Wednesday, March 9, 2022

My interview with James Grundvig on Ukraine bioweapons and other things


Pogo said...

For anyone interested the is an in depth look at the Lugar US bio lab in Georgia. They are messing around with such pathogens as anthrax, Q fever, ebola, bartonella and botulinum. Together with ways to release disease carrying mosquitoes by drones (Bill Gates very interested in drone released mosquitoes). Around the web, I have come across some political analysts saying that Putin will feel he has to deal with the threat from Georgia next.

It s not only the US that are looking to find pathogens that select for human gene types and ignore others. So to be somewhat balanced, here is a bit of old anti Chinese propaganda I found way back, to show that all leaders need to have their power taken away. Use Google translate.

[Special Feature] Commentary on Bloody Company's Doomsday Crazy Bet (Part 1) (updated 2005-08-01)
Some excerpts: "War is coming to us", "War is not far from us, it is the midwife of the Chinese century"
“Even if more than half of the population has died, it can still be reborn, but the fall of the Communist Party means everything is over! forever is over!”
“...even if 200 million Americans die and 700,000 to 800 million Chinese are lost, it's not a problem!”
“Only countries like the US, Canada and Australia have vast lands for us to colonize in large numbers. Biological weapons are extremely cruel.”
“But if the Americans don't die, the Chinese will die.”
“As for the millions of Chinese in the United States, this is of course a big problem, so we have also been studying genetic weapons in recent years, that is, biological weapons that do not kill the yellow race.”
“Of course, when we publicize Comrade He Xin's speech, we cannot publish it in the party newspaper, so as not to arouse the enemy's alarm, because He Xin's speech may make the enemy think that the modern science and technology we have mastered, including "clean" nuclear technology, genetic Genetic weapons technology and biological weapons technology can provide powerful means to wipe out their population on a large scale.”

Anonymous said...


Uncovered Web Pages Show 'Barack Obama' Led an Effort to Build a Ukraine-Based BioLab Handling ‘Especially Dangerous Pathogens’

'[Hunter Biden] Firm Rosemont Seneca Invested in Firm Tied to Ukrainian Biolabs' !!

Anonymous said...

'Great Site On US Bio-Weapons! Breathtaking!'
If these labs were in Mexico, Cuba, South America, would not USA take action?

'The Pentagon Bio-Weapons!'

Anonymous said...

'Tucker Carlson: Why Is The United States Funding Biological Labs in Ukraine? What Is Victoria Nuland Hiding?'