Monday, March 28, 2022

I was told that the person filing this complaint against me used to hang around the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in Portland , Maine and I have been told he was believed to be an "agent"

Which, if true, suggests that taxpayer money was spent to initiate an investigation on me.  The complainant used precise and proper legal language.  Note also that Mr. Demetriou claimed he personally transcribed one of my interviews in order to provide a transcript to the Board.  Which suggests an extreme degree of interest in prosecuting me.  Note also that he has never met me or any of my patients.  His complaint relates only to watching an interview online.--Meryl

Board of Licensure in Medicine

DATE: DECEMBER 28, 2021 


RE: DEMETRIOU COMPLAINT Renewal Pending: No (04/30/2023) 
First Licensure: 08/22/1997 License Specialty: Internal Medicine ________________________________________________________________________ 

The following is intended to provide members of the Board a clear understanding of the complaint from the complainant's perspective, as articulated by the complainant. While this is a complete statement of the complainant's concerns it is not necessarily a complete listing of issues that may concern this Board. I do not wish to focus members' attention on the following issues at the expense of others that may appear upon their review. ________________________________________________________________________ 

Mr. Stephen Demetriou’s Complaint: 

1. Dr. Meryl Nass engaged in unprofessional conduct by publicly disseminating misinformation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, which may endanger the public. The complainant, Mr. Stephen Demetrious is not a patient of Dr. Nass. 

2. Dr. Nass runs a publicly available website and participated in an interview that was posted to BitChute in which she shares misleading and concerning conspiracy theories and nonscience based beliefs related to COVID-19. 

Dr. Meryl Nass’ Response: 1. Dr. Nass failed to formally address the concerns in the complaint submitted by Mr. Demetriou.


Anonymous said...

'No doubt you were Targeted by the Vaccine/Covid Cabal!'
Pray for your Vindication, then SUE Them All for Punitive Damages!

1.) Look Who was Right Again? NH Allows Pharmacists to Give Out Ivermectin Without Prescription!

2.) Ivermectin SUPPRESSED, $40 MM Grant from Gates Foundation.
One week prior to Dr. Andrew Hill’s pre-print posting of his revised paper, the University of Liverpool, where Hill works, received a $40 million grant from Unitaid to study infectious diseases—Dr. Hill’s specialty.

3.) Under ‘President Obama’, ‘Dr. Fauci’, US NIH, approved & U.S. government gave (Taxpayers) $3.7million grant to Wuhan lab at center of coronavirus leak scrutiny that was performing experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated.

Did Coronavirius ‘break out’ of a Bio-Lab George Soros ‘owns in Wuhan, China’?

The Company that plans to ‘distributate Remdesivir’, ‘UNITAID’, a therepy for Covid#19 ‘Gates, Soro’s and Clintons have a Financial Interest’?
One billionaire investor behind UNITAID is ‘George Soros’ himself . But why stop there? UNITAID is also financed by the ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ and also involves a partnership with the ‘Clinton Health Access Initiative’ (CHAI). And interestingly enough both UNITAID and Gilead Biosciences ‘supported’ Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 .

Ron Goes said...

The complaint lacks specificity. So how is one supposed to answer the complaint. As for the lack of a formal response. How does Mr Demetrious know what is and is not misinformation given his lack of qualifications. It is an accusation without substance; therefore the lack of a formal response is a lie.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Demetriou sounds like the kind of idiot that thinks there is nothing to see here.

“Rep. Ted Kryzak, 66, is the third Maine state representative to die this year, following Rep. Donna Doore, 70, of Augusta, who passed away in January, and Rep. John Tuttle, 70, of Sanford, who also died in January.”

Totally normal. 🫣

Anonymous said...

A very anemic complaint. It is obviously a hit job on Dr. Nass.

Can Dr. Nass's patients file a class action suit against the complainant and the Board? They have been damaged by not being able to continue as Dr. Nass's patients.

Anonymous said...

"Revealed: White House KNEW CDC Data Was Not Accurate"!

Anonymous said...

Moderna Wants FDA to ILLEGALLY Approve Ineffective Kids Vaccine

Two years ago on March 16, 2020, Donald Trump announced a fifteen-day effort to "slow the spread" of COVID-19. State and local officials quickly ordered citizens to stay at home, and we were assured this was a short-term, temporary situation to ensure capacity in our hospitals.

Trump’s surgeon general, ‘If we all pitch in for 15 days, we can flatten the curve’

Dr. Jerome Adams, the U.S. surgeon general, urging people to stay at home and mavoid unnecessary travel, saying, “if we can get all America to pitch in for the next 15 days, we can flatten the curve.”

As Americans continue their part in “15 days to slow the spread,” they’re starting to turn a corner in sensing the urgency, said The Surgeon General Dr Jerome Adams. Health officials need everyone to pitch in to avoid spreading COVID-19 to people who are at higher risk, he added. That means staying at home as much as possible. “We should be acting as if we have the virus so that we can protect one another,” Adams noted.

And of course, the rest is history. Businesses and occupations were divided into essential and non-essential, with the non-essentials closing their doors... many for good. Individuals were told that this was their "World War II" and the most patriotic thing they could do is sit at home and watch Netflix. (Really, that happened.) Those who even questioned the efficacy of shutting down the world were called insensitive and told they were "going to kill grandma."