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A broad stroke speech by Dr. Robert Malone (given in Tampa a couple of weeks ago) and ultimately uplifting. Please listen.

One listener gave it a beautiful visual embellishment.

Another created a transcript (below).  Enjoy:

Dr. Robert Malone (speaking):

Mattias Desmet, he's a psychologist. He's also a statistician. He's at the University of Ghent, so this is Belgium. He's a European, but he speaks fluent English. Many of us are very impressed by his thinking. Bobby Kennedy, for instance, has met with him personally and spoken to him about his theories, as have many of my peers. I think Mattias is onto something, and he calls it mass formation psychosis. So when he says mass formation, you can think of this as equivalent to crowd. So it's crowd psychosis. That's what we're really talking about. There's easy ways to fix groupthink by just bringing in dissenting voices, making sure you give them platforms, but mass formation psychosis, this is like hypnosis, it really is hypnosis. This is what happened to the German people, if you live in Europe, or you have a relative who's a Holocaust survivor, or also, if you live behind the Soviet Union curtain, Eastern Europe, etc.

This is a fundamental problem that people have, is understanding how can for instance, the German people who are highly educated, very liberal in the classic sense, you know, Western, thinking people? How could they go so crazy, so deep into crazy land, that they were doing what they did to the Jews? How could this happen to a civilized people? And this is the explanation for that--it has been a major focus of academic inquiry for decades and decades in Europe.

So with what we're experiencing here, you have to have a set of preconditions, and then walk with me back to remember 2019--it seems like forever ago--the precursor for mass formation psychosis is, you have to have a situation in which the population is decoupled from each each other, they don't have social bonds, everybody on their little cell phones and everything else, okay? Where we're fragmented into our communities, Facebook communities and other things. Yes, they're tribes. But we're now in a situation where there's sub, sub, sub tribes, everybody's fragmented, nobody's feeling connected, okay? There's got to be a lack of sense making, the world has to somehow not make sense, what's happening in the world, it just seems to be overwhelming. Things don't make sense.

Remember how we were all kind of thinking this back in 2019, and we had the elections and what was going on? Clearly, there's big forces at work there, and nothing made sense. This leads to free floating anxiety, which is the source of the greatest psychological pain. And my wife, for example, experiences this all the time, many people do. So for her, she has this chronic sense of anxiety, she wakes up in the middle of the night, suddenly alerted to some things that she's been dreaming about. So this sense of free floating anxiety, things don't make sense. We're no longer connected to each other.

And we also have free floating discontent, that things aren't right, and I don't like it very much, and I'm not sure where to put my finger on it. A lot of us had this feeling. Now think about what happened when the virus broke out. The world obsessed over this virus. Suddenly, every software person in the world was an expert on molecular virology, and epidemiology. I had to deal with them. You know, it just--we all suddenly became obsessive experts, spending all our time on the media trying to figure out what the heck is going on, because it didn't make sense. And we're trying to protect our children, everything else. When these conditions happen, and then the entire population gets focused on one thing, it forms something akin to hypnosis, where all they can think about, they're totally obsessed with that one thing.

This is what happens with hypnosis is, you can hypnotize somebody and get them to focus on just one little tiny thing--and you can do surgery on them and they won't feel it. This is a fundamental phenomena of the human mind, is this ability to become hypnotized by focusing all of your attention on one small thing. Once that happens, people lose their ability to have rational thought and judgment.

Even if you weren't obsessed, you had all this fear porn coming at us all the time, 24/7 to every channel. Now was this intentional, or was it just selling clicks? There's a lot of signs that there was an intentional component here, that we're sitting in a situation in which we have been actively managed, psychologically, by some entity that has financial benefits or power to gain from doing this. This gets to the point about global totalitarianism.

But regarding mass formation, psychosis, once this happens, there's two key things: everybody gets focused, they have this fusion as their discontent is focused on a thing. And then leaders step in that seize this moment. And when they're identified as leaders, or they're promoted as leaders, then the crowd can see no evil, they can hear no evil, they can speak no evil. And those leaders can say anything, it does not have to be true, and the crowd will believe it.

