Friday, December 31, 2021

How many pivots can the state make in one week?

1.  Omicron has taken over from Delta--oh no, it hasn't yet.  Don't let go of your fear, it just hasn't quite arrived yet

2.   Masks required--masks are no more than face decorations--oh no, you need to wear an N95

3.  The vaccines are working--oh no, they only work after a booster--but in Israel they only work after a 4th shot if you are over 60, immunocompromised or a healthcare worker.

4.  The unvaccinated are causing the medical system to collaspse, and should be denied care--oh no, most of the hospital admissions are in the vaccinated, and thousands of fully vaccinated healthcare workers are out sick or off due to quarantines

5.  The unvaxxed should pay for their own hospital care--oh no, shaming the Covid cases isn't working now that most of them are vaccinated

6.  (Thanks to a reader) Increased hospitalizations amongst children is due to Covid. No, wait! More kids are being admitted WITH Covid, not FROM Covid. Fauci actually admits this; what is he trying to get ahead of?

7.  You must quarantine for 10 days from onset of symptoms or a positive COVID test (even if asymptomatic) to prevent transmission--oh no, we need workers, so 5 days will be just fine if you are improving or feel like coming back to work.

  • [We were just using an abundance of caution before.]  
  • [We were just trying to turn down the economy a little before, but with Omicron the needle turned too far, so we are recalibrating.] 
  • [We were trying to drag out the pandemic as long as possible, and make everyone feel it, with the ten day rule.  But with Omicron causing such a rapid upswing in cases, we had to balance our attempts to drag it out with what the economy would bear before crashing.]  


Anonymous said...

5. Increased hospitalizations amongst children is due to Covid. No, wait! More kids are being admitted WITH Covid, not FROM Covid. Fauci: always a day late and a dollar short. Try to keep up old man.

Great work, Dr. Nass.

Anonymous said...

Fauci Video admits we received the alleged sequence of the Covid Virus, from China to make our alleged Covid Vaccines. CHINA??? UNBELEIVABLE!

Florida Federal judge latest to block Biden contractor vaccine rule.

Anonymous said...

Dec 20, 2021 New Zealand man, 26, died of myocarditis, side effect of received first dose of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr Vernon Coleman
The UK Government confirms that four out of every five covid-19 deaths in England since August 2021 were individuals who were fully jabbed.

Zinc has again been proved to provide protection against covid and flu.

One in four people who has a cold has tested positive for covid.

The average GP in the UK will earn an annual bonus of £50,000 to £100,000 for ignoring medical ethics, their responsibilities to patients and the principle of informed consent – and giving experimental covid jabs to their patients.

The COVID Blog - Official blog of COVID Legal USA. Vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences. Stay Vigilant.


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UPDATED: How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing? | Dr Vernon Coleman

The Dangers of Booster Shots and COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’: Boosting Blood Clots and Leaky Vessels – Doctors for COVID Ethics

Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection - World Doctors Alliance

Doctors Can Now Prescribe Ivermectin as Treatment for Covid 19 - World Doctors Alliance

Doctors can now prescribe ivermectin as treatment for Covid-19

Anonymous said...

Isn't over-counting Covid cases and charging the insurance companies accordingly constitute insurance fraud?

Anonymous said...

Plus many issues with Vaccine Trials, and FDA approval process.
Attorneys getting Sworn Depositions, Interrogatory's, from the Honest Employee's that left the FDA?
Big, Big, Problem's with Vaccine Mandates, and those who Imposed them near future?
Did State DPHealth & Local BOH's, Independently Vette, what the FDA, NIH, CDC, was Shoveling? Time may tell?

Pfizer LIED? Vaccine Trials! FDA? Hate to be the FDA Commissioner Past and Present?
Honest Employee's that left the FDA, great Witnesses., years of Civil Litigation.

Anonymous said...

Pfizer LIED and Now You’re JABBED, Vaccine Trials Compromised?