Saturday, September 25, 2021

New York City’s Covid vaccine mandate for school staff blocked by judge/ The Guardian

Judge granted temporary injunction and referred the case to a three-judge panel while mandate was set to go into effect Monday

New York City schools have been temporarily blocked from enforcing a vaccine mandate for teachers and other workers by a federal appeals judge, days before it was to take effect.

The worker mandate for the the largest US school system was set to go into effect on Monday.

Late on Friday, a judge for the second US circuit court of appeals granted a temporary injunction and referred the case to a three-judge panel on an expedited basis...


Anonymous said...

Judges won't decide this. Everyone saying NO will decide this.

R.A. said...

I find it striking that the Guardian's coverage is so limited that their story does not tell you just who it is that requested the injunction, or what their reasons for opposing the mandate might be. And the story is illustrated with a picture from 2020 of teachers demanding stricter covid protections from the department of education, which is NOT what the current dispute is about. Even as they report the story, the Guardian is trying to work against it.

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

I consider the Guardian a CIA propaganda rag that occasionally has a reasonable story.
In this case, there is a very active group of teachers who are fighting the NYC vaccine mandate.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Nass,

There is new information confirming that the vaccine damages CD4 and CD8, as evidenced by research from Dr. Ryan Cole - a board certified pathologist.

The issue is the vaccine includes a substance that shuts down the innate immune system, thus allowing the mRNA to enter into the cells. By using this technique, there is an explosion of latent cancers and other dormant diseases that are no longer held in check by the (inactivated) innate immune system.

Millions will die over time as they are now defenseless against incoming antigens. But their deaths will be not from Covid, or the vaccine, rather from many other illnesses that would normally be stopped by the immune system.

Gates and Fauci know this - for certain. This is genocide on a massive scale. The Supreme Court needs to immediately step in and OVERRIDE ALL ELSE - FRA/CDC/NIH/NIAID - and STOP this homicide in progress.

And worst of all - they are trying to kill our children, and our future.

Please band together with RFK, Del Bigtree, and all the others in this fight, and go right to the top with this case. If the Supremes don't stop it, then REVOLUTION is REQUIRED. All state militia must be at the ready.

Please act on this - the proof is undeniable...! This is murder.

Anonymous said...

1.) Chinese Whistleblower Claims COVID Outbreak INTENTIONAL, Happened in October 2019 at Military World Games in Wuhan!

2.) French scientist Luc Montagnier who discovered HIV said COVID-19 was a creation of an expert. Interviewed on the CNews channel in France, Montagnier asserted that the 'virus had been designed by molecular biologists', stating that 'it contains genetic elements of HIV, and that its characteristics could not have arisen naturally.'

We are Mandating our Military get the Vaccine?

R.A. said...

It is true that legal action alone is not sufficient to stop the Covid "vaccine" juggernaut. But that does not mean we should not use every means in our power to slow down and eventually stop the Covid mandates and restrictions. To the extent that the legal system is still functional, we should use it, understanding that it is only one part of what is needed.