Friday, September 30, 2022

Medical truth was criminalized by California today/ AP

Gavin Newsom perhaps thought burying the news on Friday afternoon would be best for his future career. But we won't forget.

California: Docs may be disciplined for spreading COVID lies

From the AP:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Doctors who spread coronavirus lies could be disciplined for unprofessional conduct in California under a law signed Friday by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The bill, AB2098, introduced by Democratic Assembly Member Evan Low, declares that a physician or surgeon commits professional misconduct if they disseminate “misinformation or disinformation” about the nature and risks of COVID-19, its prevention and treatment and the development, safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

A doctor who commits such conduct could face discipline by the state medical board or osteopathic medical board and in severe cases, could potentially lose their license to practice in California.

It was the last remaining vaccine-related bill of note after the more controversial measures didn’t pass.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2018, more than 95,000 Californians have died, according to figures from the state Department of Public Health.

More than 80% of the population has been vaccinated with at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine but Low’s bill said the spread of disinformation about vaccines “has weakened public confidence and placed lives at serious risk.”

The bill’s language says that the Federation of State Medical Boards has warned that physicians who spread misinformation or disinformation “risk losing their medical license, and ... have a duty to provide their patients with accurate, science-based information.”


Anonymous said...

My Interview with Allison Royal on the Mckenzie lawsuit | Richard Jaffe, Esq.
Ten years ago, the same judge issued a preliminary injunction against a sheriff’s department which disciplined a sheriff’s deputy for publishing letters to the editor in a newspaper criticizing law enforcement’s policies. The judge was pretty clear that even though the deputy was a member of law enforcement, he had a First Amendment right to speak out in public about law enforcement issues.

In addition, one Ninth Circuit decision had quoted authority that medical and dental boards cannot discipline licensees for speaking out in public about public health issues. And in another Ninth Circuit case, the two separate district court judges had enjoined the DEA which had threatened physicians with DEA delicensing for recommending medical marijuana to patients. The Ninth Circuit affirmed the permanent injunction barring the DEA from investigating or threatening physicians.

These three cases, along with precedent for the last seventy-five years which clearly affirms that the government cannot interfere with the right of professionals to speak out in public makes me feel pretty, pretty good (a la Larry David).

But let’s be real, the Medical Board has a lot of clout in this state, and judges are sometimes (or often) reluctant to second-guess medical authorities. But this a purely a First Amendment issue, and I am hopeful that the Board is not going to be able to hide behind the overgeneralizations about “protecting the public” from hearing medical and scientific opinions with which the government disagrees. In this country, we don’t do that, or at least, not until now.

If you haven’t donated to support this lawsuit, please do so now. Here are the links to donate (credit card, and Paypal(including credit card via Paypal) and Zelle)

FYI, my next target is the kindly folks who instigated this whole mess, and that would be the Federation of State Medical Boards.

Rick Jaffe, Esq.

Anonymous said...

LAWSUIT! CALI. MEDICAL BOARD SUED FOR FREE SPEECH VIOLATIONS, (and there might be more lawsuits coming)
July 11, 2022 Richard Jaffe
Friday afternoon, I filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of a physician against the Medical Board of California for investigating him for speaking out in public against the government’s Covid mandates, and his questioning some of the “consensus” science and public health goals (zero Covid).

Per the first sentence of the introduction,

“This is a First Amendment challenge to the Medical Board of California’s attempt to intimidate by investigation, censor, and sanction physicians who publicly disagree with the government’s ever-evolving, erratic, and contradictory public health Covid edicts.”

The lawsuit continues by pointing out that

“Seventy-five years of judicial precedent has established that licensing agencies cannot sanction, prosecute or even investigate physicians for speaking out in public about a matter of public concern, regardless of the content, the expressed view point, and even if those views are contrary to the opinions of the “’medical establishment’“.

and it warns the Board that

“The courts have been extremely harsh when the government tries to suppress speech because of its content and viewpoint likening such efforts as an attempt to create an Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” and analogizing government efforts to interfere with medical discourse to the world’s most repressive regimes.”

The complaint is meant to educate people (including the apparently Constitutionally illiterate employees at the Medical Board) about the First Amendment rights of health care professionals.

Breaking News! You’re not Going to Believe what the Cali. Medical Board is NOT Doing! | Richard Jaffe, Esq.

AB 2098, some final thoughts before the Governor does what he’s going to do | Richard Jaffe, Esq.

Do Covid Patients Have the Right to Take Non Standard of Care Treatments Like Ivermectin and HCQ? | Richard Jaffe, Esq.
Mentions physicians including in Maine policy allowing physicians to prescribe off label common accepted medical practice for years

Paperwork on the Mackenzie Preliminary Injunction Motion Done, and more surprising stuff comes out | Richard Jaffe, Esq.

How often has the CDC and the Medical Authorities been Wrong about Covid? Let me count the ways. (with apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning) | Richard Jaffe, Esq.

Anonymous said...

An opportunity to hold them to that, literally. If the actual definitions, not Newspeak definitions, are used for misinformation & disinformation, lot of official sources and their tools can be on the other end of this ... They have spread so much mis/dis info ..

