Thursday, September 9, 2021

Tidbits from the Brown School of Public Health, via CNN

From Ashish Jha's right hand girl, associate dean of the Brown School of Public Health:

"The Delta variant is clearly more transmissible, but somehow, six months after its identification, we still don't know whether it's inherently more dangerous, particularly for children. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is not consistently tracking the many so-called "breakthrough" infections that don't require hospitalization, so we are left guessing how well the vaccines protect from mild and asymptomatic infection...

No matter who you are or where you are, take a minute to think about the basics of air movement and filtration. Our grandparents used to open the windows to clear out the germs. It's time for us to do the same. When you're in a building, make sure the HVAC is turned on... [Why did it take so long to get this simple advice, which I talked about more than a year ago?--Nass]

If you have political power, advocate for science. To move forward, we need good data and good guidelines. Everyone from the CDC to our local public health departments to our school departments and our hospitals needs to collect and share reliable data with the American public. These facts can help us overcome the uneven guidance, the fictions and the disinformation that so many fell prey to in the past year and still now. Myths spread when truth is unknown."

Yes, we need good data.  The issue is not that it is not collected--it is, mostly--but that it is hidden or massaged before we the taxpayers get to see it.  She forgot to mention that narrative control is the enemy of science.  You cannot have both coexisting.

I suggest that every time you hear "Trust the Science" turn it around and say "Trust the Narrative Control."

And every time someone supports mandates for Covid vaccines (how many doses?  how often?  which ones next?) just say, "You're next. Your kids are next.  We're all next."

She is a narrative controller, just like her boss Ashish Jha.  Her job is to take what makes no sense and all and produce some type of digestible content to make it seem okay.  These people are simply despicable.


Anonymous said...

Just my Opinion, The Vaccine Cabal did not count on the Vaccines causing Variants, or so quickly? Side Effects? The cannot chance a Non-Vaccinated Control Group, to add to Direct Evidence against them? Plus build a case against them?

R.A. said...

I read the rest of the article. Dr. Ranney makes two basic errors: 1)she assumes "masking up" makes a significant difference in transmission of the virus. We know that is not true. 2) She assumes that young children should get the shots--the basic fallacy of everyone being equally vulnerable to Covid. We know, of course, that there is a big difference in how vulnerable different age cohorts are, and that in the case of children the risks of the vaccines outweigh any danger from the disease.

I can only assume that she knows she cannot tell the truth about these matters, as someone in her position should certainly know the real facts.

Anonymous said...

'The FDA did NOT grant full approval to the Pfizer shots'!
By Carl Schwitzer

You may have heard that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 shot received FDA approval this past Monday. Politicians, national health officials, and journalists are breathless with excitement about how this approval will finally induce the remaining "vaccine-hesitant" into stepping forward to receive their jab. The FDA even has a press release on its website about it.

There's just one problem.

If you read the actual letters that the FDA sent to Pfizer on August 23, 2021, you'll see that the FDA did no such thing. In the sense that the term "FDA approval" is generally understood, this drug is not approved by the FDA. It is still under EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). It is still an experimental drug.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Top U.S. Scientist — Fauci lied to Congress, we have the proof…!

Anonymous said...

Published science paper reveals exactly how Ivermectin blocks viral replication of SARS-CoV-2!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Scott Gottlieb Admits — ‘Fauci funded gain of function research on even deadlier MERS Virus’…!!!

Anonymous said...

1.) It is the people that are in the Pockets of Big Pharma, plus suppressing Ivermectin keeping this going.

'The STORY of IVERMECTIN, why it is being Suppressed in USA?'
#15 MIN Mark and Moving Forward Very Interesting! Whole Video Interesting!

2.) 'How Many Lives Could Have Been Saved? Meanwhile, effective treatments, including ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D, zinc and other inexpensive measures, are being suppressed by the medical establishment.'

How many people died because they were denied access to these therapies, especially early on in the disease cycle when treatment is more effective?
It’s impossible to say, but they could potentially run into the hundreds of thousands.

3.) 'South Florida Nurse Confirms: Media LYING - Most COVID in hospital are VAXXED!'

4.) 'Horrific findings in blood of the Vaccinated!!!'

Anonymous said...

I have 2 daughters in the medical field and they BOTH say that all hospitals were mandated to list every death w/positive covid results as dying WITH COVID even though they didn't die OF COVID! It is a WORD SALAD, so people that die OF CANCER, HEART DISEASE, DIABETES, STROKES etc., with a positive covid test were listed as DYING WITH COVID!

Also the current rate of hospitalized infections at one of the hospitals is 55% vs 45% (unvaccinated vs vaccinated). Also, the Vaccinated Covid deaths are NOT being reported as from COVID. For some reason those people die from their original complication (Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc).

Anonymous said...

'Vaccines Have NEGATIVE Effectiveness in the Over-40s, as Low as MINUS 38%, Shows New PHE Report!'