Saturday, December 11, 2021

I had to write another letter to the Board of Licensure in Medicine today. I felt they should be the first to hear my confession.

Dear Secretary Okoronkwo, Attorney Smith and Dr. Saito,

There is something else I would like you to provide to the Medical Board and the Pharmacy Board.

One of my complex, high risk patients for serious or life-threatening Covid just got Covid.  The patient and I wanted him treated with hydroxychloroquine.  I reviewed his dozen or so medications and discussed all potential drug interactions and how to ameliorate them, and we decided to proceed.

But the problem was finding a pharmacist willing to dispense the drug.

I was eventually forced, when the pharmacist called a few minutes ago and asked me for the diagnosis, to provide misinformation:  that I was prescribing the drug for Lyme disease, as this was the only way to get a potentially life-saving drug for my patient.

IMHO, the 2 Boards have forced me to provide misinformation in order to practice ethical medicine.

Isn’t it time that everyone got back to practicing medicine in the best interest of our patients?  Why have the Medicine and Pharmacy Board interfered with the legal practice of medicine and pharmacy, in which safe, licensed drugs are being prescribed and dispensed off label with the patient’s informed consent?  This conforms with the law and with medical practice as I have known it for the 41 years in which I have had a medical license.

The 2 Boards created this problem and they need to solve it, asap.

I note that there are 3 vacancies on the Board of Medical Licensure.  I would like to apply for one of those positions. I believe a practicing internist like myself, with extensive knowledge of legislative and Congressional functioning, and regulatory compliance, will fill a gaping hole in your current roster.


Meryl Nass, MD
Here is their contact information in case you, too, feel compelled to write to them.
Savannah OkoronkwoInvestigative Secretary(207)
Saito, Kenji MD, JDMedical Director(207)
Smith, Dennis, Esq.Executive Director(207)


Winston Smith said...

You know Fauci once said this, he's their cult leader.

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI: Yeah, of course, particularly if people have no other option. You want to give them hope. In fact, for physicians in this country, these drugs are approved drugs for other reasons. They’re anti-malaria drugs and they’re drugs against certain autoimmune diseases, like lupus. Physicians throughout the country can prescribe that in an off-label way. Which means they can write it for something it was not originally approved for. People do that all the time, and it really is an individual choice between the physician and his or her patient as to whether or not they want to do that.


John said...

Seasoned Medical Expert - “It’s All Been a Pack of Lies” gives medical treatment guidelines

Reports biggest corrupt sellout in medicine ever

Anonymous said...

Dr. Nass - thank you for your resolute integrity. Please be careful. They say, "the nail that sticks out is the one that gets hammered." We need your wisdom and shining light in the time ahead.

Anonymous said...


Thank you very very much for sharing this, demonstrating the interruption of knowledge, logic, rationality, science and its methods and epistemology.

I am allergic to all pharmaceutical manufactured pain medicines [who knows if also to opium in its natural state]. I am prone to anaphylaxis when stung by a be, and discovered early on in life Benadryl, to treat this, to that as well.

The 5% to 10% of us in USA very susceptible to anaphylaxis and potential death after vaccination, we can't get the covid shots even if we wanted to [that they are neither safe nor effective is another matter]. This population, us, 15 million to 35 million, nothing has been done to protect us at all via FDA/CDC/HHS/NIH-NIAID etc.

Zero. I am on my own during this Corona-411-911 Operation. If I could afford it, I'd eat oysters regularly for adequate, natural Zinc; and skin of Salmon for vitamin D [I get as much sun as I can, despite living in Mass.].

Since I can't, I purchased a bottle of Zinc over the counter and D-3 this past summer; in that time, taken a third to a half of a pill of Zinc the four times I've take a D-3 pill, when my body told me to, just in case. It wasn't supposed to be like this.

My elderly mother passed away Thanksgiving time; I asked the catholic priest to do a graveside ceremony outside; he said they don't do that.

We paid for a private minister; she did a wonderful job at yesterday's outdoor ceremony.

Friday night, a "friend" of mine called, told me not to go to the ceremony as I would be putting my life at risk.

I told her it was outside and I practice physical distancing; she said that didn't matter, and that I was an "idiot" "fool" "typical ignorant American" and worse, etc. -- for not getting the covid shot to "protect" others and so on and so forth.

This woman is school teacher, extremely bright, educated at world's best, very wealthy European family, friends at WHO, knows many "experts" on things medicine.

I told her the covid shots VE tends towards zero quickly and are unsafe and never should have been distributed to public.

She disagreed; I told her you just got your third shot, in less than six months, that means VE=0; and ~10K after covid vax deaths in less than a year already reported to CDC.

She said the deaths "don't matter" and has "nothing to do with safety"; for good measure claimed I was mixing apples/oranges.

I said those are facts: VE=0 and ~10K dead.

I told her dangers of Peri and Myo Carditis; children in grave danger; she dismissed it, more histrionics.

I told her Japan is now doing IVT and their problem with the Sars CoV2 seems to have largely evaporated.

During this conversation, I realized I am Working with Dynamite, after she dismissed fact many "experts" lack adequate training in science of data.

Dr. Karen Horney, MD, discovered a landmark on matter of Neurosis.

Horney, circa 1945:
"They operated between contradictory sets of neurotic trends, and though they originally concerned contradictory attitudes toward others, in time they encompassed contradictory attitudes toward the self, contradictory qualities and contradictory sets of values.

"A crescendo of observations opened my eyes to the significance of such conflicts. What first struck me most forcibly was the blindness of patients towards obvious contradictions within themselves. When I pointed these out they became elusive and seemed to lose interest.

After repeated experiences of this kind I realized that the elusiveness expressed a profound aversion to tackling these contradictions. Finally, panic reactions in response to a sudden recognition of a conflict showed me I was working with dynamite. Patients had a good reason to shy away from these conflicts: they dreaded their power to tear them to pieces."