Friday, March 18, 2022

The new White House Covid coordinator is great on TV. Is that what America’s pandemic response needs now?/ STAT

Ashish Jha is the talking head the Dems brought on to dispute the benefits of hydroxychloroquine during Ron Johnson's first Senate hearing on the subject, in November 2020.

Smooth Jha threw out one falsehood after another, until Ron Johnson asked him how many COVID patients he had treated.  The answer was a round number.  


And so now, in the spirit of convincing hesitant Americans to vaccinate themselves and their children, Jha is being brought on the scene as the COVID response frontman to spout whatever messages the focus groups provide him.  No doubt his heritage is supposed to convince black people, the strongest holdouts, to get the jab.

Well don't.  Please don't.  The worst thing you could do to your children is give them a jab or two or three that is entirely unnecessary but confers dangers.  Vaccinated kids are now having heart attacks and strokes.  It is unpredictable how much spike you will make after a shot, and unpredictable who will have a serious reaction or die.  Don't take a chance with the most precious things in your life.

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Follow the money. Paragraph 3:

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