Friday, March 25, 2022

Name That Shot Contest. The Winner Is...

Here is a great idea to help demystify that "seal of approval" we unconsciously apply when we hear the word "vaccine:"

De-hypnosis and Calling Things by Their Real Names

What is the most frequently uttered word around the world? Probably “the” but I bet the most spoken noun among all of humanity, more times per minute than any other, is “vaccine,” referring to mRNA and DNA Covid shots.

Calling Covid shots “vaccines” is a hypnotic induction, a PsyOps. It conjures up a lifetime of deep mental associations, emotions, tightly and widely held belief systems about their claimed role in saving humanity from diseases. This works.

“Vaccine” is deceptive, seductive, pervasive and persuasive. It brings tons of baggage and familiarity to easily incite hostility towards “anti-vaxxers” and makes the “vaccine hesitant” seem pathetic and stupid.

It is also a trick for Big Pharma to get legal immunity from liability by getting these shots onto the CDC childhood vaccine schedule, pretending they are vaccines. It also makes it easier for them to vote for approval for all ages.

Many of us say authoritatively that these are not really vaccines. They are actually “experimental biological genetically manipulating injectable products” (I am parodying Jessica Rose here). I wonder why that hasn’t caught on? (We need it to catch on).


Cognitive linguist, George Lakoff, the “father of framing” taught us that those who set the terms of the debate manipulate and control the narrative. When we use their language, we reinforce their message and work against ourselves.

We must set our own terms of the debate, “take back public discourse” (Lakoff). We needed an antidote to break the evil spell, beginning with “vaccine.”

If we don’t frame the narrative, we are being framed by the narrative, and we are. It’s our choice.

More than merely replacing “vaccine,” the right word should supersede vaccine.” It should attract more psychic energy. It should instantly demystify us. “Vaccine” conceals. Our new term should reveal.

The Criteria 

* Catchy

* Sticky

* Descriptive

* Precise, specific, accurate

* Reveal a deeper truth

* Create an image so compelling that people can no longer think of these shots in the same way as actual vaccines

* Bubble-bursting, de-hypnotizing

* Understandable to the masses

* Auditorily able to replace “vaccine”

* Easily usable in conversation 

* Able to replace every expression and utterance of “vaccines,” in conversation, on the news, etc.

* It shouldn’t be frightening to people who got the shot

* It shouldn’t be offensive to anyone

* Even better if it works metaphorically

The Candidates

In earlier Substacks[1] I listed terms I heard and invited people to comment and submit new ideas. Much gratitude to those who contributed. Here are some candidates.

1.  VINO -Vaccines in Name Only[2]

2.  Frankenshot[3]

3.  Clot Shots[4]

4.  VaxGene[5]

5.  Quaxxines

6.  MalVaxx[6]

7.  Hacksxxxine[ Hackscene[7]

9. Toxxine [8](submitted by Diana - not me)

10. Pseudo vaccine

11. Spikeshot[9]

The Winner

I like most and tried them out with people over months. Only one met all the criteria. The one that works best, submitted by Joan Pinto (connected through Steve Kirsch’s project group) is Spikeshot.

It is precise, describes exactly what it is, neutral in tone, undeniable, and paints a picture in people’s minds, It works in conversation and writing. When you say “Spikeshot” it disrupts the hypnotic spell and raises consciousness. People have to stop to register what it means and then they get it.


  • Both spike and shot are easy to rhyme.

  • It works metaphorically - from the comments, Ann Rosen points out,

    “Spikeshot is good. And the term spiked is particularly powerful here. A spiked drink is one that has had alcohol added without awareness or permission, so we bring in this idea of a violation of consent as we remind people that the spike protein is being introduced. Nice work! Thank you.”

I welcome anyone to suggest something better. Try it out.


Spikeshot, spiked, unspiked, double-spiked, triple-spiked, spike-free, anti-spike, pro-spike, spiked miscarriage, spike-induced abortion.

Social Experiment

It’s March 25. If the spirit moves you, start using it. See how quickly it becomes natural. Send it out and see if it catches on. If you know people who speak and host podcasts, see whether they are willing to use it. Let’s see whether we can get it to actually supersede “vaccine” in public discourse. 1

If we succeed, let’s see how long it takes anyhow much it raises consciousness.

Be conscious of all of your language, the images it conjures up an whom it serves. There are many other seductive terms and frames that we can supersede and reveal. Vaccine is the first and most potent.

Everything we do brings us closer to the tipping point. So much is psychological. We need to make the unconscious conscious. Let’s be superspreaders of awakening.

The absolute, very least we can do is call things by their real names and break the hypnotic spell. It’s a form of non-cooperation, an important tool in social change. And it’s free.