Anonymous said...

(2) “Disinformation” means misinformation that the licensee deliberately disseminated with malicious intent or an intent to mislead.
---Impossible to prosecute this; in addition, this is a legal tautology. Nothing herein is defined at all. Monty Python material in fact, where it is not Beavis and Butthead.

(3) “Disseminate” means the conveyance of information from the licensee to a patient under the licensee’s care in the form of treatment or advice.
---Is this definition THE SAME as any other state law viz. "disseminate" and/or is this term ever defined anywhere else in state of Cali. law, and in particular viz. MDs?

(4) “Misinformation” means false information that is contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care.
---Information is information: qualifying this with "false" is a normative action, in this EXACT context, which is antithetical to objective reality and abomination of law as law. The obvious FACT there is zero in this new "law" delineating how and who and under what authority and what sort of venue the "false" involving the "information" can ever be adjudicated is actually the Trojan Horse of this entire exercise masquerading as law --- the lack of any substance to the 'heart of the matter' at hand, i.e., information, and worse, a value judgement is inserted to plug this un-pluggable and gaping hole in this partisan narrative which cannot be law, irrespective of its "legal" status as "law".
---Contemporary is a moving target; its meaning as concept change daily, or to be spot on: every second
---Scientific is not defined [nor is contemporary]
---Consensus means EVERYBODY, no ifs ands or buts; thus, in essence this term/concept in this context make entire statute: legal nullity, since if one person objects, consensus is by definition absent
---Contrary is not defined
---Standard is not defined
---Care is not defined.

Sophistry is not law.

Anonymous said...

"the wholesale abandonment of medical ethics is a far more serious problem. After all, ethics predates our scientific understanding of medicine by millennia! Ethics are based on morality, not legality. Morality and legality are not interchangeable. We should not be able to redefine ethics to accommodate current law or fads. Otherwise, medicine quickly becomes a tool of the state."


Anonymous said...

"Scottish Government Orders Investigation Into Recent Spike in New Born Baby Deaths"!

Anonymous said...

"How Much Did Biden Make Creating COVID-19"!

'I expect we will be seeing a lot on this in coming days/weeks but wanted to provide some context. At this point it appears that Hunter Biden was at least indirectly involved in the creation of SARS-COV2. Think about the gravity of that statement and then consider if that explains the continued cover-up. Let me explain.'

Anonymous said...

No sweat. Just reference your medical statements when required. There is now an avalanche of independent research and public health data that can be used to support one's statements. It's a bit of a bore, but it's not an altogether unreasonable ask that we "prove it." We in the medical sciences community demand that of one another quite often. It's the very foundation of evidence-based medicine.

Those making these ridiculous laws will rue the day, when they find themselves buried under the avalanche of data they demanded.

In fact, these laws could very well end up working against ignorant or corrupt law-makers, who are spreading mis- or disinformation of their own.

Anonymous said...

All Over the Brain 10/2/22

Vaccines Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination against COVID-19

A Case Report Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination against COVID19

PD was confirmed by post-mortem examinations. Furthermore, signs of aspiration pneumonia and systemic arteriosclerosis were evident. However, histopathological analyses of the brain uncovered previously unsuspected findings, including acute vasculitis (predominantly lymphocytic) as well as multifocal necrotizing encephalitis of unknown etiology with pronounced inflammation including glial and lymphocytic reaction. In the heart, signs of chronic cardiomyopathy as well as mild acute lympho-histiocytic myocarditis and vasculitis were present. Although there was no history of COVID-19 for this patient, immunohistochemistry for SARS-CoV-2 antigens (spike and nucleocapsid proteins) was performed. 

Surprisingly, only spike protein but no nucleocapsid protein could be detected within the foci of inflammation in both the brain and the heart, particularly in the endothelial cells of small blood vessels. Since no nucleocapsid protein could be detected, the presence of spike protein must be ascribed to vaccination rather than to viral infection. The findings corroborate previous reports of encephalitis and myocarditis caused by gene-based COVID-19 vaccines.

For those not familiar with the medical lingo, necrotizing means tissue death and multifocal means “all over your brain.”

And “corroborate previous reports” means this is happening over and over again.
It was published yesterday, Oct 1, and now has already has over 100,000 views

FDA to Vax Injured We Got Nothin’

People who were harmed by Covid-19 vaccines came to Washington D.C. this week—sick, bereaved, from a dozen states—seeking help from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.   Zoom call to their hotel conference room. 

Two had lost sons, 16 and 34 years old, soon after their shots. Three were in wheelchairs, including a girl, 14. A surgeon, nurse practitioner, teacher, and most others can no longer work. Once healthy and fit, many had been eager to be vaccinated. Among the vaccine injured Ernesto Ramirez who lost his son, 16, five days after receiving Covid vaccine;

Some including a physician were called conspiracy theorist for questioning Covid vaccine suggesting suffered vaccine harms..

