Thursday, September 2, 2021

Moderna: visible stainless steel particles in 3 lots of Japanese vaccines won't hurt you/ Reuters

From Reuters:

"Stainless steel is routinely used in heart valves, joint replacements and metal sutures and staples. As such, it is not expected that injection of the particles identified in these lots in Japan would result in increased medical risk," Takeda and Moderna said in a joint statement.

I guess this means:  "Get used to it."  The vaccine companies are calling the shots.  "Get in line and shut up.  We decide how often you have to get it, and we decide whether our adulterated vaccines are just fine for you."

Reuters noted playfully, 

"Moderna shares were up 2.6% following the statement," and "The contamination issue gained more attention after the health ministry said on Saturday that two men, aged 38 and 30, died in August within days of receiving their second Moderna doses. Each had received a dose from one of the suspended lots...Each had a fever the day after his second dose and died two days after getting the fever. There has been no evidence of contaminants in their shots, a health ministry official told reporters.

By Aug. 8, 991 people had died in Japan after receiving COVID-19 shots from Pfizer (PFE.N)/BioNTech, and 11 after receiving Moderna's. No causality has been established between the injections and deaths, according to the health ministry." 


Anonymous said...

Hmm, 991+11 = 1,002. That mean over 1,000 reported deaths in Japan (so far) after receiving the injections. "Nothing to see here..."

And for context it may be worthwhile to recall, Japan started their injection program after many other countries.

Michelle said...

This is off the subject but I hope you and your followers can help. My CVS Michigan is no longer filling my Ivermectin. How are people getting their prescription filled. I did call the on line Enexia but there is a 1 month wait.

ellen said...

Of course there's no causality - to even think so is a Thoughtcrime.

Good to know that stainless steel is perfectly safe for injection, probably ingestion also. (As long as Trump is not the one who says such things.)

If they say "safe and effective!", we say, "yes! when can we get more, please?"

And causality for anything very bad? Only in the very, very rare instances They agree with.