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The narrative managers have done their best to memory-hole the Nurenberg Codes/ Helen of DesTroy

The narrative managers have done their best to memory-hole the Nurenberg Codes

By Helen of desTroy | ALETHO NEWS. August 28, 2022

You would be forgiven for not knowing that last Friday was the 75th anniversary of the Doctors’ Trial, one of 13 Nazi war crimes trials conducted at Nuremberg after World War II and the event that birthed the Nuremberg Codes, the most important medical ethics document of the modern era. The Codes set ground rules for requiring informed consent from experimental test subjects; they anchor international agreements like the Helsinki Declaration, the Geneva Convention and the United Nations’ International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and have been codified into law in the US and other countries.

Sixteen doctors were found guilty at Nuremberg of murder and torture for carrying out a euthanasia program on mentally and physically disabled German citizens deemed “unworthy of life” and experimenting on concentration camp inmates; nine were jailed and seven were executed. Yet the expected flood of commemoratory articles and events marking the anniversary of the Allies’ crowning (if illusory) moment of moral superiority over those Evil Nazis™ has not materialized. It’s downright unnatural for the US and Europe to miss a chance to give the dead Nazi horse a good beating, but any attempts to even discuss the Nuremberg Codes in the last two years have been squelched by militant fact-checkers. Meanwhile, a coterie of corrupt “public health professionals” and the international financial cartels who control them have pulled off perhaps the most shocking and deadly crime against humanity ever committed.

The Big Lie

Mentioning Nuremberg during Covid-19 was asking to be pilloried in the “respectable” press as an anti-science, horse-paste-guzzling right-wing extremist. Fact-checkers came out of the woodwork to reflexively deny that the Nuremberg Codes applied to any aspect of the Covid-19 response, from forced masking to vaccine mandates, sometimes issuing two denials in a single day in their compulsion to keep the claim from spreading. One particularly tenacious fact-check even took issue with the claim “It was the doctors on trial in Nuremberg,” arguing that because the other 12 trials put Nazi Party officials, lawyers, and corporate executives in the dock, the statement “lacked context.”

This display of ideological lockstep was supposed to intimidate anyone who wasn’t already 100% allied with society’s enlightened institutions in defense of The Science™ against the irrational, emotionally-driven forces of ignorance. Those still on the fence about getting their “Warp Speed” car-crash of a shot were shamed by peer pressure psyops like the UK’s “Clap for our carers,” while social media was seeded with controlled but approachable “experts” who carefully crafted the illusion of overwhelming consensus that the measures being taken in the name of “stopping the spread” were not only scientifically but morally beyond reproach.

But this wasn’t an organic moment of unity. These “fact-checkers” have all received big money from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the eugenics enthusiasts who have rapidly become the most powerful force in global health policymaking and who also control huge chunks of the education, agriculture, and “green” energy spheres. Most fact-checking organizations pay lip service to the rules set by the International Fact-Checking Network, which while it sounds like an upstanding professional association that’s been around a while was actually launched less than a decade ago. The IFCN, which admits it doesn’t follow its own code of principles, has been funded since its 2015 beginnings by the Gates Foundation, the Omidyar Network, George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, Google, Facebook, the US State Department, and CIA cutout the National Endowment for Democracy, among others. It’s hard to think of a worse group of stewards for a gaggle of helpless facts, aside from perhaps the Wikimedia Foundation, about which more later.

The IFCN is run by the Poynter Institute, a “journalism education” nonprofit funded by many of the same entities as its IFCN subsidiary. Loaded down with enough conflicts of interest to make that code of principles swoon, Poynter selects, sponsors, and trains journalists, prioritizing obedience to authority, ideological inflexibility and a total absence of shame. They are then turned loose to mow the internet’s epistemological lawn in military fashion, doxxing some popular opposition voice while merely tagging others for later deplatforming, arrest, or worse. The tactic’s resemblance to the work of Ukrainian vigilante website Mirotvorets, unofficially operated by the country’s Ministry of Information, is unlikely to be an accident, given that Omidyar and Soros both poured billions of dollars into 2014’s Maidan Square color revolution, which was itself choreographed by the State Department’s Victoria Nuland, who knows the value of a well-placed bullet or a warm cookie.

