Friday, December 17, 2021

From a Hudson Valley, NY deli/ posted by Alex Berenson



Anonymous said...

‘Virtually every’ COVID omicron case at NY college was in fully vaccinated, official says!

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Robert Auld said...

Kathy Hochul looks like she is trying really hard to prove that she can be relied upon to push the harshest Covid measures--to out-Cuomo Andrew Cuomo. I wonder how her bread is buttered, if you catch my meaning....

Anonymous said...

Employer Letter Example: Vaccine Mandate Objection!

Great INFO!

Anonymous said...

CDC Funded TX Prison Study Reports Little Benefit for Vaccinated.

Anonymous said...

The 1947 Nuremberg Code is the most important legal document in the history of medical research ethics.

It established 10 foundational principles of ethical clinical research.

The first and foremost principle is unequivocal: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential”.

It prohibits research to be conducted on human beings without the informed consent of the individual.

The significance of the Nuremberg Code is as follows:

The Nuremberg Code was formulated by prominent US government jurists in consultation with prominent US medical consultants.

It had the multilateral agreement of the governments of the US, USSR, France and the UK;

The Nuremberg Code extended human rights beyond the borders of individual countries;

The right of Informed Consent is recognized in time of peace and in time of war.

The Nuremberg Code provides legal justification to litigate violations of informed consent.

'Under the Nuremberg Code, responsibility for violations of informed consent rests upon individual doctors, government officials – and their aiders and abettors – each of who can be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.'

Anonymous said...

'Dr. Fauci Admits COVID-19 Vaccines Could Make People Worse Off and More Likely to Be Infected by SARS-CoV-2.'

Anonymous said...

Bad news- the 100 person company mandate is back on:

Anonymous said...

So many people are mad, they received the first two Vaccines, and they were told they were all set!

Is part of Covid Scheme the World Bank did not want to pay out on these Bond Investments?, their way out was a Coronavirus?
Covid cast of characters WHO, UN, Gates Foundation, Davos, and one of Bidens top aids connected to World Bank?

$425M+ in World Bank catastrophe bonds set to default if coronavirus declared a pandemic by June!

Anonymous said...

I don't get this sign. It reads to me as the deli owner saying "you have to wear a mask because the governor decreed it, so shut up about it!"

What's newsworthy about that? Sounds reluctantly pro-compliance, but pro-compliance nonetheless.

What am I missing here?