Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Is the federal government saving us from poisons or lobbing them at us?

CDC made a very big splash 6 months ago when it claimed that 2 people had overdosed on animal and internet ivermectin.  CDC didn't have an adverse event to report when doctors had written prescriptions for the drug.  But with two OTC cases, CDC sent out a warning using its emergency alert system.  And docs stopped prescribing and pharmacists stopped dispensing the drug, despite it being perfectly legal to do so.

That was because they could read between the lines.  They knew that two overdoses from questionably sourced ivermectin were not the real problem--the real problem was that if you didn't stop using it, you were putting yourself at risk.

And to prove the point, when I continued to prescribe them, my medical Board suspended my license. The Board also claimed I spread misinformation on my blog.

The FDA put up a website that claimed ivermectin was for animals, or maybe to kill worms, but otherwise dangerous for people, who could overdose.  Except that when a doctor writes a prescription for your weight-based dose, there is no chance of overdosage.

There were also 2 fake news stories about ivermectin that got national attention:  one about huge numbers of calls to poison control over ivermectin overdoses, and one about ivermectin overdose cases filling up emergency rooms to the point that gunshot victims' care was being postponed.  Who placed these 2 examples of mis/disinformation? 

Back in 2020, one person died from drinking chloroquine in the form of fish tank cleaner.   This was meant to convey that the legal drug was poison, except it wasn't, if you were using it for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, malaria or Lyme disease.

I am simply setting the stage to show you how concerned our federal agencies are about saving us from poisoning ourselves.

Well, the federal government bought something like 500 million rapid COVID tests (I am told they say "Made in China" on the package) and has started mailing them out to Americans.  This coincided with the federal government making two dangerous medicines available to us if we get COVID:  molnupiravir and paxlovid.  Molnupiravir induces mutations in viruses and probably us.  Men and women of childbearing ages are instructed "to use effective contraception." Adding insult to injury, molnupiravir is only 30% effective according to Merck and federal authorities.  

------------------------WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS--------• Embryo-Fetal Toxicity: Molnupiravir is not recommended for use during pregnancy. 

• Hypersensitivity reactions, including anaphylaxis have been reported with molnupiravir. If signs and symptoms of a clinically significant hypersensitivity reaction or anaphylaxis occur, immediately discontinue molnupiravir. 

• Bone and Cartilage Toxicity: Molnupiravir is not authorized for use in patients less than 18 years of age because it may affect bone and cartilage growth

• Pregnancy: The use of molnupiravir is not recommended during pregnancy. Advise individuals of childbearing potential to use effective contraception correctly and consistently, as applicable, for the duration of treatment and for 4 days after the last dose of molnupiravir. 

Paxlovid contains an HIV drug with a black box warning and has many dangerous interactions with other drugs. 

----------------------- WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS -------• The concomitant use of PAXLOVID and certain other drugs may result in potentially significant drug interactions. Consult the full prescribing information prior to and during treatment for potential drug interactions.

• Allergic Reactions/Hypersensitivity: Hypersensitivity reactions have been reported with PAXLOVID. If signs and symptoms of a clinically significant hypersensitivity reaction or anaphylaxis occur, immediately discontinue PAXLOVID and initiate appropriate medications and/or supportive care. 

• Hepatotoxicity: Hepatic transaminase elevations, clinical hepatitis, and jaundice have occurred in patients receiving ritonavir. 

• HIV-1 Drug Resistance: PAXLOVID use may lead to a risk of HIV-1 developing resistance to HIV protease inhibitors in individuals with uncontrolled or undiagnosed HIV-1 infection. 

Biden wants these two dangerous drugs distributed in drug stores when you get a positive test result.  By whom?  And when many patients do not know what drugs they take, how can this be done safely?  Even the AMA thinks this is a really bad idea.

As it turned out, not only may these experimental treatments purchased with taxpayer funds (you can't charge patients for experimental drugs) poison us, but the rapid tests being gifted to us with taxpayer funds are also causing poisonings. We are warned to keep the kits out of reach of children.  As noted in the Epoch Times:

Some poison control centers warned people not to improperly use at-home COVID-19 tests because they contain sodium azide, a potentially toxic substance. Some local poison control centers and hospitals have warned about an uptick in phone calls about exposures to the chemical.

So are the feds interested in protecting us, or in spending our money on shoddy, dangerous products while blowing smoke about the safe drugs that compete with newly authorized, experimental, $700 per course risky pharmaceuticals? 


Anonymous said...

Must watch video by an expert offering guidance on how to assess the 55,000 pages. it is easy to miss the damning detail – he itemizes and discusses it.

2/3 of adverse events are women – a huge number (a third) of injuries not even investigated. Pfizer claims that there are no “new” – the injuries are “as expected”.
don’t forget this report from Canadian medics who already went through these clinical trials months ago – much of the heavy lifting has already been done.
51 pages of detailed analysis here

Anonymous said...

'Heads Up!'

1.) Motherlode on US Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine.

This is from ARSH 2018. If this info is true, then Putin is CLEARLY seizing and/or destroying these US bioweapons laboratories as a primary if not THE primary objective. If so, Fauci and friends can add to their murder toll everyone killed in Ukraine over this.

2.) 'The Pentagon Bio-Weapons'!

3.) Russia claims Ukraine destroying evidence of US-funded bioweapons program?

Anonymous said...


Russia has just publicly stated they have IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE that the US funded bio-labs in Ukraine were military installations that were operating under the guise of "scientific research."

They claim to have seized materials and demand that the US government provides the world with answers.

This comes the day after China publicly urged the US to disclose the purpose for their 336 bio labs around the world, including the 26 labs in Ukraine.

George Soros was in Ukraine days before China first discovered Covid.

Fauci is MIA...

The MSM can't even keep a "Conspiracy Theory" together for six hours.


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