Friday, September 10, 2021

I am not an army of one. Everybody needs to refuse to go along with criminal government policies

I have gotten a zillion phone calls in the last 2 days about ivermectin, and I have stopped answering the phone.  No one can get their prescriptions filled.  People are frustrated, angry and scared.

Well, so am I.  I am REALLY frustrated, angry and scared.  I have warned people since the beginning of 2021 that this might happen.  Why didn't people get the medicine before now?  Why did they wait till it became almost unobtainable?  I have been risking my career to prescribe it, and now they want me to dispense it, too?  I didn't go to pharmacy school, I don't have a pharmacy license.  All I can do is write scripts.

I charged $60 for a visit to evaluate patients and if appropriate prescribe the drug, and I have told these patients I would help treat them for free, by phone, if they got Covid.

And now they are calling me up to inquire about whether I will be prepared to give them monoclonal antibodies, and what else I might be prescribing during this free future care?  I explained to two people today that I would recommend or prescribe care based on their symptoms and severity.  But now I am done explaining.  I am worn out.  Why aren't you demanding that your regular doctors prescribe these medications?  Why aren't you complaining in public?

I feel like I have given everything I had to this effort, but some people are demanding even more from me.  Why don't they instead pick up the phone to berate their elected representatives for allowing taxpayer dollars to CONTINUE TO PAY FOR GAIN OF FUNCTION RESEARCH, or berate them for federal agencies (in cahoots with industry and the "healthcare" system) stopping the dispensing of effective drugs for Covid, and punishing doctors who prescribe them?  

Come on, guys!  I have been doing the heavy lifting since this pandemic started.  I have given it my all.  And now ivermectin has been taken away, 18 months after hydroxychloroquine was taken away. Weren't you paying attention?

Simultaneously, dangerous vaccines are being forced on us with an iron hand.  If we want a decent society, it is going to take millions of people working very hard to stop this.  I need some help!

Maybe the price of my care needs to be a letter to the editor?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this message Dr. Nass. Thank you for everything you have done to alert us to the many-faceted truths, with the information we need to take responsibility for our health and well-being. Thank you for shining light into the dark shadows, now fully encroached upon us, enlightening us to the many nefarious scurrying cretins who would destroy our schools and families, freedoms and livelihoods. Thank you for your relentless coverage of these issues, that you have undertaken at tremendous risk and personal cost already. What you say here is of crucial importance, that each of us needs to take action. To your readers I would say, each and every small thing you do matters. First and foremost, refuse the injections at all costs. Please please please don't imagine your "god" will save you from their harm. That is why your god gave you your beautiful brain, and the good sense to find this information from Dr. Nass: to use it! After taking that one decisive stand, go further as you can. Especially and as much as possible, unite with colleagues and like-minded souls, to give yourself comfort, courage, a larger voice, and greater strength in action. This is the real prescription we need at this time.

April said...

Your contributions through your support to individuals and your education of the public through your blog and other public commentary have been invaluable. I agree it is time, past time really, for the more passive among us to step up and take action to, hopefully, push back against the most egregious policy and propaganda initiatives. Please don’t be dispirited. You *are* making a difference and I believe many people are waking up and looking for ways to contribute to pushing back. With gratitude, April Harding

Anonymous said...

It’s time for each and every one of us to cut off the vaxxers. If they are warp speed vaxxed exclude them from your life. According to the CDC they are still spreading covid. Don’t ride share with vaxxers. Don’t meet for coffee with vaxxers. Don’t respond to text messages from vaxxers. Cut them off. Get petty. If they are not your mother, make them pay for this.

Anonymous said...

You're doing the good work. Glad you can give yourself a break and know that it is the system.

I appreciate your urging legislative action.

Michelle said...

I have so much respect for you and all your due diligence on everything you do. You have taught me so much. You are absolutely correct that it is past time for all of us to step up. We need to band together. Let's start a chat room or some other platform for people to tell there stories and put together things as a big group to get the word out. Power is in numbers. I have educated everyone around me but it is time to go to the next level.

Anonymous said...

Your information has helped me, and so far my wife, resist the jabs (we are Covid-recovered). She has a very close family member involved in "public health" and the lies, pressure and manipulation to get the vaccine are incredible. Your voice helps push back.

Anonymous said...

I work in health care and I signed a religious exemption. Not taking the vaccine. If in the end my employer wants me gone, so be it. Let me add: I would not get out of bed without God as my shield and my buckler, but I do believe we all need to take a stand.

OldLeonB said...

Many thanks as always, our dear Dr. Nass. I am in tears.

To those of your readers and patients who shy away from stepping out and who lean on you too much, I say

* Go to and look for other ways to get ivermectin. Don't ask Dr. Nass to suddenly get prescribing or compounding skills. She has gone far above and beyond already.

* Write to your local politicians and complain. I wrote to my assemblyperson, Evan Low (Lord help my city and the state of California), to complain about vaccine mandates he's pushing. No reply, of course. His office is closed, too, so I shoved hard copy of my letter plus a copy of the Nuremberg Code under his office door. Don't expect a reply. But register your complaint anyway.

* Call out the media when they tell outright lies -- for example, This outright lie had been printed, and then "corrected," by the Associated Press back on Aug. 25. These people will say anything. Complain via email or their online portal, and call them out on their BS. Again, don't expect a response. Do it anyway.

* Don't buckle to the vaccination. Yes, you might lose your job, but if you take the shots, what will you lose later? Think ahead.

This is probably too long to be posted, but damn. Dr. Nass, you have compatriots who are also fed up with the inaction, and I hope this at least brings you some small measure of comfort.

Anonymous said...

Believe me we are all trying in our own venues and channels. We are up against a giant and the information going around under the radar is making a difference. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. We are running with it.

WaffleStaffel said...

"Maybe the price of my care needs to be a letter to the editor?"
You're absolutely right. Your patients should have had a half of the contract to hold up on their end. Unfortunately, the prevalent mindset in these situations is "I got mine". We're all guilty of it to some degree. But, you've given more of yourself than can be expected of anyone. Being a decent person does not have to mean being taken advantage of.