Wednesday, September 28, 2022

In case you missed it, I wrote a 4400 word article on the new omicron boosters. Then I gave a powerpoint-illustrated talk on the boosters and other current topics for CHD TV

I discussed multiple topics, including:

1.  markedly increased mortality rates seen in heavily vaccinated countries,

2.  the coordinated rollout of new untested boosters throughout the EU, Switzerland, UK, Canada and the US on virtually the same day, 

3.  negative vaccine efficacy,

4.  the poor vaccine efficacy that did not just start with omicron

5.  regulatory malfeasance at FDA and CDC

6.  CDC changing the definition of vaccine to align it with the mRNA gene therapy products

7.  the Novavax shots

8.  the higher adverse events after a prototype Pfizer omicron booster

9.  the fact we are at the lowest COVID death rate since the start of the pandemic  

10. the hidden pregnancy data, and other hidden "safety" data


Here is how you get the information:

Watch my 45 minute talk on CHD-TV

Download Meryl’s Slideshow

Meryl’s Substack article on the new boosters

The Defender: Rapid Rollout of New COVID Boosters With No Human Trials — ‘A Tale of Recklessness’ by Meryl Nass, MD


Anonymous said...

'When You Thought It Could Not Get Any Crazier!'
'Thinking Caps and the Biden Admin and Private Employer's Mandated these Jabs!'

"Judicial Watch: New Documents Reveal COVID-19 Vaccine Studies Used by HHS were Conducted in China"

Anonymous said...

Dr. King's I Have a Dream Speech Let Freedom Ring

Anonymous said...

Dr. Nass, this list could go to eleven.

11. Anonymous editorial board at portland press herald eats crow.