Sunday, September 4, 2022

Must-read: Steve Kirsch discusses the Israeli Ministry of Health whitleblower documents --the first true reveal of the disaster that is the COVID vaccines


Anonymous said...

''Scientist knew in 2005 that ''Spike Protein Based Coronavirus Vaccines'' Like Pfizer and Moderna Were Potentially Dangerous!''

"Here's how the vaccine is causing those weird "Blood Clots"
I had a nice chat with Jessica Rose today on her Substack article about how the vaccine is causing your blood to perform unnatural acts.

Anonymous said...


"August 27, 2022 Exhaustive study of German mortality data finds excess deaths tightly correlated with mass vaccination!"

Excess mortality in Germany 2020–2022 is a preprint by Christof Kuhbandner (a psychologist at Regensburg) and Matthias Reitzner (a statistician at Osnabrück) that applies sophisticated actuarial analysis to the publicly available all-cause mortality data provided by the German government. It turns out that when you account for historical mortality trends, the virus no longer looks so dangerous, and the vaccines no longer look so great.

Anonymous said...

1.) ''CDC Director Caught Lying About Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis In Children''!

2.) ''Dr. McCullough: Children Should Not Receive COVID Vaccine Due to 'Vaccine Induced' Myocarditis''!

Anonymous said...

1.) ''Fauci, Birx, Collins, SUPPRESSED Ivermectin and Hydroxy!''
''Fauci Would Prescribe Chloroquine to Patient Suffering From COVID-19''!

2.) ''Proof Fauci Knew in 2005 that Hydroxychloroquine Effectively Treats Coronavirus"!

3.) ''Scientist knew in 2005 that Spike Protein Based Coronivirius Vaccines Like Pfizer and Moderna Were Potentially Dangerous!''