Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Very worthwhile video of Ralph Baric briefing Congressional staff and members on February 26, 2020. What did they know and when did they know it? Plenty. Long ago.

Amazing how much they all knew back then.  And then denied.  

Especially notable with respect to treatment, Baric points out the need for early diagnosis and antiviral treatment during the first five days of illness.  

They knew it was too late for it to work, when remdesivir was given late during a hospitalization.

Americans' bodies have been the delivery system for transferring taxpayer funds to pharmaceutical companies, with poisoning by dangerous drugs simply collateral damage.


Anonymous said...

'All Ships At Sea!'

Pfizer just filed a Form #25 with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC)

You file a form 25 if your shares are worthless, or if you want to go private or IF YOU NO LONGER WANT TO BE SUBJECT TO STRICT REPORTING REQUIREMENTS.

Pfizer CEO cashed out his stock, Moderna stocks just crashed. Wonder if this gives all those who supported, and took the Jab a warm fuzzy feeling ?

Is Fauci moving to Cuba?

Anonymous said...

'Heads Up!'

The CDC Saw Pfizer’s “research” and approved the vaccine. #1200 Deaths In The Trials, ('Equates to One in Forty that received the Pfizer Vax Shot Would Die') But CDC Director, NIH, Fauci, Collins, said it was 'Safe and Effective'!'

Gross Malfeasance, and Misfeasance, other suggestive Crimes?

Anonymous said...


'Remember, once it is proven this experimental VAX creation and distribution was done through fraud they lose their immunity protections from liability'.

As Dr Robert Malone explains for the people involved on the government side of this Plandemic (and I would add anyone in the private sector as well), “they can either be defendants or they can be witnesses”. That 55k worth of documents is going to provide ample evidence of that fraud, then starting with the FDA who will have to answer to why in the hell they “approved” the VAX. The “look the other way” participants were all hoping to live out their lives under the protection of the next 75yrs of liability anonymity, spending their “payoffs” and pretending to be one of the “elites”.

To add, part of the reason behind the war in Ukraine is because this massive shit bomb is about to hit the fan and those in power who are responsible needed a HUGE distraction to take this off the News cycle. It didn’t take much to get that conflict going but evidence of this will come later as well and now we have some Biolabs to cleanse of eviden….er…I mean facilities to save from the evil clutches of Putin! (as that narrative develops).

A major cyberwar scenario was hashed out much like the event 201 for Poof “novel” virus. With Russia being pushed to rely and ally with China and NATO being urged more and more to become involved on behalf of Ukraine, the stage is being constructed for it.

Anonymous said...


Pay attention to this Doctor!
Especially at the 40.19 minute Mark, 03/08/2022.

Will Their Be Justice! Confidence In Our Medical Society?

Pfizer Vaccine Side Effects of Special Interest From the Court Ordered Documents.

EnvEpiB said...

Anon: what is breath taking about this doctors presentation? Many of us have been warning about the concerns over these vaccines since the beginning, and especially once the fluff Pfizer document that came out and suggested 95% efficacy yet the methodology was horrible. Most vaccines are far less efficacious, far more deleterious to health and life, and overwhelmingly unnecessary. So as an epidemiologist, the details are (depressingly) nice to see to help demonstrate things in a positivist evidentiary light, but it's not a surprise to too many of us.