Tuesday, September 28, 2021

NYC Can Impose Vaccine Mandate On Teachers, Federal Appeals Court Says/NPR


On Friday a single NY Appeals Court judge imposed a restraining order on the vaccine mandate for NY teachers.  Briefs were filed over the weekend, and on Monday a 3 judge panel cancelled the oral arguments scheduled for Wednesday and ruled against the teachers. I don't understand this process--perhaps some readers can explain it?

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R.A. said...

I'm just speculating, but....

The fact that the judges cancelled oral arguments and just ruled against the teachers based on the briefs, would indicate that their minds were already made up. This particular judicial panel is not inclined to oppose the Covid mandates, period.

As Reiner Fuellmich has made clear, much of the judiciary in many countries have been bought off or otherwise corrupted. This is probably true here in the U.S. In short, while it is worth trying for legal remedies, we cannot depend only on the judiciary to fight against Covid restrictions.