Friday, March 11, 2022

Massachusetts to reduce count of COVID deaths by 3700 deaths

The rats are trying to clean up their bogus data.  Wondering how that will go for them.  This happened last year in the UK--COVID deaths were reduced by almost 50% if I remember correctly.  I blogged the story as reported in the Telegraph.  It got almost no press otherwise.  Some other US jurisdictions have done the same thing.

The Boston Globe is behind a paywall but this is where the story is:


Anonymous said...


Globe is part of the 'Globalist Corporate Media', feel very sorry for all those people who lost their Careers do to the Vaccine Mandates, by Gov. Baker, and the Private Sector.

Bayer CEO calls the alleged Vaccines Gene Therapy? Plus was the Historical Definition of a Vaccine changed legally in Sept 2021?

'Lies, Damn Lies, And Vaccination Statistics'!
'The lockdowns quite simply never made sense'!

Anonymous said...

"Massive Amount Of Fraud, Pfizer Vaccine Trials!"
Loss Of Liability?, for Vaccine Side Effects, Deaths?

On the subject along with an excellent video interview with Naomi Wolf interviewing Edward Dowd as he explains the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF FRAUD involved in just the Pfizer vaccine trials alone. 'This is beyond belief'.

Jesus said that in the end nothing would remain hidden. (Luke 8:17) Boy how right He was.

Anonymous said...

Plus always remember the Democrats in Congress Voted for the Un-Vaxed to loose their Jobs, and Careers, while they were Exempt from the Vax, like the Supreme Court, and Illegals.

IMAO: Do to fraud in the Vaccine Trials, everyone who lost their job do to the Mandates should get a big legal Pay Day!
Plus those that ordered the Mandates, without doing their Due Diligence also need to be held accountable!
Remember they loose their Immunity if their is Fraud!

'Dangerous Pfizer Vaccine Fraud Fully Exposed (Video)'