Tuesday, September 28, 2021

I went off topic with Tommy Carrigan today

I am not a fluent speaker and so I don't like interviews, but for some reason I have 4 of them scheduled this week.  Today I met with Tommy Carrigan, an erudite young man who says he listens to audio books while playing video games, and that is where he gets his learning.  He could certainly recite chapter and verse from history off the top of his head.  What do you call a photographic memory for audiobooks?

We riffed on robot cops, AI, and forseeable dystopian futures if we as a species do not get our act together and fend off the slow motion global coup. We need to turn off the mass media, stop being distracted by viruses, bizarre weather, Kardashians and rookie vaccines that are more likely to kill than save you. How is the Constitution faring right now?  Are we upholding the Bill of Rights?  Are our kids getting the education they deserve?  Why do people persist with the mask charade?  

Lots of people are putting the pieces together.  Like the team who wrote the Spartacus Report, or Julius Ruechel.  Tommy and I started from very different places, but it turned out we were putting the pieces together in the same way. Below is my interview with Tommy.




Anonymous said...

That was interesting, but I wish he’d have let you speak more.

R.A. said...

Very interesting interview. Don't be averse to doing more interviews--you have something to say that is worth hearing.