Wednesday, December 22, 2021

I won't be going to Boston any time soon. New mayor Michelle Wu has declared the vaccine passport/ Brownstone Institute

Remember when Boston was locked down as a result of the Boston Marathon backpack bomber?  The cradle of liberty complied for a couple of days with extreme "stay in your home" orders.  Was this a trial balloon to see how the Patriots would react to government edits to "protect" them?

Perhaps it is fitting that Boston, esteemed as a (if not "the") national center of  learning and erudition, with perhaps more PhDs per square mile than anywhere besides Berkeley, CA, is the first major city to cower in obeisance, welcoming  a vaccine passport for a vaccine that doesn't work against a variant that has only killed a handful of Americans.

Pol Pot killed the educated in Cambodia.  In America the educated are going for self-inflicted wounds.

Emergency Powers Deployed to Impose Vaccine Passports

In its infinite Scientific™ wisdom, the city of Boston, Massachusetts just announced a new “vaccine passport” system set to take effect next month. This was one of the first major actions of the recently-elected mayor, Michelle Wu, who’d been hailed by many as a paradigm-shifter for her inspiring Progressive potential. Wu’s passport system is endearingly called “B Together,” because there’s nothing more emblematic of heartwarming communal “togetherness” than compulsory monitoring of medical activity by the government.

Waiters, front-desk clerks, and movie theater ushers will join “together” to carry out this very important epidemiological task. At first, the proof-of-vaccination requirement will apply to all individuals age 12 and up who wish to enter a covered venue — restaurants, museums, sports arenas, etc. — but children as young as five will be included by March. It has been so ordered.

The stated purpose of this system is “to address rising COVID-19 cases” in Boston caused by the “Omicron” variant. This seems a bit strange, because what we’ve been told is supposed to be so alarming about “Omicron” (pronounced “Oh, c’mon”) is that it’s extra transmissible — with rapid viral spread observed even among those who are fully vaxxed and “boosted” out the wazoo, drowning in daily “rapid tests,” and quadruple-masked at the first sign of human contact. These measures have evidently not succeeded in curtailing the exponential spread. Nonetheless, the hammer is about to come down hard again on “The Unvaccinated,” allegedly because they pose such a unique transmission threat. If you don’t quite follow the logic there, you simply must not understand The Science, dummy.

Though the “booster” is not yet required for compliance with this system, Bisola Ajikutu, the head of the Boston Public Health Commission, offered a pertinent clarification at a press conference Monday: “We will adjust the policy as needed when the definition of fully vaccinated changes.” Got that? The people who run these “public health” bureaucracies reserve the right to perpetually modify what it means to be “fully vaccinated,” and therefore add future injections at their pleasure.

“It is the unvaccinated that are killing us right now,” bellowed Joseph Curtatone, the mayor of Somerville, MA, who appeared at the press conference alongside Wu and pledged to implement a comparable system in his own jurisdiction. Also trotted out for the press conference was Heather White, the founder of a “boutique fitness studio” in Boston who oddly boasted of being the first gym proprietor in the city to shutter for COVID.

“We stand here proud to support Mayor Wu and her team’s leadership as we trust in science, we believe in the experts, and we move forward to do what it takes to slow the spread of COVID-19,” White exclaimed. All the while, the press conference was nearly drowned out by protesters belting extremely loud renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner, plus chants of “Shame On Wu.”

If it seems curious that this new behavioral regulation and bio-surveillance scheme could just be summarily decreed one day by the Mayor without any apparent deliberative process, take a look at the fine print of the actual Executive Order. Particularly this section:

Do you have questions about why “stopping the spread” remains a stated goal of these policies, even though the “spread” seems to have continued exponentially in myriad places (like New York City and parts of Europe) where “vaccine passports” have already been implemented? Does mandating vaccines for five-year-olds — who face astronomically low risk of a severe health outcome from COVID — strike you as overkill? Are you wary of additional “boosters” becoming required by state injunction every couple of months — the fourth is already on its way — just so you can go sit somewhere and have a sandwich?

How about the rationale for this specific Boston policy? Despite invoking “Omicron,” its proponents seem to admit that the real motive has nothing to do with current “cases...”


Anonymous said...

A lot of Democratic Mayors met at the White House, last week. They must have received their marching orders from the Bribem Admin. Informed Consent, and Exemptions, Natural Immunity, discarded.

Whoever is running the Bribem Admin, if they do not know it, They Have Lost America!

Anonymous said...

Estimates show that about 80 to 90 percent of people with COVID-19 only experience mild symptoms — or no symptoms at all.

Anonymous said...

You can now walk into any Boston business with The Plague, polio, Ebola, leprosy, or a horrible cold, but as long as you have a card that proves you took a vaccine which does nothing to stop you from getting a mild cold, then you can enter. Healthy people without it may not.

And your 5 year old can’t play with his friends without having his vaccination card on March 1 if you live or spend time in the birthplace of American freedom.

Anonymous said...

Latest Study: Omicron Patients have 80% Lower Risk of Hospitalization!

Anonymous said...

May this mean the EUA's for Vaccines are over, we have a Treatment?

The FDA Just Authorized the First COVID-19 Pill, a Pfizer Drug That Can Be Taken At Home!

Anonymous said...

We've been under a similar threat for the past week here in Queensland. There are plenty of businesses who have openly stated that they are open to all -- i.e., they are openly defying the government order that only vaccinated people can participate in their business activity, despite threats of hefty fines.

These mandates hurt small businesses in particular, and I foresee that the most concerted and effective pushback will come from businesses hurting from the exclusion of a small but vital part of their customer base.

The state gov't here has been aiming for at least an 80% vaccination rate in eligible people, and they've pretty well achieved that -- although the target is a moving one, and they've manipulated the numbers (with that pesky little word 'eligible') to appear as though their campaign has been a resounding success. Anyway, at least 20% of adults remain unvaccinated. If we apply a broad brush to this situation (because a finer application is not possible with gov't stats), that means a small business can expect to lose about 20% of its customers if it complies with these vaccine mandates. Very few small businesses can survive a 20% cut in revenue, particularly on the back end of almost 2 years of restrictions, including lockdowns and lockouts.

Loss of business revenue hurts tax revenue, and makes it increasingly likely that the incumbents will be booted out at the next election. Here I suspect is where the tide will turn. We're nearly there, and I think we may be there already. Renewed mask mandates and threats of lockdown leading up to Christmas have been met with far less compliance than last time. So, I think we're already at or even past high-tide. The state government no longer has the unquestioned co-operation of its citizens. Yes, most are still complying, but now with a good deal of grumbling and questioning.

Also helping is the abject failure of the vaccines to prevent infection with the currently circulating variant (and with the one before it).

How does that saying go... "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time; but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."

We could paraphrase that to say "You can keep most of us fearful and compliant for a little while, but not long, and definitely not forever."

If this Great Reset is a real thing, it's being answered by a Great Awakening that is vastly more powerful.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if there were a contraceptive vaccine, but after taking it you could still get pregnant and you still had to wear a condom. Would you still take it? It really is that stupid!