Saturday, December 18, 2021

I warned you that ACIP recommended Hep B shots for all adults 18-59 one-two months ago. No surprise, there is a new "better" Hep B vaccine just approved by FDA

Theoretically better.  Based on antigens and titers.  Not on cases and cases prevented:

The FDA approved the first three-antigen hepatitis B vaccine (PreHevbrio) to prevent infection from all known subtypes in adults, VBI Vaccines announced on Wednesday.

Approval for the recombinant vaccine -- which contains the S, pre-S1, and pre-S2 hepatitis B virus (HBV) surface antigens -- was based on data from two phase III trials that compared the safety and immunogenicity against the single-antigen Engerix-B vaccine.

In PROTECT, the three-antigen vaccine demonstrated higher seroprotection rates versus Engerix-B among all adults (91% vs 77%, respectively) and among those 45 and older (89% vs 73%). In CONSTANT, a pooled analysis of adults who received PreHevbrio had numerically higher seroprotection rates compared to the Engerix-B group (99% vs 95%). 

As I showed recently , there is no demonstrated increase of Hepatitis B in the US, according to CDC, only estimates of a potential problem.

Given the massive increase in iv drug abuse since 2009, I would have expected an increase in new Hepatitis B infecctions, but CDC did not produce any evidence that there is one. But if you are monogamous or not sexually active, and don't use dirty needles, the chance of getting Hepatitis B is close to zero.

Will these be the next mandated vaccines?

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Anonymous said...

More then 8% of Haitians have chronic HBV infection.

Estimated 15,599 + Haitians have entered US since January. 8% of 15,599 is 1,248 with chronic HBV infection.

300 + Haitians have been flown dead of night into Portland, Maine. At 8% that’s 24 new cases of chronic HBV in Portland, Maine.