Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Jordan Schactel explains the Comirnaty bait and switch license one more time. I wish the public, sold a pig in a poke, could understand it: Mandates are NOT legal!

Such a crucial topic.  A potential soft underbelly of the Coup fomenters: All the mandates are illegal. You heard it here first, on August 23.

Even though CDC got the licensed vaccine onto the childhood schedule, still either Pfizer, the USG or both are not yet comfortable about using the liability waiver from the childhood wchedule, so have left all product as EUA.despite the fact Pfizer would probably earn big bucks if it replaced all the EUA product with licensed vaccine. 

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Winston Smith said...

Alix Mayer did a great job with Dr. Mercola too. John Adams quote, "we're a nation of laws not men" is no longer true!

The Quasi Approval of Comirnaty: Interview with Alix Mayer