It’s easy to see why Gates just had to buy the industry for himself. If these fact-checkers could reinvent the most corrupt government in Europe, whose military was exposed by dozens of major western media outlets as a hive of neo-Nazi thugs, as a democratic paradise, surely they could spin the vaccine tycoon’s Final Solution as the solution to all humanity’s problems. The Covid-19 experiment saw the closest collaboration yet between the fact-checkers, Big Tech and governments around the world to construct an epistemological roach motel that users could enter easily but would face growing barriers – warning screens, computer failures, personal attacks, deplatforming, financial hardship and a lowered social credit score – if they tried to leave.

It’s no exaggeration to say Poynter’s army of fact-checkers set the narrative of Covid-19 for the public from Day One (or should we call it Year Zero?). The IFCN’s “Coronavirus Alliance” launched in January 2020, before most Americans even knew what a coronavirus was. While the first Twitter users in the western hemisphere were stumbling across bizarre videos of Chinese people dropping to the ground and convulsing, explained in the accompanying broken-English text to be the result of an unknown virus, the fact-checkers were implementing orders from their paymasters. One of the first narrative touchstones, the red and white 3D model of the coronavirus, soon became as ubiquitous as the footage of planes hitting towers on 9/11, triggering intense fear and doubt directed both at the outside world and at the self. After all, they might be an “asymptomatic carrier,” and the only way to be sure was to isolate from their loved ones. As with 9/11, this unfamiliar terror pushed the individual to seek solace in an increasingly totalitarian state that insisted its ‘tough love’ – locking us in our homes, forbidding us from earning money, and keeping us from our families – was for our own good. Frightened and confused, many turned on the TV and sucked down its narcotizing propaganda. Even CNN’s ratings went up that first pandemic year, as Chris Cuomo demanded Americans “sacrifice the me to the we” and compared binge-watching Netflix to landing on the beaches of Normandy while his brother mass-murdered elderly New Yorkers.

The complex choreography of the Covid-19 response could not have unfolded as it did without premeditation. The plot was lifted – not plagiarized, as the authors were the same – from Event 201, the tabletop coronavirus simulation sponsored by the Gates Foundation at Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Public Health Security. This took place just a month after the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board – the product of an unholy marriage between the WHO and the World Bank earlier that year – released a report demanding all UN member countries “conduct at least two system-wide training and simulation exercises” by the following September, “including one for covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.” Video of Event 201 shows players uninterested in minimizing harm from the virus instead exploring how the “emergency” might be used to stifle undesirable narratives and ram through major changes in society. The “real” pandemic – simulation number two, by the GPMB’s counting – played out months later exactly along the exercise’s script. The WHO, Gates, the World Economic Forum and Big Business took the reins, filling the power vacuum left while individual governments, seemingly baffled by the outbreak despite having repeatedly run their own simulations, ran around in circles.

How to treat an Infodemic

The crisis was planned and then used to crack down on unauthorized views under the reasoning that humanity was in the midst of an infodemic – a surfeit of information encouraging irresponsible beliefs – and careless talk could cost lives. Spreading dissenting opinions could infect friends and loved ones with the virus of doubt, which while perhaps less deadly than the virus itself (with its 99.7% survival rate), could cause society to fracture at a time when all humanity had to unite or be destroyed by the invisible enemy. Reading or hearing “disinformation” about Covid could reduce one’s likelihood of getting vaccinated, putting one’s very life at risk.

Convincing test subjects to discard their self-preservation instincts and their critical capacity and embrace the most absurd statements as gospel truth was the main goal of the first part of the Covid-19 experiment, and given the single-mindedness with which the WHO zeroed in on the “infodemic” before it had even officially declared the real virus to be a pandemic, it’s hard to believe they were making it up as they went along, especially given that the term was allegedly invented during the original SARS outbreak in 2003 (by a Washington Post writer no less) and then apparently put on ice until almost two decades later. Seeking input on how to respond to this new threat, the WHO reached out to professionals of all stripes, with more than a quarter of advisory input coming from academics eager to test out their juiciest hypotheses on real people with no repercussions. Everyone who used social media in 2020 to discuss the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath thus became a test subject, “nudged” and prodded for the Public Good, and some of those experiments – particularly those aimed at developing an FBI-style psychological profile of believers in “conspiracy theories” so they can be locked up as domestic terrorists or institutionalized as incurable monsters are very much ongoing.

