Monday, September 26, 2022

I missed another important data "mistake" in the WSJ article

Funny how all the mistakes end up overstating the number of vaccinations

According to the Wall Street Journal, “After some 77% of adults got the primary series, however, roughly 52% got the first booster according to CDC.

However, CDC’s website says today: Only 67.8% of the US population completed the primary series. (The WHITE tab is what we are looking at. You can click on the green tabs for different information on the CDC website.)

79.5% are on CDC’s website to have received at least one dose. Which means that 11.7% of Americans (79.5% minus 67.8%) said “No thanks” after the first shot, or 14.7% of those who started the series. More than 1 in 7 decided to stop at one. (11.7 divided by 79.5 = 14.7).

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