Furthermore, with this kind of process, mass formation psychosis that we saw in 1930's Germany, and we've seen in other situations, outside the centers, anybody who says something that is contrary to these narratives must be attacked. These situations must have a common enemy.

This was well described in the 1984 book of George Orwell, where there was this constant threat of the Eurasian forces. They were nebulous. One never really knew where they were, if they were going to attack, but they were always used to drive fear in the crowd. So this crowd now that's formed, has central leaders that are lying to them all the time, like Tony Fauci. And as you see, there's now a world in which those people that have been hypnotized in this way. You can tell them until you're blue in the face, what the data are, what the facts are, you can show them video clips of Tony Fauci lying, it doesn't matter.

I was in Tampa the other day, and a physician asking questions came up in the line, brokenhearted, she has many other physicians and medical professionals in her family, and she's disaffected from all of them. And she said, it doesn't matter how much information I provide to them, how many papers I provide to them, what data I provide to them, they can't hear it. And it's true. They literally can't. They are hypnotized.

This has happened all over the world. It's been actively promoted. It is the consequence of all this censorship and propaganda that we've been subjected to. And when it seems to you that the rest of the world has gone mad, the truth is...they have. And the question is, what can we do about it?

So I spoke to Mattias about this, about where does he see this going? And it's really a bit grim. He thinks that this mass psychosis has developed to a point where the global totalitarianism is unavoidable. It will sweep over us. We're seeing it in Austria, number one, they're locking down during the holidays. And they say, "you will be vaccinated." Now that flies in the face of the data, which shows the vaccination won't stop the spread of the virus. It doesn't matter. They will impose the vaccines on you. They're talking about doing this in Germany, they're talking about all kinds of mandates in the United States, like you say, including for the children. Think that through, okay? So this is happening. And Mattias believes that it's now to a point that it is going to progress through the population, whether we like it or not. We have to continue to try to provide information, accurate information.

There's a couple of things we can do. We can substitute the fear of the virus, which is irrational, for a greater threat. We can break through to people if we help them to understand that what we're seeing is a coordinated global focus on deploying a global totalitarian solution. Totalitarianism is a bigger boogeyman than the viruses, by far. Losing control to Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum and BlackRock and Vanguard is a bigger threat than SARS-CoV2 is for you or your children, by far, okay? And people can hear that, they can see it. Mattias has tested it, and you can break this, this fusion in their mind, if you give them something that's even a greater concern, which is loss of their freedom. When you make it clear to people, that they're on the threshold of losing their rights, they get activated.

So this is one topic area that a lot of people get. And often the breakthrough thing is, they're gonna force my kids to take the jab. And suddenly people wake up with that one also. But the problem is, all those underlying things haven't been fixed. The real problem, to be blunt, is that our society is sick. It's sick in a bunch of ways. And I think the only thing that can come out of this, to get us away from that, to start to heal us, is this idea of think global, act local, that is behind intentional communities.

Meanwhile, while all this craziness is going on in the world, the rest of us that are able to see through, for whatever reason--maybe because we got fired from our job, or we experienced mainstream media first person, and realize how corrupt and twisted that world is. Or maybe we experienced big science and all the corruption within big science in a very brutal first person way. Things have caused some of us to be able to be a little more skeptical about what's going on in the world.

So we can't get beyond this, if we don't find some way to heal ourselves, and I think we got to start that healing process locally. The message that I've been trying to promote in the various speaking engagements, is a message of healing, not division, and of trying to empower people to start building local community--telephone call lists, you know, work through your church, whatever your organization is, build on that. Find physicians that will administer early treatment. I think that now is the time to build local community, start to form networks with each other, or providing information to older people who are often home alone, scared and not able to access the internet.

There's a few courageous leaders politically, and a lot of scared chickens. Basically, the Republican side is unified that these [vaccine] mandates are wrong. Now, we're having trouble breaking through the other side. But angry moms, I think may be the thing that saves our democracy. So there is hope. But we still got a long way to go. But I think we've seen some significant progress so I don't want to leave everybody thinking it's all doom and gloom.

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