Those early academic papers describe a chaotic infosphere in which the WHO’s narrative failed to dominate on its merits alone. The academics rose to the challenge, burnishing their half-baked speculations with scientific-looking graphs and charts. Their solutions ranged from Orwellian – deploying “freedom of expression officers” to censor and label rogue content as much as European human rights law would allow; re-education programs for “influencers,” teachers, priests, and other likely “superspreaders,” who could then be suspended from social media entirely if they refused to get their minds right – to the lesser evils of sending in fact-checkers as the equivalent of UN peacekeeping troops to help “inoculate” social media users against the disinformation they were about to see. With distrust in public and private institutions hitting new highs, society didn’t just need a vaccine against the scary new virus, it needed one against “disinformation” as well! But like the Covid vaccines themselves, these digital inoculations didn’t come with an informed consent notice, and the clinical trial results aren’t looking good.

Experiment #1: Shock “therapy”

As the WEF’s Klaus Schwab himself admitted in his pandemic tome The Great Reset, Covid-19 is the least deadly ‘pandemic’ in the last two millennia. But he’s quite open about wanting to use the largely self-inflicted Covid-19 “crisis” to bring about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a transhumanist “green” dystopia lovingly crafted for “stakeholder capitalists” and inspired by technocratic parasites like Yuval Noah Harari. This is no experiment for the “good of society,” nor are any efforts made to “avoid unnecessary mental and physical suffering,” as Nuremberg demands. If anything, the experiment’s designers deliberately ratcheted up the suffering, believing this was necessary to unfreeze the fixed ideas of western civilization – free will, individuality, rationality, democracy (not to be confused with Our Democracy™) in our minds and replace them with the WEF’s preferred picks: obedience, “equity” (a Newspeak term meaning equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity), credulity, communitarianism. The group has admitted on its own website that the lockdowns and the rest of the “touchless torture” the Covid response has supposedly required constitute the “world’s biggest psychological experiment.”

The Great Reset is an especially noxious experiment in that it violates the minds and bodies of test subjects on multiple levels, burrowing down into the way we think in its megalomania. It’s the spiritual offspring of CIA-funded Canadian psychiatrist Ewen Cameron, who “de-patterned” his patients’ personalities with high-voltage electroshock, induced coma, and mega-doses of LSD, then attempted to’ ‘build them back better’ by playing their comatose forms 16 hours of tape-recorded messages at a time; and Milton Friedman, the University of Chicago economist and godfather of neoliberalism whose students, the so-called “Chicago Boys,” conducted campaigns of economic “shock therapy” on third-world nations the US worried were too left-wing, assisting far-right leaders in seizing power, further impoverishing the masses with austerity programs, terrorizing what political opposition remained with death squads and disappearances, and privatizing all state-run industries so as to attract foreign investors. Neither Cameron’s patients, most of whom came in with simple problems like anxiety or depression (and one of whom wasn’t even seeking treatment but just looking for a job) and left as husks no longer able to even use the bathroom themselves; nor the inhabitants of Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Indonesia, Russia, or any of the long list of other countries subject to some variation on Chicago School shock treatment over the years, were ever told they were part of an experiment, let alone asked if they wanted to be.

The Great Reset has not only targeted the entire world with economic shock therapy, triggering a massive depression the current financial system is unlikely to ever shake off (spoiler alert: another experiment coming…) – it funneled unprecedented amounts of fear into populations already thrown off balance by the blinding speed of policy shifts. First scolded for “selfishly” wearing a mask, then attacked for “selfishly” not wearing one; informed their city would be “locking down” at 10pm, when a peek out the window yielded crowds of restive youths hanging out on the corner with nary a cop in sight; told vaccinations were mandatory for school, then told their child could have just “masked up” when little Polly drops dead of a heart attack not 24 hours after her first shot of Moderna; the average person soon lapsed into learned helplessness and became a shut-in, depatterning daily in the glow of the television as they degenerated into an obedient vegetable, capable of “masking up” and socially distancing but little else. Despite leaving a horrific trail of devastation in their wake, the experimental lockdowns were praised by the WEF for the slight dip in carbon emissions they caused, all but guaranteeing phase II of the nonconsensual clinical trials – climate lockdowns – will be rolled out within the year.

