Tuesday, September 20, 2022

According to CDC's figures, no Americans have received a bivalent booster

Not sure their stats are trustworthy of course

According to CDC staff at the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) meeting on September first, 49% of the eligible US population had already received at least one COVID vaccine booster. “Eligible” meant only those Americans who had completed the initial series, which was 67% of the US population.

Immediately after the meeting the new, bivalent boosters were rolled out. They were already being shipped to clinics, having been authorized by FDA the day before. Rochelle Walensky blessed them after the ACIP gave its approval on September 1, the same day that bivalent boosters were rolled out in Canada, Switzerland, the European Union and the US.

I am not sure what the rush was.

With data updated through September 14, how many Americans have received one of these shiny new boosters? How many ran out to get the latest and greatest omicron-containing shots?

According to CDC, the total number of eligible Americans who took any type of first booster is 48.6%. Wait, what? Isn’t that less (or the same) as the 49% claimed by CDC on September 1 to have gotten one of the old boosters?

Americans have smartened up. And didn’t Biden say the pandemic was over?

Nobody wants these killer vaccines any more.

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Anonymous said...

UMaine and company still requires the idiot vax and masks in classrooms.

Paid shills. Take your education to another state. I did!