Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The AMA issued a mix of mindless propaganda and "Trust the SCIENCE" jargon to teach doctors to lie about Covid vaccines

I am looking over the "AMA Covid -19 Guide. Winter 2021.  It is not a guide.  It only deals with Covid vaccines, not treatment.  It's raison d'etre is:

"To overcome vaccine hesitancy and ensure widespread vaccine acceptance among all demographic groups, physicians and the broader public health community must continue working to build trust in vaccine safety and efficacy, especially in marginalized and minoritized (this is not my misspelling--Nass) communities with historically well-founded mistrust in medical institutions. As COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available, it is critical that physicians continue to ensure they practice and encourage their patients to wear masks, physical distance and wash hands until a critical mass of the population is vaccinated."

It is an extraordinary document.  I wonder how much the AMA got paid to put their name on it.  Probably a lot.

It is extraordinary because it would repel most doctors. It was obviously written by a non-doctor.  I have an idea of one person who may have had a hand in creating it--John Grabenstein, a pharmacist and propagandist extraordinaire, who helped craft the fake science on the anthrax vaccine.  He works for the Immunization Action Coalition now.  He is a one man band who knows how to pull all the levers to push terrible vaccine policies.

It turns out that the current AMA President, Gerald Harmon, was instrumental in pushing the experimental and dangerous anthrax vaccine, and punishing refusers and truth tellers.  This got him rapid promotions,  and he retired as a Major General.  No doubt he worked with Grabenstein back then, and probably now.

Whoever wrote the "Guide" did not know that whooping cough and pertussis were the same thing, or that the DTP vaccine includes tetanus.  It is of interest that there is no name on it, no clue about how it came into existence.

All this business about "equity."  If the federal government cared about equity, why are they always bombing and droning people of color?  What equity means to them is that a 25% acceptance of the Covid vaccine by Black people cannot be allowed to stand. And the refusal by blacks to participate in clinical trials is especially egregious.

The document is really kind of a hoot, it is so out of 1984.  It shows you what the propagandists are really worried about, for example, the fact that too many people have learned the FDA "review" and the Pfizer preclinical tests were bogus:

On combating the spread of vaccine misinformation: 

 • With misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine development process circulating widely, new AMA policy seeks to educate physicians on speaking with their patients about the vaccine and provide culturally appropriate education materials for all patients. 

On vaccine development: 

• To help physicians promote vaccine confidence among patients and the general public, we must continue to instill confidence in the information, education, and transparency around the FDA’s process for authorization or licensure, as well as the standards by which FDA will review future vaccine candidates and the clinical endpoints the FDA hopes to achieve. 

• Physicians must be continuously updated about the review process for future COVID-19 vaccines. Any available safety and efficacy data must be in place as soon as possible so that any questions or concerns about the vaccine candidates can be addressed. 

• The AMA has been talking to FDA officials about the role the agency needs to continue to play in alleviating vaccine concerns by ensuring the process is transparent and based on science. 

• The widespread availability and adoption of a safe and efficacious vaccine will play an essential role in slowing transmission of COVID-19 and allow us to move safely and confidently toward the full re-opening of our businesses and schools, helping ease Americans back toward pre-pandemic life. 

• Research shows growing levels of confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines, but there continues to be vacancy hesitancy among some individuals and in some communities, which we are striving to overcome. 

• What’s clear is that the benefits of getting the vaccine to protect you from COVID-19 exceed the risks, which is why medical experts strongly recommend getting the vaccine. 

• To improve the dialogue and provide opportunities for physicians to learn more about vaccine development, approval, and ongoing distribution plans and challenges, AMA has initiated a series of “town hall” type webinars with physicians and career staff at both the FDA and CDC. All events are archived on AMA’s website. 

• To develop the most effective COVID-19 vaccine, U.S. clinical trials must include representation of all Americans to ensure treatments are studied in every population that may use it. 

 The AMA is pleased that efforts have been made by institutions to acknowledge the exclusion of Black and Latinx people from clinical trials historically. 

 Now there are many efforts underway to ensure Black and Latinx people, who have been disproportionately affected by the virus, are prioritized in clinical trials. 

 This not only provides better safety and efficacy data but is a more equitable strategy that will hopefully contribute to trust in the vaccine once available.


Anonymous said...

“Unexpected and heartbreaking: Thousands flood ABC affiliate's Facebook page with vaccination horror stories“


lynnbrad said...

i have saved most of these comments in a word doc needing cleanup of big blank spaces. my daughter alerted me to the story and said 'be sure to read the comments before elimination.'

your story here, dr nass, makes me wonder about the whole BLM phenomenon including eliminate the police, so encouraged (surprisingly on first glance) by mainstream media. since when did they care about minorities.? we know 'they' /'powers that shouldn't be' acc to james corbett, plan WAY ahead. it seems not inconceivable to me a plan could have been to make 'blacks and latinx' believe the government is so on board with honoring their rights, in order to encourage them to accept vax. maybe i'm too 'knee-jerk,' though. lynn:)

lynnbrad said...

perhaps the whole main media encouraged blm protests were to assure 'blacks and latinx' that the government/powers that shouldn't be, to quote james corbett, 'cared for them,' and they ought to line up for shots. after all, who? kampala? assured : they deserved to go first.' maybe this already appeared?

Anonymous said...

No, Lynn. Black people know that no institution in this disgusting country founded on genocide and slavery cares for us. Not police, not politicians, not the medical industry, nor pharmaceutical corporations.
It's that simple.
If you bothered to talk to some of us instead of running your mouth about things you clearly know nothing about, you would know that.

Anonymous said...

My 91 year old mother lives with me because she has Alzheimer’s-ish and Parkinson’s-ish symptoms. (How the symptoms aren’t a diagnosis I don’t know but this is how her neuropsychiatrist describes it, with -ish at the end.) My mom also sees her primary care doctor who is a DO board-certified in Geriatric Medicine. Mom is not vaccinated and neither am I.

I found it interesting that when I took her to see her PC physician he only asked if she’d gotten the vaccine but never advised her to get it, he just didn’t say anything about it. I thought maybe because she already has neurological issues and the vaccine can give people neurological issues. Today my brother took her to see her neuropsychiatrist who asked if mom got the vaccine. Mom said no. The doctor said she is not advising it to her patients. Whoa.

I had taken a cautious approach to the vaccines for the both of us. The more I read, the more the goalposts moved, the more it was being forced, the less confidence I had in it. I always informed my mom of what I’d learned and said that if she really wanted it I’d take her to get it, but that I would not get it myself. I definitely have more confidence in her doctors now.