question so many people have of why and how a fake “deadly pandemic” was orchestrated with worldwide participation in the fraud. He shows that the event was long in the making by a global elite consisting of philanthropists such as Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Wellcome Trust, elite organizations such as the World Economic Forum, tech companies and multi-billionaire owners, Fauci at NIH, CDC, FDA, WHO, pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists, and elite organizations and groups created for the purpose of concentrating power and advancing and protecting the global elites’ rule by using fear to condition the masses to being controlled and deprived of a voice and alternative explanations. I had been thinking along these lines, but lacked Van Der Pijl’s detailed knowledge of the personalities, organizations and groups and the interactions and cooperation between them. He gives us the story. It was an elaborate exercise in massive deception and censorship that was able to discredit the world’s most renowned medical scientists and to elevate pure fiction to fact and public policy.

We owe it to ourselves to read States of Emergency in order to come to terms with the fact that we are ruled by people devoid of integrity to whom truth is an inconvenience and who are concerned solely with their control and power. 

We need to read the book also to understand how things really work, how decisions are really made, how careers are made and ended by whether or not you serve the narrative and how well, how regulatory agencies such as FDA, NIH, CDC, WHO are in fact marketing departments for Big Pharma, how politicians’ positions are dictated by the sources of their campaign funds, why universities and the media must function as Ministries of Propaganda for the ruling elites and their narratives, how Fauci and Big Pharma control content in medical journals via grants to medical researchers. Van Der Pijl writes that pharmaceutical industry research grants make the industry the co-author of many articles and that more than half of all The Lancet‘s revenues come from pharmaceutical companies orders of reprints of articles supportive of their products. Van Der Pijl writes “According to the former editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, who had 20 years of experience, it is simply no longer possible to believe much of the published clinical research.”

The gullible, patriotic American who reads this book will have his eyes opened and become a new person. Van Der Pijl has written the book that can save Americans from their insouciance.

In October 2019 just prior to unleashing the “pandemic” on the world, what was about to happen was first tested in a simulation. The participants were: the Bloomberg-financed Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, the CDC, the (American trained) head of the Chinese health authority, a former deputy director of the CIA, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and so on.

The participants were primarily concerned with protecting the planned deception from being exposed. They relied on social media and the presstitutes to control the narrative and censor the truth. They considered whether to close the Internet altogether, but were assured that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google would only allow news in keeping with the narrative and flood the Internet with information that confirms the narrative while discrediting and blocking the truth. Admiral Stephen Redd of the US Public Health Service thought that people on social media with “negative beliefs,” that is, those who took issue with the narrative, should be tracked down by intelligence services. Singapore’s finance minister said dissidents should be arrested and brought to justice. The head of the Chinese health authority worried that suspicion might arise that the virus originated in a laboratory. Johnson & Johnson wondered if the deaths and injuries in the vaccine trials should be suppressed in order to prevent public suspicion of the poorly tested vaccine. 

The participants claim they were just playing a germ game, but the simulation ensured that all was in place to control the explanation prior to the release of the “pandemic.”

The research basis of Van Der Pijl’s book is massive and the information earth-shattering. I intend to return to this book in future articles. But don’t wait on me. Buy the book and read it once, twice, three times. Civil liberty in the US cannot survive if people are too lazy to inform themselves.

When the US government ceased meaningful regulation on the basis of Alan Greenspan’s assertion that “markets are self-regulating” and ceased to enforce its anti-trust laws, massive economic concentration resulted, producing individuals whose wealth greatly exceeded the budgets of public health agencies and even some countries. This gave single individuals enormous power over governments. Van Der Pijl writes that from 2004 onwards, just the annual health grants of the Gates Foundation alone exceeded the annual budget of the World Health Organization. Gates Foundation directors are executives from Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Bayer Health Care Services, companies whose stocks are owned by the Gates Foundation. This is just a tiny indication of the power that wealth concentration has given a handful of individuals over government policy.

