Saturday, January 29, 2022

David Ireland did a long interview about me, the practice of medicine, COVID, biological warfare, and how the rule of law is being destroyed by the government

Perhaps there will be fodder for the armchair forensic psychiatrists among us.  Who knows.

David Ireland, who produces Dave's Paper, was exceptionally knowledgeable.  A gentleman and a scholar.  He surely knew how to cover a massive amount of territory with his questions.

I had no idea what I was getting into before the interview:


David said...

A great interview. You are a brave and beautiful person.

Anonymous said...

Great interview!

Armchair psychoanalyst here...... You pass the evaluation with flying colors and can keep your license. If the Board does not agree with my conclusion, another path will open for you to advise and help people. They cannot take away your M.D. degree. You will still be Dr. Nass. The individuals on that Board will be in the Medical Hall Of Shame if they take away your license.

Anonymous said...

I live in a small southern town in the U.S. The wisest people I know spit tobacco and say 'ain't'. Their instincts and intuition are right on target about this entire covid drama. They are staying away from doctors, hospitals, and the shot.

I have another set of friends with advanced degrees and lots of initials after their names, who are well-traveled, well-read, and have had successful careers. They are completely blocked and deluded when it comes to seeking information about Covid. Their minds are closed. IF I sent them a link to this interview, they would not look at it. It is an interesting contrast in human nature and the importance common sense in relation to formal education.

Anonymous said...

'Plus Omicron has proven Covid Vaccines are obsolete.' 'Nearly 80% of Omicron Cases are in Vaccinated People.'

Attorney Renz also highlighted a broader data set from 'Project SALUS, run by the DOD in cooperation with the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC)', which sends weekly reports to the 'CDC'.

Project SALUS data as of late last year show:
“71% of new cases are in the fully vaccinated, and 60% of hospitalizations are in the fully vaccinated. This is corruption at the highest level. We need investigations. The Secretary of Defense needs investigated. The CDC needs investigated.”

Anonymous said...

'Military Vax data rocks DC: Catastrophic injury toll exposed at US Sen. Johnson hearing! May you let your Children Enlist?

'Biden, Sec. Of Defense, Top Military Brass, NIH, CDC, FDA, Fauci'???

Pogo said...

I think it would be wise before going to the Board’s chosen psychiatrist, to get forearmed with a psychiatric evaluation from a high ranking, high public profile psychiatrist. Psychologist Dr. David Rosenhan first brought it to peoples attention, that psychiatrists have a natural bias towards giving a contextual diagnosis. Remember. Psychiatry is no more than a discipline, it hasn’t made it to becoming ‘science.’

Although his experiments cause much argument, others found indeed, that if (say) a suspect in custody is required by the police to have an evaluation, then he more likely to receive a diagnosis. Doctors like to feel they are helping the fight against crime and justice — and of course if they please the local law enforcement they get asked to give their expert opinion again and again.
It might be harder though for such a psychiatrist to break ranks when confronted by a suspect who already has been vetted by a higher rank doctor. Psychiatric labels are very sticky and the first one applied is very difficult to remove – ask anyone that has been misdiagnosed, even if it was in the distant past.

[Privately, I think too many also strive for some sort of ontological security, which may be behind the reason they chose this profession (in order to understand their own worries) and why they suffer a high suicide rate. For working in psychiatry is often a thankless task as it often difficult to please anyone at all. Which inclines them in turn, not to make a stand on any issue, thus making them obedient followers not leaders. Breggin being obvious exceptions. Here in the UK, one never finds them in social life as committee members of clubs or societies and things. There always seems to be a metaphorical a pane of glass between them and me]

Anonymous said...

Wow Dr. Nass - best interview evah! (And I've watched most of them ;>) Thank you for taking the opportunity to open up on more dimensions and topics than has been usual. The various facets of your life, experience, career, beliefs, intelligence, and personality, all very fascinating and admirable. This interview gives us a deeper perspective of your beautiful grace and humanity. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

DSM it’s in here somewhere? How thick is DSM currently?

Robert Auld said...

Great interview! And I found your explanation of masks and why they do and don't work, the clearest I have seen.