Saturday, December 16, 2023

The WHO has to pretend the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) does not exist since the Pandemic Treaty requires nations to transgress the BWC


Don’t acquire or retain biological weapons (BWC)—versus every nation must go out and find new ones (IHR amendments and Pandemic Treaty draft of October 30, 2023)

Don’t transfer them to others (BWC)—versus transfer them to WHO’s BioHub that will “share them globally” (Pandemic Treaty draft of October 30, 2023)

Fortunately the UN has not yet memory-holed the Biological Weapons Convention, and you can still read it. I have a hard copy just in case.

ONE HEALTH: Want to read a whole lot of words and charts signifying absolutely nothing? Right on time for Christmas, written by the Grinch

Much ado about nothing--yet creating the architecture for a world takeover by the WHO. Big One Health meeting coming next fall.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. They are putting everything in the world into the One Health basket. Including your children’s education, your food and your money. And don't forget climate change. They still think they can control us using the spectre (“something that haunts or perturbs the mind”) of lost health, threatening us with disease and pandemics.

Now where have I heard that word SPECTRE before? Spectre was a fictional global criminal and terrorist organization featured in the James Bond novels by Ian Fleming. And that is exactly what we are up against now, except by now this organization has captured most of our governments. We don’t know exactly who is at the top, so why not just refer to them as SPECTRE? Everyone knows what that is. We are, after all, up against a global criminal and terrorist organization that stops at nothing. Hidden within the bowels of the UN and WHO, the Biden crime family, etc.

Remember Dolly Parton saying that it takes a lot of money to look this trashy? Well, the same is true for One Health. It took many billions of dollars spreead around the world, corrupting public health education, training and research, to come up with and insert into governments worldwide as vacuous an idea and infrastructure as One Health.

BUT if one world government and control is your goal, think of the trillions you will obtain once the entire world is your oyster. Especially when other peoples’ taxes paid the bulk of those billions.