Van Der Pijl believes that the elite’s use of an orchestrated “pandemic” to solidify their control was too ambitious and has failed. What his optimism overlooks is the possibility that another more dangerous virus will be set upon us and the fear created will sap all resistance. The Covid attempt almost succeeded, especially in Australia, Canada, Austria, Italy, and Germany. In the US it was blocked by the judiciary and by governors such as Florida’s Ron DeSantis. A second run at the unorganized and uninformed peoples of the world could succeed.

Is this an indication that a more deadly coronavirus is about to be released, one for which all treatments have been banned?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West, How America Was Lost, and The Neoconservative Threat to World Order. Click Here To Support Dr. Roberts work


UK, set to lose 77,000 National Health Service Employees, blinked. Mandates gone. GONE!!!

Sajid Javid set to scrap requirements after warnings that jabs policy could lead to shortage of 80.000 workers

 POLITICAL EDITOR  30 January 2022 • 10:00pm

CHD published my video podcast with Bobby Kennedy last week. It's excellent.

When I do an interview I never have any sense of how it went.  I am so focused on trying to get the right words out that I don't even remember what I talked about when I am done.  

But I just listened to this and I think I did a good job explaining both my case, and the larger issues of the enterprise of medicine. Medicine as an honorable profession, and an institution established solely to benefit patients, is being dismantled in favor of government-enforced treatments, and government-enforced withholding of medical care, and surveillance of medical records. This process desperately need to be understood.  I invite you to watch.

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Washington, DC Defeat the Mandates/ videos

The “Defeat the Mandates: An American Homecoming” event this past Sunday in Washington, DC was truly historic! The day was energizing, peaceful and full of hope and optimism.  

If you couldn’t attend and missed our livestream coverage watch this highlight video to see a preview of this amazing day! For those who want to catch up on the entire event, you can playback the livestream. 

Children’s Health Defense, along with co-organizers and sponsors Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, Global Covid Summit, World Council for Health and JP Sears want to thank everyone who attended on Sunday and the millions who tuned in online. 

Jeffrey Tucker hits it out of the park on the Great Trucker Revolt/ Brownstone Institute

Here is provide just a snippet.  Read the whole article please.  Canada's truckers have opened up a path back to freedom.

"... This is not really or just about vaccine mandates. It’s about what they represent: government taking possession of our lives. If they can force you to get an injection in your arm over which you have doubts, all bets for freedom are off. There must be evidence that you complied. The phone app is next, which gets tied to your bank account and your job and your access to communications and your ability to pay your rent or mortgage. It means eventually 100% government control over the whole of life. The technology already exists. Everything going on now with these passports is driving to this point. 

This is why the truckers are striking this way. It is an act of bravery but also of desperation. Once the tyranny of health passports arrives, there will be no escape. The window of opportunity to do something about this will have closed. So this is the moment. There might not be another one. Something needs to be done to fight for human rights and freedom, and put in place systems that make lockdowns and mandates impossible in the future..."

"A kind of authoritarian corporate-government partnership that is accountable only to itself"/ Julius Ruechel

Another classic you should not miss from the brilliant Julius Ruechel.  I excerpted only a bit to give you a sense of what he has taken on.

"...What is emerging as a consequence of your choices is a kind of authoritarian corporate-government partnership that is accountable only to itself, and uses its corporate partners to systematically circumvent constitutional limits (such as encouraging companies to impose vaccine mandates on their employees and customers, and encouraging companies to limit freedom of speech on their platforms in order to suppress the voices of critics in the public forum). Predictably, the love-affair cuts both ways; the corporate side of the partnership is using government as a tool to squeeze rivals out of existence and raid taxpayer coffers on an unprecedented scale. 