Myocarditis Cases in Thousands of Teenagers Reported After mRNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccination

Roy Orbison’s, Only The Lonely. 2 a.m. that night, May 6, 2021, Victor Castillo Simoes, 34, suffered severe chest pain and jaw numbness, he collapsed as help arrived. It had been 16 days since his first Pfizer shot.

Joel Wallskog, co-chair of React19, is a Milwaukee orthopedist who performed 850 surgeries a year before the unthinkable happened from a shot in the arm. At 52, he is retired because he cannot stand steady enough to wield a scalpel.
“It’s truly an unfortunate waste of time to meet with them,” he said of the meeting.

A mother told of her 8-year-old daughter in inconsolable chronic pain, and plagued by recurring pneumonia and loss of below-the-waist sensation, memory and bladder control.
What did doctors do to this hip-hop loving, straight-A farm girl from Virginia? “They put my daughter in a psych unit for three weeks,” her mother said.

Covid alone, 9,888 claims have been filed, with none paid and, based on the program’s track record, slim chance that many will succeed. Once rejected, decisions are final, with no appeal or due process. 

U.S. Health and Human Services Department, the program is designed to fail the injured.

Who Put Fauci in Charge? Who KEPT Him in Charge? by David Knight
Decker 9/30/22

Anonymous said...

CJ Hopkins 10/3/22

This is the weirdest part of the PSYOP. It’s like the morning after an office party on which you wake up almost terminally hungover to hazy memories of having performed a Tequila-fuelled blowjob on Bob in Accounting in what was either the 9th Floor Reception Area or possibly the downstairs lobby of your building while someone vaguely resembling that smirking kid in the Mail Room filmed it on his phone.

Yes it’s the Morning After that revolting regurgitant chorus you’re hearing is the sound of millions of Covidian Cultists down on their knees in their gender-neutral bathrooms praying to the Porcelain God.

It has been quite a trip these last two and a half years, but the orgy of fear and hatred is over, the mass hysteria is wearing off, and the reality of the damage they have done is beginning to become undeniable.

Countless thousands of people have been killed, seriously injured, and permanently disabled, victims of experimental “vaccines” they did not need but were coerced into taking. Societies have been torn apart, economies crippled, institutions discredited, democratic precepts like the rule of law and constitutional rights made mockeries of themselves, friends and families turned against each other, and so on, and the dust hasn’t even settled yet. It will take many years to assess the damage or, rather, to recontextualize, rationalize, deny, and memory-hole the damage (while simultaneously “normalizing” the fascistic biosecurity dystopia the damage made it possible to implement).

As I’m sure you’ve noticed over the past several months, governments, global health authorities, the corporate and state media, the culture industry, and other key components of “The New Normal Reich” have been quietly phasing out their “Covid restrictions,” rewriting “The Science,” rewriting history i.e.,the science and history they had previously rewritten), executing limited hangouts, and otherwise transitioning the masses out of “emergency” mode and into the New Normal.

In other words, everything is going to plan.

This is what we’ve been watching since Mar 2020, not mass hypnosis, or mass formation psychosis, but the masses forcing themselves to believe whatever they sensed they needed to believe or were instructed by the authorities to believe) in order to remain parts of “normal” society and not be demonized by their governments and the media, ostracized by their friends and family, fired from their jobs, segregated, censored, beaten and arrested by the police, and otherwise punished for non-conformity as a new “reality” was manufactured and imposed on societies throughout the world.

Now “reality” is changing again, or “The Science is evolving,” or whatever, and the absurdities they forced themselves to believe are being exposed as well, as absurdities, and their fanatical and often fascistic behavior, as it turns out, was based on absolutely nothing.

Many of them couldn’t care less, as their behavior was never “based” on anything other than going along with the herd, and so they have simply transitioned from fanatically hating “the Unvaccinated” to fanatically hating “the Russians,” and fanatically supporting Ukrainian neo-Nazis, and fanatically doing whatever else the GloboCap puppets on their televisions instruct them to fanatically do. However, a significant number of them have retained enough of their critical faculties that being yanked back and forth from “reality” to “reality” is causing them to experience mild cognitive dissonance, and confusion, and shame, or borderline psychosis.

Believe it or not, my heart goes out to them these formerly fanatical Covidian Cultists that wanted me segregated from society, and silenced, and locked up in an internment camp.

Imagine realizing at this late stage of things that everything you believed, thought, and said, the incalculable harm you have done to people, and to society, was never about a pandemic, but was always about conditioning the masses to respond to fear, coercion, and control like some global Pavlovian behavioral experiment.

Anonymous said...

1.) 'Dr. Kelly Victory & Dr. Pierre Kory - Overwhelming Vaxx Deaths, Treatment for the Vaccine-Injured, & more'!

2.) 'OBGYN Confirms Post-Vaxx HORRORS Calcified Wombs, Infertility, and Miscarriages SURGE, Depopulation'

Anonymous said...

Against The Wind’ With Dr. Paul Thomas on CHD.TV
Against The Wind’ Episode 49 With Dr. Meryl Nass

Maine Medical Board — Meryl Nass, M.D. Official Hearing - CHD TV: Livestreaming Video & Audio