Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Autopsy Guidelines for Identifying COVID vaccine-induced lesions

1. Background and introduction

Dr. Burkhardt and colleagues recently carried out a series of 17 autopsies on persons deceased within days to months of vaccination. Initially, none of these deaths had been attributed to the vaccines. Nevertheless, Dr. Burkhardt and colleagues found characteristic lesions in multiple organs which led them to conclude that in most patients the vaccines were likely the cause of death. Key observations were widespread vasculitis with microthrombi as well as intense lymphocytic infiltration of multiple organs. A summary of these findings has been published before [1]. Here, Dr. Burkhardt gives guidance for conducting autopsies in similar circumstances.

Autopsies should focus on the following phenomena:

  • thromboembolic events (both macro- and microthrombi)
  • vasculitis
  • myocarditis
  • lymphocytic alveolitis
  • peculiar inflammatory reactions (autoimmune reactions?)
  • foreign material...

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