Experiment #2: Hackable animals

Given the mountain of evidence against them, it’s perfectly logical that the ruling class would have tried to build up an impenetrable fort of bullshit using their captive fact-checking industry to deflect accusations of war crimes under the Codes. Several patterns pervade the apologist coverage, starting with the idea that these brand new mRNA Covid vaccines, tested on under 100,000 people by Pfizer and Moderna combined (and none who were pregnant or nursing) before receiving their coveted emergency authorization, are somehow not experimental procedures. They use the synonym investigational instead, as ‘experimental’ tends to trigger thoughts of, well, human experimentation, authoritarian regimes, the very Nuremberg Nazis the media establishment is trying its best to keep the average reader away from. But the effect is the same – mRNA vaccines of any kind weren’t tried on the general population until the end of 2020, and the torrent of side effects and death that has been unleashed in the meantime suggests neither Moderna nor Pfizer had informed consent from these gen-pop guinea pigs.

That’s a big deal, because Pfizer knew before it sought emergency authorization that more vaccinated test subjects had died than unvaccinated subjects – it even fudged the numbers for the FDA. Some 1,200 trial participants died in the 90 days following their injection, and Pfizer made sure to vaccinate the placebo group at the end of the trial in order to make sure further comparisons didn’t spoil its story. Indeed, it was so sure its vaccines were going to leave a pile of bodies behind that it refused to even sell them to countries whose governments wouldn’t shield them from liability for the damage caused. One should have expected this from a company with the dubious distinction of paying the largest fine in Justice Department history in 2009 for healthcare fraud, off-label prescribing, misleading marketing and miscellaneous criminality. Nevertheless, they won the “Warp Speed” lottery under Albert Bourla, a veterinarian with a doctorate in the biotechnology of reproduction who was for some reason promoted to CEO of the entire (human-focused) drug company a year before the Covid-19 outbreak. Given that his primary achievement prior to Operation Warp Speed was developing a “vaccine” that chemically castrated boars without ruining the meat, it becomes much more difficult to see the utter disaster the mRNA vaccines have created for both male and female fertility as an accident.

Still questioning authority? The fact-checkers then attempt to distance vaccine mandates – along with health passports, mask mandates, lockdowns and the other psychological aspects of the experiment conducted on the unwitting populace – from the Nuremberg zone by categorizing them as “public health interventions,” not research, or experiments. The Codes simply do not apply. Never mind that public health interventions are supposed to be evidence-based, and no western democracy has ever engaged in anything like the Covid lockdowns before, or that the CDC pulled the six-foot social distancing rule out of its ass, or even that the only “science” backing closing schools to “stop the spread” was a computer model from a 16 year old’s science project. Lockdowns arguably killed more people than Covid-19, and they have cut short many more lives by impoverishing, immiserating, and isolating millions. Arguing public health measures can’t be experimental because they’re public health measures is merely a last-ditch effort to wall the Codes off in a museum, inapplicable to anyone but those nasty Nazis who were – as the narrative managers never tire of reminding us – a unique and special case.

