Wednesday, September 22, 2021

700 Yale New Haven employees face termination if not vaccinated by Sept. 30 deadline/Beckers

Remember:  the vials are still the Pfizer EUA vaccine, according to what we are hearing, and you have the right to refuse and not participate in an experiment. And yes, it isn't easy, but use the Fact Sheet and other documents I linked to during the last week of August, which are FDA documents that tell you your rights.--Nass

Yale New Haven (Conn.) Health said about 700 of its employees remain unvaccinated against COVID-19 and could eventually face termination if they fail to meet the system's vaccination requirement, according to The Register Citizen.

The health system announced its vaccination mandate for employees June 30. The policy requires that employees be fully vaccinated or have a medical or religious exemption before Oct. 1. Those who do not comply will receive a verbal warning for noncompliance the week of Sept. 27, followed by a written warning if they are still not compliant the week of Oct. 4. Employees who are noncompliant the week of Oct. 11 will be suspended, and those who are not compliant as of Oct. 18 will be terminated.

As of Sept. 21, about 700 of the system's roughly 30,000 employees were not yet vaccinated, according to Thomas Balcezak, MD, chief clinical officer of Yale New Haven Health.

Marna Borgstrom, the system's CEO, said most people she is aware of are making the decision to resign at the end of September if they remain unvaccinated, but she expects that many people who are not yet vaccinated will be inoculated by the health system's deadline, according to the Citizen.

"We've done everything possible in my opinion to do this the right way and as humanely as possible, not only for our patients and their loved ones but also for our valued colleagues, and I think the number of people who end up exiting the organization is going to be relatively small," Ms. Borgstrom said, according to the Citizen.

Yale New Haven Health is among the hospitals and health systems in the U.S that are mandating COVID-19 vaccination. Some organizations have already lost workers who refused to get vaccinated. Among the most recent: About 60 employees resigned from their jobs at UNC Health, citing the Chapel Hill, N.C.-based system's vaccination requirement.


Anonymous said...

What I don't get is this: if it's so important that medical staff be vaccinated to protect the individual staff members as well as their colleagues and patients, then why is there such a long lag time in these vaccine-mandate plans? If it's critical that everyone be vaccinated for personal and public health reasons, then shouldn't it all be happening NOW, not in the next several weeks or months?

The 'necessity' argument falls at the immediacy hurdle. Unvaccinated staff have been allowed to keep working all this time, and yet they a danger to themselves and others??

Anonymous said...


Australians are being hunted down and shot with rubber bullets and tear gas as they flee their own police force simply for going outside!


And if you’re one of those 2a folks… please hold on to them. We might actually need you.

Anonymous said...

Because they can’t force it on anyone and so they need time to hire replacements for those that refuse. The replacements are going to come out of the university. College students that are able to graduate from on campus programs will be vaxxed. Problem solved. 165 job openings in Bangor, Maine area for northern light health care all posted on handshake job board. Recruiting out of university and those students still need to be trained on the job.

lynnbrad said...

i hope word is being spread per mary holland's and others' advice to wait to be fired, not to resign. i don't seem to get any emails from maine stands up or other org like it.
btw, are the 'anonymous'' comments here all from the same person??

Anonymous said...

"btw, are the 'anonymous'' comments here all from the same person??"

No. I made only one of the posted comments without giving my name. (I'm tired of being abused by those who don't agree with me.)

But while I'm here, I don't think the long lag time I mentioned in the first comment has as much to do with waiting on replacements (e.g., new grads from nursing school) before terminating employees as it may seem. This lag has been present from the outset, and it occurs across all sectors (education, construction, medicine, nursing, aged care, child care - you name it). I think what's been happening is a giant bluff on the part of governments, organizations, and businesses: they're hoping the *threat* of unemployment is enough to make everyone get vaccinated.

I suspect that there will be some quiet backing down by these bosses if/when enough employees quietly persist in refusing this injection past the arbitrary deadlines imposed.

Anonymous said...

No, there are at least two of us making anonymous comments. Why did you put it in quotes? Are they not anonymous?

Anonymous said...

None of those sectors have in the waiting thousands of qualified replacements that are both vaxxed.and looking for work. The thousands of new graduates will be vaxxed and most importantly compliant fresh out of college. They will also be cheap.

Compliance and anti-religious seems to be key to the new normal.

Hundreds have already been let go in health care across the country. A review of their demographics would help understand who is resisting. A review of the replacements demographics as they are hired on will confirm or debunk my replacement theory. Time will tell.