Friday, September 3, 2021

Senator Ron Johnson asked the FDA to explain the differences between the licensed and the EUA Covid vaccines last week

Children's Health Defense and Global Research discuss the letter here.

A copy of the letter Senator Johnson sent is here:


Anonymous said...

The deadline to responding to the Senator has passed. Did the FDA answer any of his questions?

OldLeonB said...

To Anonymous, re. your FDA question: If the FDA foot-drags as it did toward Sen.s Johnson, Lee, and Cruz (letter of Aug. 18, 2020; see, they will probably dodge for a few more weeks (FDA reply to Sen. Johnson, dated Oct. 6, 2020; see

Side note: Look at the citations provided by the FDA in their belated response to Sen. Johnson. Among other things, they cite the UK's RECOVERY trial, where, as our wonderful Dr. Nass pointed out last summer (, the RECOVERY "doctors" treated late instead of early, and they used four to six times the appropriate dose in the first 24 hours.