Discouraging cross-time contextualization is very important to the fact-checkers, who aren’t hesitant to shoot the messenger if all else fails. Anyone talking about the Nuremberg Codes in the context of Covid-19 is dismissed as an “alt-righter”, a “covid crazy,” dangerous “extremists,” “anti-vaxxers,” or even actual Nazis who apparently got confused about whose side their team was on back in WW2. In war, dehumanizing the enemy is key to beating him, and this is nothing if not a two-pronged war being fought in our brains and our bloodstreams. “Drawing a link between this final rollout of these vaccines and what the Nazi doctors were doing is morally grotesque,” the British Medical Association’s Dr Julian Sheather told FullFact ; he didn’t explain why, and it’s not apparent why one should not draw parallels between the two cases. According to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), whose own creators admit it contains less than 1% of all adverse events associated with a given vaccine, the Covid shots have already caused nearly 30,000 deaths, over 170,000 hospitalizations, nearly 16,000 heart attacks (a common sight now on sports fields, where 60 times more athletes than normal are flatlining mid-game), and nearly 5,000 miscarriages in the US alone. Using tech entrepreneur Steven Kirsch’s calculations, the numbers are much higher: at least 478,000 Americans have been killed by Covid vaccines, to say nothing of millions permanently disabled, unable to work or function on a basic level. Worldwide, the number of deaths approaches 12 million.

While the number of victims the Nazi doctors left behind is not so meticulously recorded, especially given the high levels of typhus and malnutrition contributing to the mortality rate in the camps, one source has them consigning between 70,000 and 100,000 “unfit” Germans to death between 1939 and 1941 while sterilizing hundreds of thousands more – a detail that once again should send a chill down the spine of anyone who’s noticed the declining birthrates around the world. If the figures aren’t comparable, that’s only because the mRNA vaccine has been so much more efficient in its killing. There’s nothing “morally grotesque” about pointing that out. But since “everybody knows” the Nazis were the pinnacle of Evil™, the realization that Pfizer and Moderna’s death toll might have their doctors beat must be prevented at all costs. Thus even bringing up Nuremberg in relation to Covid-19 is deemed to be “trivializing” the crimes of the Nazis, even when the intention is to draw attention to the seriousness of their modern descendants’ crimes, and efforts are made to further poison the dialogue by suggesting there’s something antisemitic about the whole business.

In Part II: the war on “conspiracy theories,” why Nuremberg is to be memory-holed, infodemic terrorism, and more…

Severely ill person dies in Texas, may have had monkeypox, and the local JUDGE tells us that "I have always felt that vaccines are the key to reducing spread"...even though they don't prevent trransmission

I guess no one could find a doctor who would push these bogus shots.  Meantime, the public health establishment finally found someone who died with monkeypox. Well, maybe.  Rochelle can stop beating the bushes looking for that elusive case... --Meryl

August 29, 2022


Harris County Resident with Severe Illnesses in Addition to Being Presumptive Positive for Monkeypox Passes Away. Autopsy results will be available in the next few weeks.

Harris County, TX An adult with various severe illnesses who was also presumptive positive for monkeypox died on August 28, 2022, at a Harris County hospital.

At this time, the patient’s cause of death is unknown. Harris County Public Health (HCPH) is collaborating with partners to determine what role, if any, monkeypox may have played in this person’s death. An autopsy is in process, and the final report will be available in the next few weeks.

“We are sharing this information to err on the side of transparency and to avoid potential misinformation about this case,” said Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. “The best way for us to fight this virus is through vaccines. Our goal is still to get as many people who qualify vaccinated as quickly as possible I have always felt that vaccines are the key to reducing spread.

Coffee and COVID--perhaps the best news site for COVID on the web

If you have not been reading the "Coffee and COVID" substack you have missed out on some of the most up-to-date info on all things COVID from the sharp, discerning and amusing legal mind belonging to Jeff Childers.  Today I see the title is "COVID and Courage," which I think refers to trusting the mouse data when you go for your next booster.  Indeed, that would be courageous. 


💉 Last week, the UK government quietly revised its vaccine guidance and pivoted with respect to pregnant and breastfeeding women, I mean people. The new guidance explicitly wants against shots:

…it is considered that sufficient reassurance of safe use of the vaccine in pregnant women cannot be provided at the present time … healthcare professionals are advised to rule out known or suspected pregnancy prior to vaccination. Women who are breastfeeding should also not be vaccinated.

I’m old enough to remember back when you got kicked off Facebook for warning pregnant women not to take the jab.  Here’s the link...