Post Publication Afterthoughts

Don’t Spike the Little Ones: Childhood Vaccines are Gateway Drugs to Spikeshots

On April 6, The CDC is meeting to push through approval of spikeshots for babies and kids 4 and under.

By 6 months children have already received several rounds of actual vaccines. So it is not a psychological leap for parents, school nurses, school medical advisory committees, doctors to just give another (mRNA) “vaccine.”

Little ones will likely receive a Spikeshot along with a cocktail of vaccines given at birth, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 23, months, 2-3 years, 4-6 years on CDC schedule, and “catch up schedule,” possibly simultaneous with HepB,DTaP, RV, Hib, PCV13 and more with absolutely no safety data on on the combination, interaction, potentiation or or cumulative effects of multiple antigens, adjuvants together with spike proteins!!! Yikes!!

These children have been vaccinated, but they haven’t been spiked. This distinction may help break the spell.

Don’t spike our children! is more accurate and vivid.

Please check out Toby Rogers’ urgent, emergency Call to Action and do everything you can to prevent this.

Urgent Call to Action #2: tell the CDC to reject Pfizer's junk science mRNA shots in kids under 5
The Wall Street Journal said it best this weekend: Healthy Children Don’t Need Covid Vaccines: Florida is right. Especially for kids under 12, the risks are trivial. And most have natural antibodies. Vaccine efficacy against infection, meanwhile, turned…
Read more


Anonymous said...


1.) 'I Just want to SHOW YOU what happened - C19 VACCINE INJURY!'

2.) 'Frontline Doctor: Millions will develop AIDS from COVID jabs'!

Anonymous said...

"BREAKING: Official Biochemical and Statistical Evidence 100% confirms Moderna created Covid-19"!

'UK Government data proves the Covid Vaccination Campaign is a disaster; the Fully Vaccinated now account for 92.2% of all Covid-19 Deaths in England'

Yvette said...

Good article, thank you for sharing! I agree 100% that the word ropes people in.
I prefer transfections as the alternative. The list of suggestions is a little trite and dismissive. Transfections is biologically accurate as I understand it, and doesn't automatically trigger the "it's an antivaxxer talking" response. Belittling these shots won't convince anyone, imo.

Anonymous said...

I do not think 'spikeshot' is a good name because Moderna is using the name "Spikevax" as a brand name for its shot. This carries with it an aura of approval.

I agree with Yvette's earlier comment that using a belittling name will not convince anyone who has decided these shots are great and wonderful.

I have heard doctors use terms like 'clot shot' and 'death shot' during interviews. As we know, these fine doctors are demonized, threatened, and made to appear like extreme conspiracy theorists. Big Pharma spends a lot of money being sure certain words are used repeatedly to trivialize and demean anyone telling the truth about these shots.

The media is complicit in the 24/7 campaign pushing these shots. There are mega bucks behind this effort. The public already has been brainwashed. How to overcome that at this point is the challenge. I do not know the answer other than to keep speaking the truth and supporting those who do.

Anonymous said...

Rather than the v-word, I've been scrupulous in using the term "injection" in both writing and conversation since the outset.

The term "injection" may not be catchy. On the other hand, it is literal and technically accurate. And thus unassailable.

For the most part, the term is also fairly value neutral, to the point of being somewhat opaque. That latter aspect is particularly applicable to the substances being injected: we don't know what exactly is in them, what they do once in the body, if they work and how they stop, the scope of risk and damage they may cause. We aren't supposed to know any of this, they aren't telling us. We are expected to simply accept them, blindly, in the dark.

The other word I avoid using is "mandate". This term is often used in our democracy to connote popular concensus, as in "election mandate". As in popular demand, a broad will of the majority.

The forceful implementation of mandatory injections was in no way done in response to a public concensus. Rather, the so-called "mandates" have been draconian authoritarion policies implemented at the whim of autocratic elite, their sponsors and enablers.

The term I prefer instead is "edict". This term is accurate and descriptive. They are rules issued by fiat by the executive branch, in excess of their authority, and explicitly without democratic process. They are unlawful in the sense of they have been imposed without legislative process.

We live in a saturation information regime of constant falsehood and propaganda. This propaganda has been planned, designed, and executed by the best marketeers and social psychologists in the business. Every strategy, every campaign, every single word, is tested, crafted, and refined to elicit the exact target response desired. Literally billions of dollars have been invested in this campaign. It is correct for us to see all this for what it is, to resist as much as possible, and to reclaim our own language for telling the truth as accurately as possible.

John said...

Never Forget, Covid Holocausts Were Unnecessary!