Throughout the pandemic, this corporate-government partnership has picked winners and losers by dividing the world into a two-tiered system of rights. It's a partnership that inevitably always benefits large corporations, who have profited handsomely, while systematically destroying small and medium-sized businesses who don't have the same cozy political connections and can't keep pace with the ever-changing regulatory obstacles being put in their path. Government policies during Covid have facilitated the greatest wealth transfer from the poor to the rich in human history. Despite the economic devastation caused by lockdowns, the stock market has doubled in value in under 2 years. For the beneficiaries of this system, it is a veritable bonanza. For everyone else, it is the path of indentured servitude, with no voice to defend themselves, no freedom to manage all the risks and priorities in their lives, and no chance to lift themselves up by their own bootstraps..." 

David Ireland did a long interview about me, the practice of medicine, COVID, biological warfare, and how the rule of law is being destroyed by the government

Perhaps there will be fodder for the armchair forensic psychiatrists among us.  Who knows.

David Ireland, who produces Dave's Paper, was exceptionally knowledgeable.  A gentleman and a scholar.  He surely knew how to cover a massive amount of territory with his questions.

I had no idea what I was getting into before the interview:

Friday, January 28, 2022

Neil Young: great Canadian musician. Whassup?

I love Neil Young's music.  Once upon a time he wrote a song called "The Needle and the Damage Done," observing the death of his bandmate.

I hit the city and I lost my band

I watched the needle take another man

Gone, gone, the damage done

I'm glad for his sake Young (apparently) hasn't lost friends to the COVID shot.  I hope none of them have been injured by it. I happen to know more people injured by the liability-free gene therapy injection than I know junkies.  

I'm wondering why Neil Young thought he needed to bully Spotify into cancelling Joe Rogan?  Didn't he know that Rogan is more popular now than Young ever was, even back in the day?

But maybe there was something else going on.  This AP article clues us in that Young actually had a secondary motive.  Years ago, I heard Young talk, in an interview, about his concern that the sound quality of electronic music, as compared to vinyl, was poor.  The range of frequencies was reduced.  I don't recall what else he said.  But the last sentence in the AP article, which I reproduce below, suggests that Young is simply moving his catalogue to another venue with preferable sound quality:

"An audiophile, Young said his fans now have the chance to listen to his music in places where it will sound better."

Was this an excuse to ease out of Spotify? 

I don't plan to stop listening to Neil Young.  He is a musical genius.  We don't have to make false choices like Young versus Rogan.  This is America.  Let's keep it that way. Keep on rockin' in the free world! 

Virginia's Attorney General issues Opinion that public universities do NOT have the authority to demand COVID vaccinations of students

Hallelujah!  There are many state entities that are acting as if they have authorities which were never granted to them. They simply usurped the authority and hoped no one would burst their expanding bubble.  Well, the AG in this newly-Republican state told the public universities to go pound sand.

Why does anyone think it is okay to force Americans, especially children, to receive experimental inoculations, whenever they say so?  It is against the law to force people into an experiment.  It is against the law to withhold informed consent.  Why do so many bigwigs, like college presidents, think that is okay?

Here is the 3 page Virginia AG's opinion:

Locking doctors up on psych wards for misinformation?

Until Stew Peters asked me about the possibility of being locked up on a psychiatric ward, it had honestly never occurred to me that such a thing could happen.

Which just goes to show how much in denial I could be.  Because I happen to know a cardiologist in Switzerland, Thomas Binder, who got locked up on a psych ward over his views on COVID last year.  He is perfectly sane and measured in his speech, very smart guy, no reason to doubt his sanity.  That didn't save him.

And I knew of Mel Bruchet, a retired doctor from Vancouver, BC, Canada, who was locked up for 25 days and injected with antipsychotic drugs, after he blew the whistle on large numbers of stillbirths occurring in women who had received COVID vaccines during pregnancy.  I believe it took a lawsuit from his physician friends to get him out.

BTW, the facts about pregnancy loss are still fuzzy, but there are plenty of reasons to suspect there are problems, as chronicled by Celeste McGovern.  There was that strange, incomprehensible NEJM article (which should have been unpublishable) by CDC's Shimabukuro et al. Read the comments to my post. 

