Monday, March 28, 2022

Massachusetts Public Health enlisted MIT to study the efficiency of masks at protecting from COVID. The results were not pretty.

Nonetheless, Massachusetts imposed mask-wearing, using masks purchased in China and other masks that were known by officials in the  Health Department to have virtually no benefit.

This is the long story, garnered from over 1200 pages of state government documents released by FOIA, of how Governor Charlie Baker sent the Patriots plane to China to obtain over a million KN95 masks for Massachusetts residents with taxpayer funds.  While apparently a political stroke of genius, the scientific analysis of those masks, and others, was then performed. Few provided reliable filtration.  And then the science was ignored.  Because what else can you do when you sent the Patriots' plane to China to save the Commonwealth?

BTW, there is no evidence presented here that anyone discussed the harms that daily mask-wearing might cause.

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