Sunday, January 2, 2022

What did I say that was later proved right (in 2021)? Here is my first attempt to recall what I got right. More to be added.

 Numbers 1-10 are things I said in 2020.

1.  I said that the Kristian Andersen Nature Medicine article upon which the sorry "natural origin" hypothesis rested was written because the authors were told to write it, or it was written by another entity. (You can hear me say it in the movie Plandemic 2.) The Fauci emails showed they were directed and guided by Fauci et al. to do so.  Josie Golding, an unnamed author from Wellcome Trust, also had a hidden hand in it.

2.  I said the virus was airborne and that ventilation of indoor spaces (especially schools) was important.

3.  I said that the masks 99.9% of people were wearing were useless.  

4.  I said that deaths and hospitalizations "with" COVID (often asymptomatic, perhaps due to an incorrect test result) were being coded and counted as deaths and hospitalizations caused by COVID.  Strangely, Fauci recently confirmed I was correct. 

5.  I said that Daszak and his band of merry spooks had something to do with the February 2020 letter from the 3 heads of the National Academies to the White House regarding how to study the origin issue, since he knew of the letter before it was published.  Sure enough, Daszak, Raph Baric, Trevor Bedford, the JHU tabletop exercise crowd and a group of the Fauci conspirators had a hand in it.

6.  I said there was virtually no risk outdoors as soon as this thing hit.  So why lock people in their homes?

7.  I exploded the 6' distancing rule back in the Ebola day, showing there was no science to support it then, and there still isn't.

8.  Masks, plexiglass divisions, tents and other arcane methods of "protection" in the schools were a tasteless joke that impaired our children considerably, potentially for life.  These accoutrements  have been gradually disappearing, but where are the apologies?  I told you they made no sense last year.

9.  Suddenly, in the wake of authorizations in December for early treatment drugs owned by Merck and Pfizer that cost a king's ransom, Fauci is all in on early treatment. I have promoted it since early spring 2020.

10. I discovered the Francis Collins blog post telling readers to listen to Kristian Andersen and ignore other origin theories.  I suspected this was a coordinated hit on the lab origin hypothesis.  I was right.  Now we know Collins and Fauxi did a coordinated hit on the Great Barrington authors too.  And their dentist co-conspirator  Lawrence Tabak for the Great Barrington hit has just been elevated to be the acting NIH Director.  

11.  Who told you back in January 2021 that Pfizer's monkey experiments showed the vaccines didn't prevent spread? 

12.  I told you hospitals were getting extra $ for COVID cases, ICU stays, ventilated COVID patients and deaths--a massive incentive to test constantly and gin up the numbers.

13.  South Africa banned the importation of ivemectin on Christmas eve 2020, and I warned you suppression was likely to show up here.  It did, and the noose keeps getting tightened--now with an attempt to stop the compounding pharmacies from distributing it.

14.  I told you that the rapid tests were not fit for diagnosing asymptomatics and "stopping the spread," which is finally being acknowledged as another expensive boondoggle.

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Anonymous said...

Grateful for your sharp, knowledgeable sight and your passion to share what you know, for so long. Someone (who wrote a book about Orwell), assumed you were a "right-wing nut job", and soon after posted about "some crackpot's blog". Narrow minded blindness where one does not want to see + a way with words and mob-like following. How much they miss by not appreciating what a gem of information you are, and how hypocritical history will remember them ...