Monday, December 13, 2021

Slides for my Doctors for Covid Ethics presentation of December 10, 2021



Anonymous said...

REAL DATA (and it’s suggested you ignore most of the media including the social kind)
Uttar Pradesh, India
– 200 Million
– 7% “Vaccinated”
– Virtually No COVID-19 or Delta
– 270 Million
– 15% “Vaccinated”
– Virtually No COVID-19 or Delta

Severak other points of interest: A) The flu simply disappeared. From 2012 to 2020 the average annual number of cases of influenza was 33,250,000, but the 2020-2021 season only saw 1822 cases and other causes of death also declined.
B) The risk is minimal but given “A”, the real numbers they are even less. This information came from the CDC website….amazing huh.

Age Group: Infection Fatality Rate: Survival Rate:
0-19 0.00003% 99.997%
20-49 0.0002% 99.998%
50-69 0.0054% 99.5%
70+ 0.054% 94.6% and at 70+ the normal mortality rate goes up so how great a concern is this? And given numerous articles on the internet about overcounting (if you die in an auto accident but have covid that translates to you died of covid). Hospitals and the CDC apparently do this if any of the 100’s of articles and testimonials are to be believed. Personally I believe many as “money” is involved and not just exhorbitant drug costs when Ivermectin would not only suffice but very likely improve the chances of survival.


Also, If you are not aware, the American Congress as well as government “representatives” in other countries secretly took Ivermectin while millions were denied. Now think about why? Was it stupidity or were they intentionally murdered so “fear” was instilled and “compliance” towards some goal (money, the great reset, one world rule). They have no excuse for not doing the homework and speaking out. They do not represent you…that is clear.

Note: If you would like to know how many they murdered go here

-Each of the “vaccines” currently available are under EUAS (emergency use authorizations).
-Each of the EUAs must end by law Once A Safe Efficacious Alternative Therapeutic or Prophylactic Is Found.
-And that cuts off the incredible revenue stream to big Pharm and their ability to bribe everyone up and down the chain of corruption.
-And eliminates the “take over tactics” by the left, communists, corrupt politicians, WOKE CEO’s and the morally bankrupt entrenched bureaucracy, plus “elites” (follywood, most of the news media, etc.) in the “great reset”…(and you should think about what that really is, means and who is behind it).

Uttar Pradesh, Indonesia and Africa PROVE THAT IVERMECTIN IS THE Safe Efficacious Alternative Therapeutic or Prophylactic – SEE THE CHART FOR AFRICA BELOW as an example and do your own homework.

Most important, clearly recognize that mortality rates in the world have not gone up in the last 4 years. You can check by country. The data is there. So one could logically ask, “what the hell is going on”. Still don’t believe it’s a “Plan”demic? Take action.

Call Your Government and Demand
1) To know who took Ivermectin in Congress and why they have not spoken out.
2) That Ivermectin be approved as The Protocol (the sample sizes in these results is overwhelmingly larger and impossible for even Fauci’s drivel to deny or any other “health” professional taking bribes.)
3) That the EUA’s be terminated immediately.
4) Investigate those running The FDA & CDC. NIH, WHO. social media companies who suppressed this information, the CEO’s of big media, WOKE CEO’s who are forcing this on employees, and Big Pharma – Nuremberg Trial II as they are murderers.
5) And don’t forget local school boards, teachers associations and some unions, all of whom are complicit.

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Panic? US Mega-Corporations Rush To Abandon Vax Mandate!

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In a televised statement on Sunday, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Britain faces a “tidal wave” of Omicron infections, and announced that the country would be speeding up its booster programs to offer all adults a booster doses of a vaccine by the end of the year.

It’s unclear whether we need an omicron specific vaccines, says Dr. Ofer Levy.

Johnson’s statement came after the chief medical officers of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland raised the U.K.’s coronavirus threat level to four — near to the highest level — in light of the spread of omicron.

UK faces a ‘tidal wave’ of Covid omicron cases, Boris Johnson says
SUN, DEC 12 2021
The Associated Press

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain faces a “tidal wave” of infections from the omicron coronavirus variant.