And recently there was the Scottish study that I wrote about, which omitted the data on vaccine safety in pregnancy.  These papers just raise red flags.

Pregnancy is the canary in the coal mine:  if there are going to be safety problems with a vaccine, you will almost invariably see them first in women vaccinated, usually inadvertently, during early pregnancy.  So it is particularly important for agencies like CDC, which are committed to the "safety and efficacy" meme, to hide these problems.  And Eric Rubin, a) editor in chief of the NEJM, b) temporary member of the FDA advisory committee that voted for expanded use of COVID vaccine in children despite lack of evidence, and c) former colleague of Rochelle Walensky, has obliged in this effort.

Doesn't anyone care that the quality and reputation of Nature, the Lancet, the NEJM, the FDA, the CDC and the bloated medical nonprofits have been trashed by their current leaders?  Hasn't anyone asked why, and turned over a few rocks?  Don't these editors have a fiduciary responsibility to their owners or shareholders?

Rochelle's hubby got a sweet deal from NIH.  What about the rest of them?

The Brussels rally last Saturday (with up to 500,000 people) was disrupted by the police, allegedly using agents provocateurs, who were driven by police into the rally

Here are links to talks by all the speakers at an initial press conference, and additional links to speeches given after the rally was forcibly ended.

The police used water cannons, dogs, tear gas and the threat of mounted police to disperse the crowds.  Luckily they did not use rubber bullets, as was done at an earlier rally in Rotterdam, Holland, of all places.

Most authors of clinical trials published in JAMA and NEJM in 2017 failed to disclose industry payments

Authors of papers published in JAMA and NEJM received millions in undisclosed payments in 2017, an analysis finds. 

Natalia Mesa
THE SCIENTIST, Jan 24, 2022



A new analysis finds that 81 percent of authors whose work appeared in [two of the world’s most prestigious medical journals--SB] the Journal of American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine in 2017 failed to disclose conflicts of interest in the form of industry payments. 

The analysis reviewed 31 clinical trial reports from each of the two journals that were published in 2017 and identified 118 authors who, in total, received $7.48 million dollars in industry payments. The payment information came from Open Payments, a US government website where drug and device makers must report payments to physicians and health care providers. The analysis was posted as a preprint on medRxiv on January 1 and has not yet been peer-reviewed. 

Of the 118 authors on the included papers, only a dozen did not receive any payments, according to the preprint. Of the 106 researchers who received payments, the payments ranged from as little as $6.36 to as much as $1.49 million. Researchers received payments for travel, food, speaking, and consulting services, among other things, STAT News reports. The 23 researchers that received the largest payments received a total of $6.32 million, of which $3 million was undisclosed. 

The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) recommends that researchers disclose payments they received in the three years prior to submitting a study for publication, so the analysis included all payments made to researchers between 2014 and 2017. 

When publishing in ICMJE member journals, which includes JAMA and NEJM, researchers are required to follow the disclosure guidelines promoted by the ICMJE—which include disclosing payments. But this expectation was not met by many of the authors of the papers included in the analysis. According to STAT, the authors of the preprint say that their results suggest voluntary disclosure may not be adequate for avoiding financial conflicts or ensuring transparency.

“I’m not surprised, but really, I’m saddened and disappointed,” says Brian Piper, a neuroscientist and medical ethicist at the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, and one of the authors of the preprint, to STAT. “These are high-impact and highly influential journals. For many Americans, these are the centerpieces of evidence-based medicine. Many physicians subscribe to them. Many journalists turn to them for information.”

An NEJM statement to STAT says that the journal “follows the disclosure rules set by the ICMJE. The editors do review all of the more than 5,000 disclosure forms received each year but do not have access to primary records on which the information entered in the forms may be based. We expect the disclosure forms submitted by authors to be accurate and complete.”

