Thursday, September 1, 2022

According to the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics, life expectancy has dropped 3 years to 76 from 79 since the start of the pandemic

From STAT:

Life expectancy for Americans born in 2021 is just 76.1 years. That’s the lowest since 1966 and the steepest decline in almost 100 years. It’s astonishing to people who closely follow these data, prompting comparisons to the drop after another pandemic: the Spanish Flu of 1918. “It’s a ridiculous decline,” Bob Anderson, chief of the mortality statistics branch of CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, told STAT’s Kate Sheridan. “When I saw a 6.6 year decline over two years, my jaw dropped. … I made my staff re-run the numbers to make sure.”

Bob Anderson, from the National Center for Health Statistics and the National Vital Statistics System, is chief of mortality stats.


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