He said cases of the highly transmissible variant are doubling every two to three days and “there is a tidal wave of omicron coming.”

“And I’m afraid it is now clear that two doses of vaccine are simply not enough to give the level of protection we all need,” Johnson said.

Boosters will still not have expected efficacy to prevent a third of booster vaccinated from infection symptoms in the new omicron variant.

Johnson’s announcement came hours after the government raised the country’s official coronavirus threat level on Sunday, warning the rapid spread of the omicron variant had pushed the U.K. into risky territory.

The chief medical officers of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland said the emergence of the highly transmissible new strain “adds additional and rapidly increasing risk to the public and health care services” at a time when Covid-19 is already widespread. They recommended raising the alert level from 3 to 4 on a 5-point scale.

The doctors said early evidence shows omicron is spreading much faster than the currently dominant delta variant, and that vaccines offer less protection against it. British officials say omicron is likely to replace delta as the dominant strain in the U.K. within days.

“Data on severity will become clearer over the coming weeks but hospitalizations from omicron are already occurring and these are likely to increase rapidly,” they said.

Concerns about the new variant led Johnson’s Conservative government to reintroduce restrictions that were lifted almost six months ago. Masks must be worn in indoors, Covid-19 certificates must be shown and people are being urged to lockdown at home.

Many scientists say that’s unlikely to be enough, however, and are calling for tougher measures, which the government so far has resisted.

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JP does an excellent job of explaining how ridiculous Regulatory Capture has gotten.

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Supreme Court won't block vaccine mandate for New York health care workers
Associated PressWASHINGTON —
The Supreme Court refused Monday to halt a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for health care workers in New York that does not offer an exemption for religious reasons.

The court acted on emergency appeals filed by doctors, nurses and other medical workers who say they are being forced to choose between their jobs and religious beliefs.

Related video above from September: Vaccine deadline arrives for New York health care workers

As is typical in such appeals, the court did not explain its order, although it has similarly refused to get in the way of vaccine mandates elsewhere.

Mandates doesn’t change waning failing efficacy with side effects more dangerous in the young and healthy then Covid to date in fact mandates will increase side effect injuries in the young and healthy for risks in short partial waning failing treatment instead of cheap more effective alternatives per their reports!

COVID-19 updates: Vaccine mandate for Philadelphia restaurants, Pa. and N.J. cases surging

Covid very little dancing since Covid vaccine mandates for waning efficacy and side effects more serious then the virus to date in the young healthy.

The mandates for experimental er only vaccines doesn’t change experimental er only in short waning efficacy with vaccines serious side effects in young & healthy then the virus vaccine mandates thus will increase side effects injuries mandated.

Mandates merely increase the VARS vaccine injuries already over million reports in US for mandates to encourage increases vaccine injuries in young and healthy from experimental vaccines side effects with short waning efficacy vaccines instead of cheap more effective less risky alternatives and showing further utter contempt for people’s health since also too doesn’t stop spread in fact arguably increases spread with false sense of safety pretending vaccinated are safer with mandates creates erroneous false sense of security with their data documentation stating thus with gatherings false sense of safety prevents spread only going to vaccine gatherings could easily increase spread and infections in variants unaffected by current waning efficacy vaccines?
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Two Common Over-the-Counter Compounds Reduce COVID-19 Virus Replication by 99% in Early Testing.

A pair of over-the-counter compounds has been found in preliminary tests to inhibit the virus that causes COVID-19, University of Florida Health researchers have found.

The combination includes diphenhydramine, an antihistamine used for allergy symptoms. When paired with lactoferrin, a protein found in cow and human milk, the compounds were found to hinder the SARS-CoV-2 virus during tests in monkey cells and human lung cells.

The findings by David A. Ostrov, Ph.D., an immunologist and associate professor in the UF College of Medicine’s department of pathology, immunology and laboratory medicine and his colleagues, are published in the journal Pathogens.

Benadryl and Milk....???