Thursday, September 15, 2022

Important inaugural conference, targeted at teaching health care professionals, but everyone welcome

 I will be one of the speakers,


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Denmark ENDS Covid vaccinations for almost everyone under 50.
Remember mandatory vaccinations? This is, well, the opposite. We've come a long way in a year. Except at American colleges - which, insanely, are forcing mRNA boosters on students.

Alex BerensonSep 14

Denmark will bar almost everyone under 50 from receiving more mRNA Covid jabs, the Danish Health Authority said yesterday.

Denmark had already ended Covid shots for nearly everyone under 18. The new rules go much further.

Danes under 50 will only be allowed to receive the shots if they are “higher risk of becoming severely [emphasis added] from Covid-19.”

The Danish Health Authority has not yet defined those groups, but they will likely include only a handful of people, such as those receiving cancer treatments that suppress their immune systems. Pregnant women are unlikely to be included.

Denmark did not explicitly say the risks of mRNA jabs now outweigh their benefits for healthy people under 50.

But that view is implicit in the announcement, which does not merely discourage but actually bans shots for those people, even though Denmark expects “a large wave of [Covid] infection” in the next few months.

In other words, the health authority is not stopping shots because Covid has ended. It now believes most people are better off getting the coronavirus than taking more mRNA.

The Danish move is particularly significant because Denmark has an excellent national health care system and has aggressively collected data on Covid and vaccines.

Denmark was among the first countries to stop giving Covid shots to healthy children and teenagers. Now other European countries are beginning to follow, with Britain ending mRNA shots for almost all children 10 and under.

Vaccination against covid-19
The Danish Health Authority expects that the number of covid-19 infections will increase during autumn and winter. Therefore, we recommend vaccination of people aged 50 years and over as well as selected risk groups. Read more about the autumn vaccination programme here.

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"Judge Rules NYPD Can’t Fire Cop Who Refused to Receive Experimental Covid-19 Shot!"

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The Vaccine–Autism Controversy
July 6, 2018

Two independent studies into the 300,000 population of Amish in the US recorded only two cases of autism and these were in children of one family who had spent time away from the Amish community and were vaccinated by non-Amish relatives.

Sean Adl Tabatabai (2015) Why Don't Amish Children Get Autism. Your News Wire.

MIT researcher, Dr. Stephanie Seneff has already predicted, if the current trendcontinues unabated and if nothing is done to shift this momentum in a positive direction today, the incidence of Autism would be 1 in 2 children in the U.S by 2025.

Their food is therefore pesticide free and is consistently sustained as such over many generations. And the Amish continue to maintain the same till today.

Making a choice not to vaccinate their children is a well-known albeit controversial practice in the Amish population by and large. What has been largely overlooked and misunderstood as to how their immunity is robust without following the vaccination schedule as advised by conventional medicine in the form of almost all their children being free from the symptoms of autism.

The #1 Reason Why The Amish Rarely Get Autism, Cancer, Or Heart Disease

Age of Autism reports , "there is evidence of fewer than 10 Amish with autism

The Amish DO NOT vaccinate!!!!!!!!!!!" There are two children that are vaccinated, they are children to a woman, widow, who married into their community and had her children before the marriage. They have NO autism. Period. I live near a large Amish communinity. I purchase eggs, baked goods, and produce from them and have for years. I was introduced to their community by my best friend, their mid-wife, and they do have a rapport with me. I am always respectful in dress and manners when I am in their "town"

"I don't think the public has been educated enough on how physically damaging autism is."

I'll tell you I have been friends and neighbors with quite a few Amish and they aren't any different than us. Oh except for the fact that they DON'T vaccinate their children. Put that in your pipe and smoke it MAX.

The Amish are an extremely valuable resource, however, I honestly can't see them getting involved that much further. They mind their own, that's the Amish way.

Nor do mainstream doctors want to see these facts--ever.

"I have not seen autism with the Amish," said Dr. Frank Noonan, a family practitioner in Lancaster County, Pa., who has treated thousands of Amish for a quarter-century. "You'll find all the other stuff, but we don't find the autism. We're right in the heart of Amish country and seeing none, and that's just the way it is." --[2006] The Age of Autism:

When you see that even wiznitzer is stipulating that autism in the amish is 1 in 10,000, it gives a quick sense of how vastly less prevalent it is
Dan Olmsted

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1.) Mary Holland: “We are winning. Why? Because Morals, Science, the Law and the Nuremberg Code are on our side!” (video+transcript) Nuremberg, August 20, 2022!

2.) 'Time to support Vera Sharav… The Unthinkable at Nuremberg – Again!'

3.) WATCH Renate Holzeisen with "Reiner Fuellmich" – Legal success in Italy: Emergency appeal granted, "injections classified as experimental"!

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"Denmark Will No Longer Offer Covid-19 Vaccinations For People Under The Age Of 50"!

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Heads Up!


1.) CDC unable to provide any support for its claim that COVID-19 vaccines "do not change or interact with your DNA in any way"!
2.) CDC unable to provide any support for its claim to the public: "FACT: COVID-19 vaccines do not create or cause variants of the virus that causes COVID-19."!
3.) CDC did not have a single study showing the vaccines given during the first year of life do not cause autism.
4.) CDC concedes it lacks any proof of Hepatitis B being transmitted in school.
5.) CDC concedes never conducted vaccinated versus unvaccinated study.

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''The Origins of SARS-COV2 'Fauci', 'Wuhan', 'EcoHealth' & More''
September 18, 2022

''Renz Law in collaboration with Make Americans Free Again have put together a report presentation documenting '133 Citations', Declaration of an employee of EcoHealth under penalty of perjury, months of research and consulting with experts. Below you find a copy of the presentation and the full report.''

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Physicians Children’s Covid Vaccines Experimental Emergency Only Tug A Wars

Infamous CDC Big Pharma will be pushes singing physicians for Children’s no liability jabs
Irene Tosetti, MD
Vaccinate the kids
Pulling on the other side physicians asking why jab healthy children at near ~0 risks with experimental no liability er only jabs that are not of lasting effectiveness in mere months when young & healthy at no risk for then taking risks in vaccines especially don’t need if young & healthy doesn’t last at all, so why the rush to jab the young and healthy too? This is the question why have they rushed to jab those who don’t need it?

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I have caught an extremely serious no joke very bad multiple cases severe highly symptomatic bullshit overload syndromes.

What do peer reviewed physician studies in best practices for treatments of this horrible condition?

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"BREAKING: U.S. Senators finally receive critical Evidence to indict Fauci, Intelligence Agencies involved – Bombshell Renz & MAFA Report"

"BREAKING: President Biden Has Just Declared That the Covid-19 Pandemic is ‘Over’"