Friday, March 11, 2022

Today: Russia convenes Security Council meeting at 11 am to show the evidence it has on US Bioweapons labs in Ukraine


Anonymous said...

'List of Ukraine Biolab documents reportedly removed by US Embassy'!

Anonymous said...


'NOT JUST WUHAN: Document Shows US Military Was Funding Bioresearch on Coronavirus in Insectivorous Bats in Ukraine'.

Anonymous said...

I watched it live.

A few take aways:

0] USA and other said the WHO has found no problems and is not aware of any; meaning WHO is the referee, from this perspective.

1] Mexico pointed out [as did China] there is no "multi-lateral" regime in place to fairly and justly: investigate and adjudicate weapons of mass destruction issues, period. [Of which bio weapons secretly via US and military proliferating in Ukraine is latest problem, they said.]

2]Russia said they told UNSC March 7,days before alleged "hospital bombing" in Mariupol that building was evacuated and being used by Ukraine forces; and said a landmine exploded in vicinity of the building, and the building was not blown up, there was no dead and interior in many places untouched.

3] Ukraine said it was bombed and the hospital was destroyed.

4] China: biological weapons and weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine should trigger great concern.

5] US denied everything and refused to engage any substance. And the WHO said nothing to see here according to US.

6] Ireland "deeply regrets" "baseless claims against United States"

7] US repeatedly used word "Disinformation" -- China "too has been spreading misinformation" and US said Russia called UNSC meeting for "sole purpose of spreading lies and misinformation"

8]Russia: "there was no international control" of WMDs in Ukraine

9] Mexico: "WHO has no knowledge of anything" viz. "biological weapons" in Ukraine. "There is no external mechanism in place" to verify anything.

10] China: if US believes information is fake, then provide us with relevant data so international community can make determination.

11] Russia: US did not address the substance, indicating a "guilty mind. . . we hit the nail on the head when we were talking about nefarious activity"

The UNSC meeting 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., March 11 2022