💉 On Friday, a split decision in the 11th Federal Circuit partially upheld and partially dropped the injunction against the Federal contractor covid vaccine mandate. The dissenting judge, a Carter-appointee, wrote that he thinks the federal government has clear authority to order the mandate whenever it wants to. But the judge writing for the majority, a Trump appointee, upheld the injunction, but held that enjoining the entire country was over broad, and reduced its effect to just the seven states who joined the lawsuit plus the Associated Builders and Contractors union, which also joined.

Although this means the Biden Administration could restart the mandate in the other states, reports say officials are “still considering” what will happen next. They’ll probably keep considering it, at least until after the midterms. Vote accordingly.

💉 Last week, Florida federal Judge Steven Merryday enjoined the entire Marine Corps from enforcing the Military Mandate against any soldier asserting a religious objection to the jabs. Props to the heroic lawyers who litigated the case...


Sunday, August 28, 2022

Large US cities see signs of monkeypox drop like a stone--and still no deaths. Fooled again!

Erica Carbajal - Aug 25, 2022

There are early signs monkeypox cases may be peaking in Chicago, New York City and San Francisco, according to health officials. 

In Chicago, "we're not seeing the potentially exponential growth that we were seeing early on," Allison Arwady, MD, Chicago's Department of Public Health commissioner, said during an Aug. 23 update. 


Nearly 800 cases had been confirmed in the city as of Aug. 23, with 113 new cases reported for the week ending Aug. 13. That's down from 138 and 141 new cases from the two weeks before. There's been an increase in testing throughout the same time, indicating a true decline rather than attributing the decline to a drop in testing, Dr. Arwady said. 


In New York City, the seven-day average for new cases has fallen from a peak of 72 on July 30, to nine as of Aug. 25. Ashwin Vasan, MD, PhD, the city's health commissioner, during a council meeting attributed early signs of slowing transmission to a rise in people getting vaccinated. 


San Francisco is seeing similar trends, with new weekly cases hitting a peak of 143 toward the end of July, and the latest data putting that figure at less than five, according to data reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Gulf War Syndrome, Anthrax vaccine, and Now: Gaslighting the Injured

History repeats itself because we don't understand it sufficiently to recognize when it returns.  Below is from a very special and seasoned journalist, Christine Dolan, who discovered the story below without my help. She wants to help us recognize our history and use the lessons to save ourselves. --Meryl

IN PLAIN SIGHT – Time For Truth And Reconciliation.

Creative Destruction Media

by Christine Dolan August 27, 2022

Historical Facts on U.S. human medical experiments

(January 14, 2003) –.Personnelman Chief(SW/AW) Richard L. Billips, LCPO of the Personnel office on board USS Donald Cook (DDG-75), shows a bit of anxiety as he receives the anthrax vaccination from Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class (SW) Shelly L.. Jamison. Donald Cook is currently on a six-month deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. (RELEASED) U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 1st Class (AW) Michael W. Pendergrass.

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Periodically, CDMedia is going to release public historical documents and old news reports that are clear and convincing evidence when elected officials, doctors, and vax-injured were publicly and officially acknowledged in America. 

Our intention is to perform our fourth estate duties of informing the public and holding institutions and leaders accountable, and waking up the woke, misinformed, wilfully ignorant, gullible, massively misleading legacy media, and taking on Twitter and Facebook run by traitors to truth on the history of medical experiments in the U.S. as part of our IN PLAIN SIGHT series. 

It is time that the mask of lies be ripped off surgically for all the scientific, medical, political and media hypocrisy that has been rippled across the world. 

For those alive in America during 911 – only 21 years ago, there were reports of letters sent containing anthrax. It ignited alarms following 911. Five people were killed and 17 fell ill.  it was not an attack against the military. Investigators found the anthrax spores were derived from a strain produced in the 1980s at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Maryland.

Two years before that and 911, a hearing was held on Capitol Hill in the U.S. House of Representatives by the Subcommittee on National Security, Veterans Affairs, and International Relations, Committee on Government Reform on April 29, 1999. 

The Chairman Congressman Christopher Shays (R-CT) was very concerned. In his opening statement, Shays hit the ball out of the park. The FDA had already inoculated the U.S. military during the first Gulf War. They had their sights on the 2.4 military men and women not yet injected. 