JAMA has not yet responded to a request for comment on the preprint, STAT reports

According to STAT, Piper notes that disclosures that continue to rely on individuals may be a failed approach. Instead, he suggests that journals review Open Payments and provide a link showing payments made to authors.  

It seems I got COVID from a presymptomatic spreader (a friend) during my weekend in DC.

The incubation period was about 2 days or less--shorter than expected with Delta and earlier variants, but dependent on the infectious dose and the ability of this variant to spread from cell to cell.  

I am recovering but have very low energy, and will try to catch up with posting as soon as I can.  I had several days of brain fog.

As I have tried to explain to people before, even though presymptomatic spread is not identical to asymptomatic spread, for practical purposes they are the same.  I caught COVID from someone who had no symptoms. I caught it by breathing the same indoor air.  I caught it through airborne transmission. [Why did it take CDC over a year to admit that airborne spread occurs?] We spent a few hours together in my hotel room, visited friends, and were in a car together for perhaps an hour.

You don't get COVID from spread outdoors, because virus gets diluted so quickly in outdoor air, especially given the wind factor.  However, it is possible that both my friend and I were more susceptible to catching COVID, having stood outside for about 5 hours on the Mall in DC when it was roughly 30 degrees outside.

I have some advice for dealing with COVID.  Write down everything you are taking and the times you take it.  The supplement and medicine recommendations are complicated, and you are not thinking clearly.  This will help you get the doses right.

I have only been sick for a few days, and I already lost 5 pounds.  It is extremely easy to get dehydrated with this disease:  you have fever, you are too exhausted to get food and water, you may have GI symptoms (I had severe cramps and diarrhea), and things taste bad or bother your stomach.  You have to force yourself to keep sipping fluids, regardless!  Dehydration is what puts a lot of people into the hospital.

UPDATE:  People asked how I know I have COVID.  My friend got tested and was positive--but the tests are not always accurate.  I made the diagnosis based on clinical signs and symptoms.  It's a doctor thing. 

UPDATE:  I don't believe there is a "supercold," as one commenter suggested.  Colds don't give you this kind of exhaustion.  I would guess the "supercold" is actually an antigen negative or PCR negative COVID variant, most likely of the Omicron clade. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

How the suppression of HCQ was accomplished, including overdosing human subjects in 4 clinical trials

My major article on HCQ suppression:

My article on clinical trials and the deliberate overdosing of patients with HCQ

And yet another trial that overdosed patients with HCQ

Thailand's Government Will Pay Compensation for Vaccine “Side Effects” and Deaths: One Billion Baht/ Bangkok Post via Global Research

What is important in this report by the Bangkok Post is that the Royal Thai Government (member state of the UN and the WHO) firmly acknowledges the deaths and adverse events affecting Thais who have taken the vaccine jab.

“Out of the 11,707 people who filed a claim with authorities, 8,470 people, or 72.3% of all claimants, have been compensated”. 

1,962 individuals, namely 23% of the claimants “were left permanently paralysed or died after receiving their Covid-19 shot”. 

The implications are far-reaching. 

People in Thailand and around the World will be informed of the decision of the Thai government and will refuse to take the jab.

And this decision establishes a legal precedent. Class action law suits as well criminal charges against Big Pharma and corrupt governments are forthcoming.  

National governments will no longer be able to deny the devastating impacts of what is widely recognized as a killer vaccine. 

Nor will they be able to impose a vaccine passport. 

Also, if you have any doubts read  the report on the “Confidential Report” by Pfizer released under Freedom of Information which confirms unequivocally the criminal nature of the mRNA vaccine which has resulted in a Worldwide wave of deaths and injuries:

“What is contained in  Pfizer’s “confidential” report is detailed evidence on the impacts of the “vaccine” on mortality and morbidity. This data which emanates from the “Horse’s Mouth” can now be used to confront as well formulate legal procedures against Big Pharma, the governments, the WHO and the media.”