Friday, January 28, 2022

Locking doctors up on psych wards for misinformation?

Until Stew Peters asked me about the possibility of being locked up on a psychiatric ward, it had honestly never occurred to me that such a thing could happen.

Which just goes to show how much in denial I could be.  Because I happen to know a cardiologist in Switzerland, Thomas Binder, who got locked up on a psych ward over his views on COVID last year.  He is perfectly sane and measured in his speech, very smart guy, no reason to doubt his sanity.  That didn't save him.

And I knew of Mel Bruchet, a retired doctor from Vancouver, BC, Canada, who was locked up for 25 days and injected with antipsychotic drugs, after he blew the whistle on large numbers of stillbirths occurring in women who had received COVID vaccines during pregnancy.  I believe it took a lawsuit from his physician friends to get him out.

BTW, the facts about pregnancy loss are still fuzzy, but there are plenty of reasons to suspect there are problems, as chronicled by Celeste McGovern.  There was that strange, incomprehensible NEJM article (which should have been unpublishable) by CDC's Shimabukuro et al. Read the comments to my post. 

And recently there was the Scottish study that I wrote about, which omitted the data on vaccine safety in pregnancy.  These papers just raise red flags.

Pregnancy is the canary in the coal mine:  if there are going to be safety problems with a vaccine, you will almost invariably see them first in women vaccinated, usually inadvertently, during early pregnancy.  So it is particularly important for agencies like CDC, which are committed to the "safety and efficacy" meme, to hide these problems.  And Eric Rubin, a) editor in chief of the NEJM, b) temporary member of the FDA advisory committee that voted for expanded use of COVID vaccine in children despite lack of evidence, and c) former colleague of Rochelle Walensky, has obliged in this effort.

Doesn't anyone care that the quality and reputation of Nature, the Lancet, the NEJM, the FDA, the CDC and the bloated medical nonprofits have been trashed by their current leaders?  Hasn't anyone asked why, and turned over a few rocks?  Don't these editors have a fiduciary responsibility to their owners or shareholders?

Rochelle's hubby got a sweet deal from NIH.  What about the rest of them?

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Anonymous said...

Galileo got locked up. Died under house arrest. He thought the earth might revolve around the sun instead of the other way around. Weirdo!