“The plan to immunize 2.4 million men and women against weaponized anthrax raises legitimate concerns about the safety and efficacy of the current vaccine when used for that purpose on that many people,” stated then-Congressman Christopher Shays. 

The Committee “asked the General Accounting Office to examine the data, supporting safety and efficacy claims and to gauge the impact of good manufacturing practice deviations on vaccine quality,” continued Shays.

“The anthrax vaccine immunization program [AVIP], seems a very broad undertaking built on a very narrow foundation. The one study of safety and efficacy in humans, which was conducted among textile workers in the late 1950’s, tested a different vaccine formulation than the one subsequently approved by the Food and Drug Administration [FDA], and used in the AVIP,” said Shays. “Using data on one vaccine to support the approval of another is problematic, particularly when there is no direct marker or correlate of human protection to use in comparing the two vaccines.”

“Efficacy tests outcomes in animals cannot be extrapolated to humans. The fact that vaccinated monkeys survived exposure to inhaled anthrax longer than guinea pigs or mice suggests, but does not prove, some vaccine protection in man.”

Shays went on to state that “later studies of the FDA-licensed vaccine also showed wide variations in adverse reaction rates, suggesting safety issues that may become apparent as usage grows from 200 or 300 people each year to several hundred thousand. There have been no studies of long-term health effects.”

“Poor DOD record keeping prevented any systematic health surveillance of the 150,000 Gulf war troops who took the vaccine. Last year, Congress directed the National Academy of 

Sciences to study the association between Gulf war veterans’ illnesses and wartime exposures, including the anthrax vaccine. So it may be premature to conclude that the vaccine is as safe and effective for use in a global protection effort as it might be for use by a few thousand mill workers and veterinarians.”

“Other factors relied upon by DOD to support vaccine safety and efficacy findings have been inflated to better match the scope of the AVI program. DOD relies heavily on FDA approval of the vaccine and FDA regulation of the manufacturer as an indicia of the vaccine’s safety and quality. But we now know that approval was based on another vaccine in another time for use in another setting against a different route of exposure. FDA inspection reports portray an uncharacteristically passive regulator tolerating numerous serious and persistent violations for years at the Michigan production plant, now owned by the BioPort Corp.”

“The AVIP confronts many active-duty, reserve, and national guard members with agonizing personal and professional choices. They deserve answers to their questions about the effectiveness and wisdom of this mandatory, invasive forced protection program. They deserve to know the vaccine chosen to meet the preeminent biological threats is as well tested and technologically advanced as the best weapons systems,” Shays concluded. 

The entire historical record of the hearing can be read here. 

One of the experts witnesses was Dr. Meryl Nass, who is now with Children’s Health Defense. 

An excerpt of Dr. Nass’ testimony follows.

“The third and most interesting legal issue is that of whether the currently licensed anthrax vaccine is the only anthrax vaccine to have been given to service members, and if in fact other vaccines may have contributed to illness. An unlicensed vaccine can only be given to a service member if informed consent is obtained. And I have not met a service member or Gulf war vet who tells me that informed consent was sought from them at the time they were vaccinated,” attested Dr. Nass.

“However, this article, written in 1990 by Ernest Takefuji and Philip Russell, who were both administrators at Fort Detrick, suggests that in fact unlicensed anthrax vaccines were administered to service members. And a letter inquiring about this to DOD last year that Mark Zaid and Pat Eddington wrote got an answer that, in fact, the anthrax vaccine mentioned here is not the same anthrax vaccine as the licensed vaccine that service members are currently receiving, suggesting that at least one other has been given.”

“Dr. Zoon talked about the VAERS reporting and how this produces information about adverse effects suffered shortly after vaccination. I would submit that this is the weakness of the VAERS system. What one really needs is active surveillance over a long period, of a significant enough number of vaccines to find out whether there is chronic illness. It just doesn’t matter what you find out in the first week or the first 30 days if people get over it,” continued Dr. Nass.

In her testimony, Dr. Nass raised the ultimate question that then that just may be relevant today, 23 years later, during covid. 

“Is vaccination a good defense against biological warfare? Even if the vaccine were 100 percent effective against all strains of anthrax, which nobody claims, it still would be a porous defense because an enemy would simply choose another biological agent, one that occurs naturally or one created using genetic engineering.”

