Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Some links between this Holocaust and that one/ Mark Crispin Miller


For those who don't want history to repeat itself, these videos and readings may prove helpful

Where is Klaus Schwab coming from? Nazi Germany! https://unlimitedhangout.com/2021/02/investigative-reports/schwab-family-values/

On the Nazi ownership of Entrust, the German firm contracted to develop Europe’s “vaccine” passport (just as IBM made a fortune providing the computer system used to keep the Holocaust efficient): https://thetruedefender.com/amazing-polly-vax-passport-companys-horrifying-history/

Kevin Jenkins interviews Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav (both noting how some blacks and Jews have done their bit for the extermination): https://rumble.com/vr5b8h-the-holocaust-of-the-21-century-how-did-we-forget-informed-class-ep.-3.html

On the long eugenicist attack on African-Americans, through abortion/birth control—a powerful documentary that came out in 2009, twelve years before the current “vaccination” program that’s been targeting those “vaccine-hesitant” holdouts in particular: https://www.maafa21.com/

Also, I strongly recommend the first two volumes of Victor Klemperer’s epic diary, which he kept faithfully throughout the 12-year history of the “Thousand-Year Reich.” Because he (though born Jewish) and his wife survived (and they weren’t young, or in good health), and because what happened then was, in so many ways, much like what’s happening now, it is an oddly bracing read. The titles of those volumes: I Will Bear Witness and To the Bitter End. (There’s also a third volume called The Lesser Evil, covering Klemperer’s post-war life, from 1945 to 1960.)

Please feel free to recommend whatever other pertinent works you know of.

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