Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Children's Health Defense Rolls out its Campaign to Stop the Shots! on the under 5 year olds

It'sTIME to Follow the Science!

Watch a 7 minute video of Bobby, download stickers, make handouts, get informed, share more short videos for maximal effects.

Many other groups have also created different ways to spread the word, and name and shame the perpetrators.  I will be sharing more on this later.


Anonymous said...


The Department of Defense Just Got Caught Lying About Vaccine Injuries
Whistleblowers claim a DoD database was changed to hide the truth!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Michael Yeadon
(Pfizer’s former Chief Science Officer)

“I believe that they’re going to be used to damage your health and possibly kill you. Seriously. I can see no sensible interpretation other than a serious attempt at mass depopulation.”

Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Estimated at 16% The Vaccine Reaction
Basically worthless this year

The Danish 17 year old who was a reigning Golf Federation Order of Merit winner, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and went into a coma. Doctors determined the coma was irreversible and he died

Withycombe RFC said, It is with deep sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Gloucester, England and Withies Rugby legend Dave Sims.

Victorians are suffering cardiac arrests more than ever before, but paramedics say knowledge of defibrillators is increasing too.

An athlete knows just how important that is after coming close to losing his life in a game of cricket.

Health experts saying there is little evidence that many Americans actually need 4th dose

BUT Pfizer & Moderna push for more

Why would Big Pharma, health bureaucrats & mainstream media push natural immunity? There’s no $$ to be made from natural immunity

Because repeated warp speed doses make Big Pharma, warp speed roll out by Trump’s health bureaucrats & mainstream media make them lots of mullah $$

Crimes against Humanity

Possible cancer risk, what possible cancer risk

Questions, just more questions

But what about the answers

get excited about moving more & more product

Big Pharma demanded total protection from risks

What a bunch of criminals

They have blood on their hands

A person who suffered an injury has been denied a medical exemption
despite being advised not to get the 2nd dose


“Indemnity meant no responsibility in case of mishap or adverse effects. Also sovereign immunity waiver would give the right to access national assets to make any payoffs for damages”

Crime against humanity

Why are professional footballers having heart attacks?

Experts call to ease the pressure off players.

TROUBLING Couldn’t possibly be anything else

Surely the experts would tell us

2020 the new 1984

You just can’t trust ANYONE who says you need to give up freedom to get “more” freedom

You just can’t trust ANYONE who FORCES you to take a medical treatment or you lose your job

You just can’t trust ANYONE who BLACKMAILS you to do what THEY want you to do

2020 was hell

RIP condolences to Toms family and friends
Tributes pour in for non-league footballer Tom Rankin after sudden death aged 26

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Springtime for GloboCap CJ Hopkins

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When is mRNA not really mRNA? - by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Mendacious New York Times' warning about Censorship UPDATE
Dr Vernon Coleman

All UK health workers, doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, dentists, occupational therapists, etc. need to be aware that the Government has not yet given up its plan to force health workers to be given a toxic, experimental jab that doesn’t do what people say it does and which, according to official figures, has killed far more people than the war in Ukraine.
Click on this link for further details

On Being Disappeared The Chris Hedges Report

The Year of the New Normal Fascist CJ Hopkins

The illusion of Evidence-based Medicine

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NEJM another another hit piece on Ivermectin?
Who Funded it?

Unitaid! Soros, Gates, Clintons, Obama, Big Pharma.
You will take Big Pharmas New Pills and Like it!

NEJM also Published this!
Rethinking Sex Designations on Birth Certificates.