Friday, September 3, 2021

My interview on blaming the unvaccinated with Kristina Borjesson, Whistleblower Newsroom

The link is below.  Kristina is such a good interviewer. 


Anonymous said...

I watched this interview this morning while drinking free-trade coffee made with chlorine and fluoride tainted city water.

The truth is out there!

Thank you, Dr. Nass!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Nass' segment begins at approx 30:30. Excellent information as one would expect, from both Dr. Nass and Dr. McCullough. Interview dates from August 13th, so pre FDA "approval". Things have been moving quickly and the tragedy is accelerating. One senses this as a titanic struggle right now, a race by the FDA/CDC/etc to impose (illegal) mandates and demonize the un-injected, disparage treatments, before the truth of these injections and the motives behind them becomes inevitably and overwhelmingly unignorable. Keep the faith everyone, keep your health, follow our good doctor's advice, "just say no".

Anonymous said...

Dr. Peter McCullough says:
"the covid vaccines (efficacy) are a wholesale failure" and
"the vaccines are grossly unsafe"

Do you remember when the lab origin theory switched from conspiracy theory to the mainstream?

What is it going to take to switch the narrative to THE COVID VACCINES ARE A WHOLESALE FAILURE AND THEY ARE GROSSLY UNSAFE!!!!

Anonymous said...


Latest UK data shows 2.3X more deaths viz. delta variant -- after covid shot; compared to no shot.

And increasing at rate greater 3.2X compared to no shot [1.4 v 4.5, using Aug 6, 2021 data = 1; Aug. 20 data =2; Sept. 3 data = 3].

Sept. 3. 2021 UK data now indicates 2.3X deaths after covid shot compared to those with zero shots, viz. COVID-19 Delta Variant, according to most recent UK government data sets; the previous two data sets from Aug. 20 and Aug. 6 indicated 2X death, comparison.

Below, from UK government data, Sept. 3, 2021; Aug. 20, 2021; and Aug. 6 reports. Most recent published online Friday Sept. 3: indicate overall 2.3X [increase] chance of death from Delta having gotten shot; and rate of increase overall now is 3.2 times greater:

Sept. 3, 2021 data:
TOTAL covid delta variant cases reported = 492,528
with covid shot = 272,812 [55.4%]
without shot = 219,716 [44.6%]

TOTAL after delta infection deaths,
deaths 1 or more shots = 1,233 ['unlinked' deaths, n=29 not included]
deaths zero shot = 536

1,233/492,528 = 0.002503, or 0.2503%
536/492,528 = 0.001088, or 0.1088%

This is 2.3 times more, with shot v. without shot.

Aug. 20, 2021 data:
TOTAL covid delta cases reported = 386,735
with shot = 203,602 [52.6%]
without shot = 183,133 [47.4%]

TOTAL after delta infection deaths,
1 or more shots =799 [includes 'unlinked', n=16]
zero shot = 390

799/386,735 = 0.0021, or 0.21%
390/386,735 = 0.0010, or 0.10%

Aug. 6 data:
TOTAL covid delta reports = 300,010
with shot = 148,956 [49.7%]
without shot = 151,054 [50.3%]

TOTAL after covid delta infection deaths, 1 or more shots = 489 [includes 'unlinked', n=8] zero shot = 253

489/300,010 = 0.0016, or 0.16% [at least one shot]
253/300,010 = 0.0008, or 0.08% [zero shot]

Plotting the Aug. 6, 20 and Sept. 3 by time 1, time 2 and time 3 for
those with shot; and for no shot yields, via linear regression, the following equations:

No shot,
ŷ = 0.00014X + 0.00067 [0.00067=the error]
[or use ŷ = 1.4X + 6.66667]

With covid shot,
ŷ = 0.00045X + 0.00117 [0.00117=the error]
[or use ŷ = 4.5X + 11.33333]

No shot rate of increase = 1.4 times from Aug. 6 data to Sept. 3 data.

With covid shot rate of increase = 4.5 times, from Aug. 6 data to Sept. 3 data.

This is 3.2 times greater rate of increase

-----Sept. 3 2021 data at

-----Aug. 20 data at:

-----Aug. 6 data at:


Michelle said...

This is excellent! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Fauci is an imbecile. He says we now have to vaccinate all children to achieve herd immunity. Doesn't he realize that we won't have true herd immunity until we vaccinate every dog and squirrel and cat + every other animal in the entire world? Also, we have to vaccinate every flower, tree and blade of grass everywhere. And don't forget about vaccinating all of the fish! After all, these magical viruses are EVERYWHERE- even in outer space, according to the panspermia theory. (I'm joking, of course, about everything except for Fauci being an imbecile.)

Anonymous said...

Robert Kennedy — ADE is why mRNA injections have never been approved…!

Anonymous said...

In the animal studies used in the development of the original coronavirus vaccines, back in the early 2000s (for SARS and later for MERS), ADE occurred regardless of vaccine type (killed-virus, chimaera/viral vector, subunit, etc.). None of the studies around that time involved mRNA vaccine technology.

Also, I don't think it's true that all of the animals in those studies died. These were all terminal studies, so all of the animals were killed at the end of the observation period, and subjected to postmortem examination. So, the real cause of death was some person in a white lab coat.

ellen said...

Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge with us ... Very grateful.