Saturday, March 19, 2022

Horowitz: New Hampshire legislature as a shining star for medical freedom/ The Blaze

Wow!  Not only did the New Hampshire House vote for free access to ivermectin for its citizens, but it also voted for a long slate of medical freedom bills.  Get ready to be surprised and excited to see what Maine's closest US neighbor did.  Live free or die may be coming to fruition in the Granite State.  This story will give you hope and help you recharge your batteries--we can do this elsewhere.  Get ready for November!


Two years into the travesty of COVID fascism, vaccine injury, and denial of appropriate treatment, what have the GOP-controlled legislative bodies done to protect our freedoms? Sadly, in most states they have done very little. But just as the Florida governor stands out as the only state executive willing to fully combat medical tyranny, the New Hampshire legislature appears to be the only body willing to fight for medical freedom without the support of the governor. “Live free or Die” appears to be more than an empty slogan in the Granite State.
With people still dying of COVID without effective treatment, the New Hampshire House became the first legislative body to pass a bill essentially allowing citizens to access ivermectin over the counter at a pharmacy. On Wednesday, by a vote of 183-159, the House approved HB 1022, legislation allowing pharmacists to make ivermectin available via standing order from a physician or nurse practitioner that allows a pharmacist to dispense a medication without an individual prescription. Most Republican states have failed to even pass a bill ensuring doctors don’t get punished for prescribing this safe, FDA-approved drug, yet New Hampshire Republicans managed to pass a bill enabling patients to ask for it over the counter.
All but two Republicans voted for HB 1022, and all but two Democrats opposed it. New Hampshire Republicans accomplished this with a simple majority, while most super-majority Republican states can’t seem to pass a medical freedom bill worthy of support. Legislatures I’ve spoken to in New Hampshire credit Dr. Paul Marik, a prominent ICU doctor, who gave an impassioned testimony on how this drug has helped him save so many patients sick with COVID.
The ivermectin bill wasn’t the only success this week for advocates of medical freedom. The New Hampshire House successfully passed the following bills seeking to redress the civil liberties issues from the past two years:
  • HB 1268: A ban on localities implementing mask mandates.
  • HB 1379: Repealing the health commissioner’s authority to add a vaccine to the school schedule of required shots.
  • HB 1439: Requiring hospitals to allow patients to have visitors in hospitals.
  • HB 1455: Prohibiting state enforcement of vaccine mandates and data collection.
  • HB 1495: Prohibiting the state and its political subdivisions from requiring a private business to have a vaccine mandate.
  • HB 1044: Allowing the creation of new health care facilities that only take direct payment, thereby bypassing the medical cartel, federal COVID restrictions, and other onerous federal regulations.
  • HB 1280: Prohibiting judges from using a parent’s refusal to vaccinate their child as basis for abridging parental rights.
  • HB 1606: To become the first state to require a patient to opt in to the vaccine registry in order for his or her vaccination status to be recorded.
  • HB 1131: Prohibits public schools from requiring masks to attend.

In other words, the New Hampshire House vaccinated the state against most future strains of the medical tyranny virus. When will other GOP legislatures get vaccinated? The Democrats have nearly been wiped off the map in states like Wyoming and South Dakota, yet the legislatures have failed to pass a single meaningful bill on medical freedom.

Three freshmen female representatives, Leah Cushman, Erica Layon, and Melissa Blasek, were instrumental in the push for medical freedom bills this session. After experiencing one disappointment after another in other states, I asked Blasek why she felt there was more success in New Hampshire than in other states with far superior GOP majorities. The young mother, who works as a music teacher and ran for office exclusively on fighting for medical freedom, told me that there were numerous factors at play.

“New Hampshire has a strong tradition of freedom, and the voters on both sides of the aisle tend to be wary of government intervention,” said Blasek. “It may have taken two years, but they’ve had it with the authoritarian response, and I think the politicians feel that.”

Blasek notes that usually the grassroots fail at first and then get discouraged, but in New Hampshire they came back the second session to retry bills that failed last year. “Activists have worked hard since the beginning of the pandemic to move the Overton window. Last year we did make a lot of progress ending the lockdown restrictions and reforming our state of emergency laws, but we failed at all attempts to block medical tyranny and the birth of the biomedical surveillance state. The activists persevered, did what they do best, and have continuously made their voices heard.”

She also credits the newly formed House Freedom Caucus, which was buttressed by representatives endorsed by Rebuild NH, an activist group she co-founded to fight the COVID response, for “making a lot of noise in the House and pushing the rest of the Republican caucus in this direction.” Blasek also notes that, unlike in other GOP-controlled bodies, “our leadership is liberty-minded and likely the best leadership anywhere in the country.”

From speaking with other legislators across the country, it is clear that most GOP leaders and committee chairs believe in our prevailing COVID policies just as fervently as the Democrats do.

Whether the New Hampshire Senate will pass the bills with as much support as the House is yet to be determined. Gov. Chris Sununu has also been surprisingly quiet about all of these bills and has a history of supporting heavy-handed COVID policies and has even criticized Sen. Ron Johnson for supporting science-based early treatment. However, the strong show of force from New Hampshire House members and the grassroots involved demonstrates that the Granite State might serve as the cold-weather alternative to Florida for those seeking to preserve our most important liberties.


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