Dr. Nass reminded the committee about the length of time it takes to develop an effective vaccination. 

“William Patrick, who formerly headed the offensive program at Fort Detrick, had this to say,`It takes 18 months to develop a weapons-grade biological agent and 10 more years to develop a good vaccine against it,” noted Dr. Nass.

‘I submit that it is impossible to produce vaccines that will keep up with the rate of development of new bio-warfare agents, and that vaccines should clearly not be the first line of defense in this or any case against the threat of biological warfare,” added Nass. “Congress appropriated $322 million in 1997 for the Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program. Its goals are to develop new vaccines for more than 10 known bio-warfare pathogens and administer the vaccine to all U.S. service members. The anthrax program can be regarded as the introduction to this much larger and less well known program. The FDA has publicly stated that it intends to expedite licensing for these new bio-warfare vaccines.”

What follows Dr. Nass is testimony is from an anthrax-vaccinated injured. Frightening testimony in light of all the covid vax-injured CDMedia has interviewed for over 18 months. 

Randi Martin was a civil service technician at the 110th Fighter Wing Air National Guard Base in Battle Creek, MI. He received his first anthrax injection on September 18, 1998, for a volunteer overseas deployment, which was scheduled to deploy on November 11th, 1998. The second injection was administered on October 2nd, and a third on October 16th.

“On March 14th, 1999, I received my fourth injection. The lot number I received is yet to be determined. The next couple of days after my injection I felt sluggish, tired, and a little disorientated. However, I considered that to be normal with past experiences of inoculations. On March 17th, I realized this was no longer normal. I was so tired I could not get out of bed. My days for the next week consisted of numerous hours of sleeping. I was awakened only to eat,” stated Martin.

“The following 2 weeks, I attempted going to work a couple of times, but lasted only for a couple of hours each day and then had to leave. The reasons were I was too tired, my head felt like it was going to explode, my abdominal cramping had me doubled-over, or I was just too disorientated,” continued Martin. “I began to notice that my memory seemed to be getting worse as I could not remember passwords to programs that I use everyday at my work.”

“On March 31st I went to the emergency room with the complaints of abdominal cramping, my body was running hot and cold in temperature, a severe headache, shortness of breath, and feeling nauseated. I told the doctor I thought it was a reaction to the anthrax vaccination. The doctor inquired why I was not at a military hospital as they did not know anything about the anthrax vaccination” said Martin. “I informed him of our situation at our base, where there is no full-time medical physician available. In his willingness to help, he looked through the immunization pamphlets but could find nothing on the anthrax vaccination. This is the second time on the civilian side I have run into this. The doctor called the CDC only to get the answering machine. He left a message, told me to go home and he would call me back when he had an answer.”

“I left the emergency room with no answers, but at least had a prescription for Motrin. While waiting for a call from the hospital, I was having a conversation with my father. I could not complete sentences without having to stop and gasp for air. I was so winded I literally felt as though I was going to pass out. The hospital called me in about an hour with the number the CDC gave them to give to me,” explained Martin. “I called the number but did not catch where I called. I was talking to a woman by the name of Kathy who seemed very nice and wanted to know what my symptoms were. When I started stating them, she interrupted me to say that some of the reactions had not previously been reported as adverse reactions from the vaccine, so she was not going to report some of my symptoms as being any type of adverse reaction.”

Literally, six years later, as reported in the Hartford Courant on March 26, 2005, then-Congressman Shays rebuked the anthrax vaccinations, but the fight had already taken to the courts before U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan. 

“The adverse reaction rate of the vaccine is 100 times the figure initially stated by the vaccine’s manufacturer. Adverse reactions include immune disorders, muscle and joint pain, headaches, rashes, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, chills and fever,” reported the newspaper. “At least half a dozen deaths and a number of birth defects have been attributed to its use. More than 100 service members have been court-martialed for refusing the vaccine, 500 have been punished, and at least 300 pilots left the service after being told that they must be vaccinated.”

This sounds all too familiar to what has happened since 2020, doesn’t it?